Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Well hopefully that Santa fool hooked you guys up real good! Anyways here is a Christmas Montage from Trint, also we have this beastly tre bomb from that flyin french man Gilllllyyy sooooo CH CH CH CHECK IT!

Gilbert Turenne - Tre Bomb [o]MacLeod

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Get it Right, Dont Get it Twisted

Well I guess I can officially say MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Im back on the Island till Sunday and lovin it! Here is a video Trint just whipped up, also his Nomis shoot video with another lil picture! I need food pppppppeace!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grouse Grindin

Trint and me decided it was time to go get some shit done last night. It had been way too long since I had been shootin up the mountain so off to Grouse we went. I had never been up Grouse before so I was hyped to go check it out. Trint has crazy consistency so its always a pleasure to shoot with him! Here is a couple shots from last night HOLLA!

Trint Thomas - Long Front Board

Trint Thomas - Back Lip

Thursday, December 17, 2009


We all know that getting stoked is something we do on the daily....... but is it good for us. All I can say is, I love to get stoked so I hope it doesn't become illegal so you better watch that video before its banned, hahahaha But anyways I am getting stoked because I'm going up Grouse to shoot this weekend with Trint so time to get to business knnaaa meeeaaaannnn! Also here is shot I took last winter in Nanaimo, this rail has been seshed only once and some serious shit went down, but my pizza is ready I'm OUT.

Barry Hartman - Front Board to Drop [o] MacLeod

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lets Shred!

   So I really need to hit up the mountain asap! Trint has been up there probably everyday for the last month so he has be beat. And since he's up there everyday he gets to film, so here is a video he put together so hopefully it gets you as hyped as it gets me HOLLA!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nanaimo's Hangover Sunday Montage!

   We were in Nanaimo two weekends ago for a quick trip and as always when we go to Nanaimo it was hype! Got to hit up the bowling alley, go to the bar and sesh all day Sunday at Pioneer Park. So here is the montage from that day, GET SOME!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yay for Technology

So my computer needs a cleaning so I haven't been able to get on the internet that much over the last week. Being dependent on technology sucks haha. But last weekend we hit up Pioneer park in Nanaimo for the weekend and Clayton has been working on a montage over the last couple days and that should be up in the next couple days HOLLA! Till then my homie Benson Wishart over in my hometown Port Alberni hit me up with a little vid him and Sean Hanebury threw together so check this out and also I have this flick of Gilly throwing down a steezin hardflip. Im hungry so im out holllaaaa!

Gilbert Turenne - Hardflip MacLeod Photo

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gilbert says HOLLA

So my computer crashed the other day so I haven't been able to work on posts as frequently as I would have liked but I have a sec to hit you guys with a post so ima get on it! Me, Clayton and Trevor are in Nanaimo right now, went out for a lil partying last night at the bowling alley and the bar and now were heading to Pioneer Park to skate all day and hopefully film a montage or somethannnnn! Anyways here is all Gilberts stocked footy from over the summer and into the winter and Trint has made a sick little edit for it, so sit back and enjoy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ohhhhhh Damn Its Raining Again

You have to love when you get one day off during the week and then it rains! Hahaha ah well just means I'm off too the underground with Gilly to do some flat ground training and brainstorming. Got back from an amazing Canucks game last night which we spent in the Penthouse Suite HOLLA! Free Beers and Chicken wings how can you go wrong. Big news for Trint, he just got picked up by Step Child Snowboards so next time you see that ma fucker give him a hug or something, maybe not a hug cuase he'll get wierded out...... hahahaha Anyways heres a nice lil something we call a Wirley Bird. (SPENCER BRING ME MY SNOWBOARD GEAR! lol Ill be in Nanaimo next weekend for a sec to grab it anyways holla!)

Trint Thomas - Whirley Bird

Saturday, November 28, 2009

silly gilly tricks are for kids

Hey its Gilly, Im doing the post today and let me tell ya it was a funny evening on Thursday. We decided to go filming and the first spot was taken over by cars so we decided to head to the four block near our house. I was gonna attempt a trick but ended up gettin an easier one. But it was a fun one so here's an Ollie North!

