Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Get Some Color In Your Life

Color 9.2 is about to hit the news stands any day now and damn is it a goodie. My good homie Dane Pryds and myself were able to look at the fruits of our labor as his Shazam dropped in this issue. So if you want to know how green tea and A&W will send you to the hospital for a couple days give it read! Next time you see Dane give him a high five, a handshake, a pound or whatever you do to throw a brotha some props! There is also as sick lil write up for the 204 video in there as well so props to Matt G for getting coverage for his hard work as well!

There won't be a post from myself for a couple days as I'm heading to Tofino for a long weekend to put some work with Jamie and get productive. I love Tofino trips because for one its so beautiful and two Jamie always has the sickest shit to skate that is usually out of the ordinary! Anyways I'm tired as shit and I'm gonna get rested up for the busy weekend ahead of me. Here's a beastly pole jam from my man Peirce McKay that no one else will ever get to do. Why? Cause when we got the trick we ripped that ish out. Have a great weekend everyone and get ya skate on!!

Peirce McKay - Jamin' a Pole      [o]MacLeod

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time Flys

It's hard to believe that a year ago today I was jumpin on a plane heading to New York, like god damnnnn time whips by when your having fun. I thought I might as well whip some photos out of the vault. I've been hearing as you get older time only goes faster so all you that want to grow up I suggest slowing down to smell the roses every once and awhile cause next thing you know your gonna be 75 and on your death bed sayin "What the, I swear I was just in my 20's!"

I have no clue how we were able to get away with skating this Downtown Manhattan spot but Caleb Davies made shit happen with this sick Nosebonk!     [o]MacLeod
 That's the trippy thing about life is you never notice yourself getting older because all we ever know is what we are doing right at this present moment. So everything that will happen to you in the future relies on what you do right ma fucking now! With that in mind it makes it a lot easier to make yourself a game plan for the future and then start working towards it every day!

Dane Pryds making his thoughts reality! I don't get it as I hate skating rails so for the time being I'll keep watching him huck and destroy. What I really want to know is how do you Back Tail handrails?    [o] MacLeod
 So get your dream on, and by all means dream big and then make those dreams a reality! And remember the first thing is to release self doubt because you are the only one holding yourself back from doing anything. So keep hustling and grinding and never give up or stop no matter the bull shit you run into because trials and tribulations make you smarter. Make moves and do what you want to do and do it well, its the skate life baby!!
No ones really seen this seq. and its one of my favs. Redmond had been talking about doing this trick for awhile before we went on our trip and on the last day we found the perfect ledge for it. After trying it in the 30 degree heat for awhile Dan got this 180 Fakie 5-0 Flip fakie!   [o]MacLeod

Sunday, May 29, 2011


The weekend is over and I'm tired as shit. It's been a lot of driving, a lil partying and a bunch of skating and I'm not looking forward to the early morning tomorrow, but time to make money. I would get into detail but I'm going to bed asap right after I get a new seq. and a still up. Hope you all had a great weekend of sun and some skating, ppppeace!

Eric Timmins - Switch Flip             [o]MacLeod
Conlan Killeen - Gap Tailslide          [o]MacLeod

Monday, May 23, 2011

300th Post What Up!

I haven't posted in a week and to tell you the truth I have no excuses for why I haven't. So I must apologize to all of you that have been lurkin and haven't seen anything new all week. But that comes to an end today. I was also surprised to see when I looked that this is the 300th post of this good old blog site. It's crazy to see how much has gone down in the last 2 years and all the memories and friends made!
I've decided that I'm going to post part 1 of an article I wrote last year around this time, titled "A Lil Something For The Kids" and to make it a little interesting I'll put up a couple never been seen photos up with each part as well! Anyways I have to get ready to skate and get some shit done, hope your all enjoying your day off in this beautiful weather! Here's a sick lil seq I shot with Luke yesterday to get you all hyped, HOLLA!

Luke Connor - Back Tail Bigspin      [o]MacLeod

Monday, May 16, 2011

Where's Spring at!