Gilbert Turenne - Ollie North

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tippin Tricks Nahhhhhhh

Gilbert has some of the best tre bombs I've ever seem, so it's only fitting that he has quite the nice fakie tre's as well. Trint and Gilbert were bored so they decided to film a lil trick tip so you can do fakie tres too, thats if you haven't already mastered them. Heres a sick lil Switch Nosegrind that I shot with Matt Gravel in Vic during the summer. It made the SBC Photo Annual so give that guy a high five for throwing down! Also things have been starting to get in the works over here at FNF with some new crew members on the way and some new surprises in a couple months so get HYPED!

Matt Gravel - Sw Nosegrind

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shreeedddd STICK

All I have to say is thank god that we're through the dreaded inbetween of skating and shredding! Grouse and Seymore have been open for about a week now and I was finally able to make it up to Seymore yesterday with Gilbert, Trint and Peter. I didn't have a second to shred cause Trint was throwing down trick after trick after trick. I didn't really mind because I suck at jibbing anyways hahaha. So here is a still and a sequence out of the many Trint threw down also Clayton whipped together a montage for shits and gigs!

Trint Thomas - Switch Nosepress, 180 Out

Trint Thomas - BONK DAT

Saturday, November 21, 2009

P.A. Alllll Day

My home town is a small city on Vancouver Island called Port Alberni. I love that place, amazing for growing up but it gets hella boring as you get older, for me anyways. I miss the place like crazy sometimes cause its so chill and relaxing. Barley any traffic, fresh air, lakes, not much crime, buttttt...... no skate spots hahahaha. But here is a short video made by my homie Benson Wishart, so take some and watch this vid and see the place I love to call home HOLLA!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Errr Body Want that Mase, Mase

I happened to find some new Mase while I was lurkin Def Sounds and I was actually surprised that it wasn't terrible hahaha. This has nothing to do with anything mainly becuase I'm going insane from all this rain. I haven't been able to shoot in the last couple days so I thought I'd throw up this Soros's photo I shot last spring. Its one of my favorite shots so hopefully you guys dig it holla!

Brandan Soros

Monday, November 16, 2009

VIC - tory

Well this weekend Victoria went better than any of us could have imagined! On Friday I was deciding whether or not to bring my camera gear because, one, the weather had a 60% chance or rain, and two, my bag weighs like 30 pounds and my light stands are a bitch to carry around. But I had a feeling that I needed to bring my shit so off we went Friday night on our adventure.

On the ferry ride there we encountered 40 knot winds and the boat was rocking back and forth like crazy. I was stoked for something other than another boring ferry but Gilbert I guess gets sea sick and looked like he was going to puke for a bit. On Saturday we woke up to
dry ground so we got right down to business so we cruised over to Higher Ground to get some fresh wood and gear for the day. We had no wheels so Brando was nice enough to hook us up with his whip for the day to cruise around.

First we hit up Vic West to warm up before hitting the street to find spots. Vic West is always a good time and Sean decided that he was going to this Pole Jam to Switch Wall Manny this already strange obsticle. How he did this I don't know. I don't ask questions anymore hahaha.

Sean Hanebury - Pole Jam to Switch Wall Manny

After a hype warm up sesh we cruised over to 360 Board Shop to say a quick holla to Matt G, Soros, Drew and John Fraser. John decided he was over sitting in the shop and wanted to come cruise instead! Next we hit up this School on Hillside Street which hosts the longest nine set I've ever saw. Gilbert landed the first Tre it had seen in 3 trys. We set up and peaced out with in 10 minutes! After that we hit up Beacon Hill Park for awhile where Sean threw down a back tail (photo will be on the Instrumental Site soon). By this time it was about 4:15 getting very windy, cold, and looking like rain was about to hit. So we decided it was time to get one last trick. This is a spot I stumbled apon 3 years ago and never had the chance to shoot at there till this weekend! I was so stoked and then Gilbert hucked this Ninja'd kickflip inbetween gusts of wind to stoke me even more!

Gilbert Turenne - Kickflip

After this we packed it in and Me, Gilbert and my homie Blaine went downtown and got wasted to celebrate hahahaha. Even when we arrived back in Van after being all hung over and tired from traveling Gilbert went out and filmed till 1 last night with Trint to get you a new montage! Gilbert looked like shit this morning on the way to work so I can't wait to see what they got done. Anyways I don't want to write anymore pppppppeace!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Island Weekend.... Round 2

I left my cell phone in Victoria last weekend. Needless to say I didn't mind having my phone but at the same time I hate how Dependant we are on those little pieces of technology. I had the option of coming back to Vic for a birthday party tonight and since my phone was already there I decided it would be a good idea to go haha. But the difference this time is that I have all my gear and I dragged Sean Hanebury and Gilbert with me as well! So keep you heads up from some Vic updates at the begging on the week, everyone have a bangin weekend and enjoy this steezin front feeble from Jordan Repin!

Jordan Repin - Front Feeble

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legal errrrr Where!

Today was Remembrance Day but more importantly it was Gilbert's birthday yesterday! Hes now 21 years young and officially legal to do whatever the hell he wants anywhere in the world HOLLLAAA! So next time you see that fool skating around tell him happy birthday twice just because he hates having it said to him haha. Since Gilbert is now a man it seems fitting that he would throw this Inward heel down the man sized Hot Spot 5 block, GET SOME!

Gilbert Turenne - Inward Heel

Monday, November 9, 2009

Warm Ups

This spot turned out to be the new home of the DC showroom and before construction was completed, we were lucky enough to get a sesh in. Along with these warm up tricks, both Gilbert and Marten got their bangers and ultimately the only tricks to go down these 2 beast spots.

Also here is a sick underground sesh yesterday from Trint on that Video Camera and skating from Gilbert, Joey Moore, and John Moir to keep you lurkin, HOLLA!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vacation Weekend

Got away to Victoria for Brandon Wells birthday in Victoria. It was a perfect weekend for it cause it rained the whole time, so I didn't have to feel bad about not skating or shooting haha. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend like I did, if not this huge 15 foot Ollie by Dylan Timmins will cheer you up! Ya naaa meeannn

Dylan Timmins - Ollie

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


When its nice you have to go skate, in the day or at night. Over the weekend there was amazing Autumn weather so we headed downtown Saturday and Sunday to sesh! Gilbert threw down multiple times and this beautiful three flip was one of them!

Tonight Sean and me just so happened to be heading back to West Van at the same time. I was hyped because I so happened to have my camera gear and there was a photo we had been wanting to shoot for a couple days and this was the time to get it done! Sean smoothly ollies up the first bench and then gaps to Front Lip then we hop on the bus and go home haha. Now I'm hittin the sac, pppppeaceeeee!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gilbert's Trickipedia

Despite the beautiful weekend, we have had a lot of rain as well. Gilbert likes to skate... a lot, so him and Trint went out and filmed Gilbert's Trickipedia! So remember, even when its raining you can go work on them flatground tricks booooiiiii!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweeennnnn

Halloween brought some of the nicest weather we've seen in awhile! Beautiful blue skies, a nice breeze and fall colours all over the place! Got lots of seshin done today and some stuff accomplished. The last couple days haven't been so dry, so here is a underground sequence from Gilbert and a short edit thrown together from Clayton. Hope everyone has a sick night, go blow some stuff up!!

Gilbert Turenne - Wallie Back 180

Untitled from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And Then It Pours

So Gilbert and me are hyped after work to go get some filming done with our homie Trint Thomas but soon as we got to Park Royal it started to piss down. So we decided to meet up at the North Van underground spot to get some skating in. Gilbert threw down a bunch of shit as usual and I actually got to sesh a bit myself for once! Anyways heres a little something Geoff Dermer threw down at the new Monke Park.