I've been wondering where this beautiful May weather that we know and love is at? With May Long Weekend creeping up we're still being hit with mad wind, rain and cold evenings which makes me wonder what the hells is up with the weather. I guess it is getting warmer during the days now so there is one positive thing out of all that other crap!
Had a great weekend with the boys from Port cruising around Vic skating and talking the shit! Friday proved to be a bust along with a few busted boards but it was followed up with a fun night of chillen and drinking a few. Saturday was productive as we were able to get some footy and some seq.'s at a spot I hadn't been to yet!

Sean Hanebury - Kf Back Fifty     [o]MacLeod
After that we met up with my homie Luke Gonis to get this sick k/f back tail while threading the needle! I was real hyped on how butter the did it while cruising at top speed! Unfortunately Luke smashed his knee and face at a spot later on in the evening which resulted in him getting some dental work done today, hopefully your feeling better soon bro! But I gotta jet back to work everyone have a sick day, skate life bbrrrrappp!!

Luke Gonis - Kf Back Tail While Threading the Needle    [o]MacLeod

Friday, May 13, 2011

Get Some Color In Your Life

For some reason my post from the other day was deleted so your gonna get a big ass post today, with what was in the last one and what I was going to post today! Anyways my good homie Dane Pryds and myself were able to see the fruits of our labour this week with the release of color 9.2 which features Danes Shazam! Such amazing news for Dane, he deserves that shit so next time you see him throw him some daps and pounds! The issue should be on news stands as I write this so go grab yourself a copy and find out how green tea and A&W will put you in the hospital for a couple days!

Go pick up one of these bad boys up if you know whats good for you!
I was going to hit up Tofino for the weekend but the weather put an end to that trip idea, but hey I was able to spend my bus money on some new kicks and Jamie is now coming down to go on a photo mission with me here instead so its a win, win situation! Here is the Peirce photo that was deleted from my previous post and I need to post this shit again cause I love how it came out, nice and simplistic!

Peirce McKay - Pole Jam    [o]MacLeod
Huge news on the Instrumental front, Frank Daniello at conducted an Open House Interview with Brando for and did it ever turn out hype! So if you have some time this weekend give it a read!!!

I'm going to leave you guys with another sequence of my lil homie Isaac. You know those little kids that have the steez of a 20 year old, well Isaac is one of those kids. It's crazy to watch cause sometimes you think your watching a mini Kalis skate or something and it trips you out haha. Isaac's gonna go far if he wants to so keep your eyes on him!

Isaac Walker - Sw F/s 360 with steez      [o]MacLeod

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Seshin

Today I met up with my homies Cheyenne, Dylan and Isaac to see if we could get some last minute clips before they went back home to Campbell River. The first place we went to was the same spot Cheyenne died on the first time we went shooting. Now Isaac is a lil dude, probably like 5 foot 2 but rightfully so because he is only 15. He handled business like a man and  rolled away from the first Tre bomb he landed on.

Isaac Walker - 360 flip      [o]MacLeod
Next on the agenda was a high eight rail at some student housing beside UVic. Dylan quickly got this back smith and threw down a back lip after I inquired if it was possible. Isaac also had one last trick in his bag which you'll get to see a little later!

Dylan Sjostrom - Back Smith     [o]MacLeod

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's one of them Spotlights!

Matt MacLeod
John Fulton

So John, are you born and raised in Nanaimo or what?

Yeah man, after I was born we lived on the Sunshine Coast, but just for a year or so while my pops built our house.

Where on the Sunshine Coast?

I’m not sure, I’ll have to get my story straight someday…

Haha no worries, I only asked cause I lived there for awhile as well. You’re also well known in Nanaimo as Fultzka Beats, would you like to elaborate how that nickname came about?

Haha, I thought you might ask that.

Ohhhh couldn’t do this with out mentioning Fultzka Beats, he’s like your free styling alter ego.

Basically Cole Desorcey started calling me fultz, when I started free styling and beat boxing more publicly the Ka and the Beats came into play, it’s based off of Muzka Beats haha.

Those were some fun party nights in Nanaimo I must admit.

Yeah for sure, I miss those days... I try to kick it from time to time still.