Geoff Dermer - Half Cab Board Back 270 Out

Sunday, October 25, 2009


You don't actually realize how much of a pull the Movie Industry has on Vancouver until your crusin down the street turn a corner and all of a sudden your in Germany. Buses driving by are German, advertisements are German, all the cars have German license plates and even German Police and SWAT vehicles! Needless to say it is one of the sickest things you could stumble upon when out skating! I didn't feel like shooting a sequence cause that's all I've been doing as of late so here is a still of Sean doing a buttery ass front board to switch back 5-0 on a buttery ass marble ledge in the heart of Germany hahaha!

Sean Hanebury - Front Board to Switch Back 5-0

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swine Flu

Isn't real, its just a common cold. If you think it is more than that your retarded haha. But anyways were all sick as shi with some sort of sickness right now, so since were all in one place at once for a change we have a guest update from Mr. Gilbert Turenne!

What up yall this time around G Bear updating this shi so lets get it on last sunday. Trint and me went skating at lons then ended the session at the IGA underground. A few days after Clay, Matt, Sean and me, where supposed to meet up at Park Royal to get some stuff done but ended up missing each other by a few minutes and the spot, lame eh, but whatevs. I got a clip with Clay and Sean got a sequential with matt so enjoi! Peace out y'all!

Sean Hanebury - Front Lip to Five - OHHHHHHH

Hey look I'm in frame from 7rint on Vimeo.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Can't Skate in the Rain Skate Indoors

When life give you rain, you skate indoors.... or underground haha. The weekend was filled with rain but that didn't stop us from going out and finding a way to get some shit done. Friday was a good ol' chill underground sesh, and sunday I got a sneak peak of the new Monke / Kitsch indoor skate park at their warehouse. I think it opens to the public at the end of this week so if your hurtin for a skate make your way out there! Its basically like a mini Berics and I dont feel like explaining all the stuff thats in there so your gonna have to go check it haha. Anyways heres a going away seqeunce for Houli as hes back to Japan in two days, we'll miss you homie!

Trevor Houlihan - Nollie Lip, to Nosegrind Revert

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All In One Day?

While me and Clayton were off doing thangs, Gilbert decided he also wanted to go do some thangs. Gilbert and North Van filmer, Trint Thomas hit up Lonsdale on a mission to film a whole montage in a day. You might think it would be hard to film a montage by yourself in a day but Gilbert seems to have endless tricks in the bag. So have a watch and enjoy, also heres a nicely executed frontside flip from Mr. Trevor Houlihan, HOLLA!

Thanks giving montage from 7rint on Vimeo.

Trevor Houlihan - Frontside Flip [o]Matt MacLeod

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

0 and 3?

Well hockey season is back and that means that I am awaiting another 79 regular season games to see if the Canucks finally cruise through the playoffs to a Stanley Cup victory. Unfortunately they aren't off to a good start but whatevs I know they'll pull through HOLLA GO CANUCKS, hahaha. Anyways had a sick weekend out filming for Skate City Vancouver, (which is a show Clayton and I are helping to produce with our good homie Dan Kelly), our lil Protege Jaydon was over to visit also Lil Sean Hanebury moved into our garage where he'll be crashing till he finds a place of his own. The weekends never seem to last and next thing you know your in the middle of the week again, damn time flys. Gilbert also likes to get up with them Jets with this huge kickflip 11 over sidewalk gap, dammmnnnnnnnn hommmmmiieeee!

Gilbert Turenne - Kickflip

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Hate Rain

I don't hate many things but rain is one of the few! I can dig snow cause you can go shred and jib around the city and shit but when it comes to rain you cant do anything. Unfortunately Mother Nature is slowly reminding us that fall is around the corner so I guess I'm just going to have to deal with it haha. Anyways as usual things are busy around here. Got back from a nice weekend on the island where me and Trevor went to pick up my drumsfrom home and got to hang out with some homies. Other than that everyone has been skating and filming up a storm! I some how managed to film a line, not sure how long its been but none the less here it be, also heres a text book back smith from Marten!