Yea mang, drunken free styling allllll night. When did you start getting into filming and editing?

I was pretty fresh into skating when I started filming and editing. I think I was 15 or something. I didn’t get my own gear for a while, I just edited and filmed with my old DCK.

Nice so you've been for at it for a while. You just got back into it heavily after a couple years off, why the break in filming?

I wasn’t skating much after DNA caved in. Eventually I sold my camera because I wanted the upgrade to something HD.

Fultzka Beats with a Ninja'd Bs Flip     [o]  MacLeod

 You also picked up a fiancé during that time, how’s that for you?

It's great man! Honestly I get questioned about it a lot since we're really young, but I still haven’t found a way to explain it.

Just one of those things that happens I’d say. No one can explain that shit, people have been trying to figure out love since the dawn of time haha. She’s down with you getting your film on hey?

Oh yeah, she’s been backing me since '08.
That’s hype dude, good work locking that down! If you find a girl that lets you pursue your passions the stress levels on your relationship are wayyyy down.

Thanks man!

How does it feel to be back behind the lens after all that time off? It must have been torturing!

Yeah man, I kept all my footage from years before so I was constantly re-editing throwaway footy and shit. I’ve known for a long time that filming is what ill do for the rest of my life, whether it’s skating, weddings or just home videos. It’s also amazing to have the gear I’ve always dreamed of.

Fuck yea bro, that’s great that you’re still able to keep doing what you love. Once you loose that shit life’s over! What you have planned for your filming future?

I think I’ll just be freelancing for the next while. Weddings are a blast to shoot. At least I think so, plus your getting cash for something you love. I’ve been doing music videos and concerts for the past few months too and that’s been awesome as well.

Good shit, ever thought of getting out of Nanaimo?

Tons dude. I’ve been thinking about Europe a lot, it would be amazing to move there. Nanaimo isn’t as burnt out as people think though. I started skating again and found what kind of positivity can come with it because of the scene.

That’s great to hear. Who do you usually roll with when filming?

Now adays I’m trying to kick it with the kids as much as my older friends.  I want to show them a positive attitude towards skating and hopefully they can look up to that.

Yee gotta give these kids a positive roll model!

Yeah people see skating in a negative light, but skating is the reason I don’t get into trouble.

Agreed, skating has its bad apples but everything does.

Yeah not like baseball........

Hahaha. Last question, what’s one thing skateboarding has taught you about life?

I’d say skateboarding probably taught me that life needs balance. You can skate, but you also have to go to school, you can drink but you also have to stay sharp, and you have to work but you can’t sell out.
Now its just mastering that haha.

Damn John has some insightfulness! I totally understand that homie, ight shout out time holla!

Everyone in Nanaimo that’s helping get the scene back, all the Instrumental homies, and everyone on the other side of my lens! Also Luke Connor for helping me with some footage too!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Time to Chill

Ever heard how you can get too much of a good thing, well it's true, you can play things out to the point of disgust even when you like them a lot. For example you find a song you really like listen to it too much and next thing you know you don't want to listen to it anymore or since McDonald's tastes good you eat a ton of it but the end result is you turn into a fat piece of shit.
What you'll learn, if you haven't already, is that life is all about healthy balances. Knowing when you've had too much before the things you love become played out. So as much as it hurts me to take a weekend off from shooting I realized I needed a weekend off and left all my gear in Vic and headed off to see my family on the bus yesterday for a weekend of relaxation.
I don't know if I'm really taking a weekend off seeing that I'm on here posting shit but hey I'm still learning this balance thang! Anyways I'm off to go cruise the town and do some reminiscing so enjoy this still and a seq. from Drew at a haunted Castle, Casper where you at!!

- Matt

Drew Copleston - Ollie to Hubba Ride     [o]MacLeod

Sequential Evidence    [o]MacLeod

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Puttin In Work

The last few weeks have been busy as hell, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Photos, articles, trips and everything else under the sun have been happening so I've found it hard to find a minute to get a post up on this shiii, so my apologies. Since I've been slacking I'll hook you up with some bangers from Dane and Matt G to get you hyped!

Also on a good note the Instrumental Weekend article that I've prepared should be on the Instrumental Site later this eve or tomorrow morning along side a sick edit Benson put together, so get hyped for that shit to drop! Skate life baby!!!!

- Matt

Matt Gravel - Sw 180 Over Rail      [o]MacLeod
Dane Pryds - Big Ass Bs 180         [o]MacLeod

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Russ Morland Interview on Instrumental!

I was able to sit down with Sponsored Artist Russ Morland and interview him about his artwork, life and his crazy ways! Check out Instrumentals site for the full interview, SKATE LIFE!

- Matt

Friday, April 22, 2011


Headed out to the New West Queensbourough park a few days and copped a few lines with Trevor.  The park itself is super sick. has some street obstacles surrounding the bowl section in the middle and flows nicely.
Some Clips

- Clayton

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The past weekend the whole Instrumental team, minus Houli (Where you at brotha!), met up in Port Alberni for the first team meeting, and damn was it sick! In the next couple days get hyped for a write up, photos and a montage to drop on the Instrumental site! Needless to say your gonna want to read and watch all about the shenanigans that went down, I'll keep you posted for when it drops HOLLA!

- Matt

Timmins was waking up, Brando & Jamie were going to bed. He should have slept longer.     [o]MacLeod

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Dank Montage!

My good homie Dan Kelly hooked me up with this montage from when we made a Victoria trip last Summer when I was living in Vancouver. This was the sesh where Soros got the back heel for his Young Blood in Concrete, hyped to see some old memories! Enjoy this shit and get hyped for the weekend, get ya skate on!!!!

- Matt

Vic Trip - July 24/25 2010 from dank media on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Danger Zone

Remember the beginning of Mike Carrol's part in Fully Flared when he shoots his board and it nails that one photog in the dome? Well, anytime I watch it I notice everyone around me starts laughing. Myself on the other hand always feel bummed out and bad for the dude. Like damn, first off he's hurt and bleeding all over the place and two he clearly wasn't expecting it. Also it could be that I know the feeling of shooting fisheye in the danger zone.

When your in the zone shooting there's always a voice in the back of your head saying, "Your in a prime spot for a board to take out your front teeth.  You want to look like a hillbilly... idiot" But screw that if you want a sick shot your gonna take the chance with your expensive equipment and your mug. And shit my homies are always risking their bodies all the time so I might as well get in on the action every once and awhile too!

Shooting this photo with Matt G I was able to experience my first board to dome and almost being decapitated by a spinning board a couple times. But my head was fine after rubbing it for a couple minutes and when Matt landed this switch smith up the gate so perfectly it took away any pain I had!

- Matt

Matt Gravel - Switch Smith Grind        [o]MacLeod

Sunday, April 10, 2011

If you ain't know I don't Stop I Go, It's Motivation!

I've been so hyped to be around such motivated homies over the last couple months and it's been the winter. Now that springs kicking in with warm weather and longer hours of light shits about to get heated!

This weekend started out with shooting a banger with Cheyenne but the end result was a broken board and a ankle the size of a grapefruit. Those things tend to happen when your poppin an ollie over a garden gap that's almost a 20 foot drop. Hope that shit gets better soon homie!

Luke Connor - Back Nosegrind              [o]MacLeod
We had a small crew yesterday and were able to hit quite a few spots on yesterdays overcast afternoon. While shooting a flick with Matt G, I experienced my first flying board to head. Luckily it didn't do any damage but it was basically my fault for laying in a danger zone. Gotta do what you gotta do! At the end of the day we had a chill sesh at a school with a sick wooden ledge over a gap. Lines went down, some flicks and some flying bum drops. Now its time to go do some more work, FnF Get Some!!

-  Matt

Matt Gravel - Sw Crooks       [o]MacLeod

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Uvic Learn Shit!

Uvic has some solid spots all over campus, but there has been one that I have always wanted to shoot at. It was this perfect blue and yellow hydraulic lift going off a loading dock. I first saw it in an issue of SBC with Dane gettin a steez front feeble done, and when I first walked by it was even sicker than I thought! Only thing now is that you need a key to make it go up and down, so getting a shot on it seemed unlikely to ever happen.

There happens to be a sick 9 kink rail right beside it and Cheyenne was thinking of skating it so we cruised out there yesterday to put in work. Just as I was setting up a Janitor was taking the garbage out and happened to be using the hydraulic lift. Cheyenne then nicely asked her if she could set it up for us to skate and for some reason she was totally fine with it. She must have clearly not did not care about the University. We were able to sesh the whole time without any hassle which always makes for a good time. Chey got this front smith twice due to a sketchy first one, but damn was the second sick!

- Matt

Cheyenne Hehr - Smith Grind      [o]MacLeod

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Magic Moments

Life is filled with magic moments but most peeps don't take the time to acknowledge any of them. What is a magic moment you may ask, well anytime you think to yourself, "Damn, what I just witnessed was amazing!", that my friends is a magic moment. They happen all day ever day from landing a trick you've been trying for weeks, meeting a girl, helping a random person, etc, you get the point.

But to the point my homie Bryan James out in Port Alberni made up some FnF touqes and his embroidery shop that happens to be called Magic Moments and damn do they look hyphy. They will be a limited edition toque so if you happen to get your hands on one, count yourself lucky! I'll be doing an interview with BJ at the end of the month about the process of getting that shit done, so get hyped for that shit to drop!

Anyways I'm gonna go ill out so I'll leave you with you with a nice Tim Bits photo for you to feast on. Check it out also on

- Matt

Eric Timmins - Gap Crook Pop Out      [o]MacLeod

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keep The Good Times Rolling

I'm so hyped that it is Spring now mainly because this is the best weather to skate in when its nice! Although the weather isn't very Spring timeish yet we were still able to get out and get some clips this weekend. Saturday started a little late due to my roommate Drew and my birthday party the night before, but were still able to get out and snag a flick before the rains hit.

Luke Connor - Back Lip Pop Out       [o]MacLeod
Luke barely beat out the rain as death clouds slowly crept over Victoria on Saturday afternoon. He actually hit the ledge by riding at it on the bottom stair which took quite a bit of precision.

Today started around the same time and we decided to just hit up Uvic and see what we could accomplish. It was decided to warm up at the kicker but it turned out to be the only spot we would hit, but damn did Cheyenne pull out a banger today! Considering that he had only landed this Sw big heel once before he made it look like he'd be doing them for years, like check out that 6th frame DAMN!

Cheyenne Hehr - Sw Big Heel     [o]MacLeod

Now I love watching Dylan Timmins skate. He always is doing something really obscure, hucking and loving every minute he rides his board. Now I have no clue what this trick is so I'm going to dub it the Stylon Flip. It looks like its going to be a kickflip, then possibly a hardflip, but then it tricks everyone and does a front shuv. Talk about a doozie! Again today we were foiled by the rain so it had everyone heading home early but I don't think anyone minded, it was time for some well deserved rest!

- Matt

The Stylon Flip - Dylan Timmons           [o]MacLeod

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

I always hated how April Fools day was right after my date of birth. When I was younger my parents would always do some sort of shit to me because I was off guard from the birthday festivities the night before. This year I have to go to work and will avoid this stupid tradition we've created to play practical jokes on people. One thing I don't get is why the do the jokes end at noon? It's not called April Fools and a Half Day. Anyways enough of that.

Had a great Bday yesterday I must say! Went out with Cheyenne and Luke Connor to try and get productive (Welcome to Vic by the way Luke!!). Cheyenne and me went to sesh the hospital before meeting up with Luke but we were kicked out as usual. I'm dedicated to gettin this trick now Cheyenne, persistence is key! After that it was cruisin to some other spots but nothing was catching Cheyennes eye. We ended up at the Save On center and got this nicely executed front board fakie through the kink. Kinda cool watching front board fakies through kinks and also looks a little more difficult but Cheyenne had it within 10 trys and makes it look simple!

- Matt

Cheyenne Hehr - Front Board Fakie           [o]MacLeod