Marten Maxwell - Back Smith

Clip of the Day - Matt Macleod from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

On it

Dylan Timmins made it out from the Island and on saturday we went out with a good sized crew to hit some spots up around plaza. Dylan's brother Reed came out from Langley and met up with us while the rest of the crew consisted of Mike Campbell, Desmond Hootsie, Seth Cardinal, Marten Maxwell and myself. Along the way we came across this spot and Dylan took a different approach to it and came thru with this gnarly clip of the day.

Dylan Timmins from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Bye Summer

Well it had to happen eventually but fall is now here. Days are shorter and its getting cold as shi at night and in the morning. But what ya gonna do, luckily the weather doesn't get to bad till late October so there is still lots of shooting and skating to be done! If you guys have a bunch of free time there is the Underworld Best Trick Contest article on SBC's website and the Damn Am Article on Concrete that I covered if you want to do some internet lurkin. Hope everyone had a sick weekend and don't forget to get your shine on, HOLLA!

Terell Safadi - Front 180

Sunday, September 20, 2009

And Another One Bites The Dust

As predicted another epic weekend rushed by all to fast yet again, but so much got done it doesn't even matter! Damn Am on Saturday was amazing, so much sick shit went down it was hard to remember. Today was an epic sesh, Clayton and I went out with a bunch of the Underworld dudes, Dan Kelly, Gilbert and Marten to sesh around West Van and wow did shit get done! Marten got almost 3 different tricks and also suffered one hell of a bruised hip (get better brotha!) and Gilbert got a beast of a trick done as well! I must say we couldn't have asked for a better weekend and I hope everyone had a great one too! Heres a tasty warm up 50-50 through the kink from Marten, hit em high hit em high, hit em low hit em low!!!

Marten Maxwell - 50-50

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It Be The Weekend

It seems the weeks fly by so fast and the weekends fly by even faster. Which Isn't too fair if you ask me but as is life haha. This weekend is going to be a goodin with Damn Am today at Bonsor Skatepark so Mr. Groenendyk will be out there covering that, then tomorrw Marten gets back from his birtday and well be off to get some street footy! So as per usual we have another busy amazing weekend. The Instrumental boys are out in the woods skating a mini ramp and we are super bummed we couldn't make it but duty calls, Sorry Boys!!! In the spirt here is a beastly heelflip from Jamie with some of the beautiful Somass River in the background, have a great weekend everyone and skate hard holla!

Jamie Collins - Heelflip

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make Things Happen!

Everyday people sit around and watch their lives fly by them. See I have mad ADD or ADHD whatever you want to call it, basically I'm hyper as shit. So when it comes down to it I have an easier time getting off my ass and going out and doing something cause I get bored in about 5 minutes of doing nothing. What I'm trying to get at is you live once so start making moves towards what you want in life. Not in a week, or on the weekend, or tomorrow, start working towards that dream now! Everything thats good in life takes work to get it so I would like to welcome Marten Maxwell as my new roommate, and new housemate for the rest of us! Marten has bounced off that rock I call home to make shit happen in the city so get hyped for some new footage and photos coming from him right quick! So in the spirit of things heres a quick video Clayton made up of Marten of when he came for a visit in the summer. You might have watched it already but suck it up and watch that P Rod nollie heel a couple more times! Also here is a nice looking kicky flip from Gilbert!

Gilbert Turenne - Kickflip

Martens Spot Barge from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding Nemo

So stoked to have picked up a fisheye over the weekend, that I figured it be necessary to throw up a couple clips from the test session. Footy is stacked.

Fisheyes from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Back!

So after an internet drought of about two weeks we finally are back online! Although we haven't been able to post lately doesn't mean we've been up to nothing either. Thus meaning lots of new footy and pics for you to check out over the next little while! Some news from the last little while is that Clayton now has a fisheye, and that means lines lines lines and him getting all up in your grill holla! Also we have a new roommate tomorrow!! Our good homie Marten Maxwell is making the move over to the city from the island and we're more stoked than ever! Watch for some big shit coming from Marten! Anyways heres the footage from Gilberts 30 minute 4 block sesh and some photos for you guys. Get it Cracken, Make it Happen!!!

Gilbert Turenne - Backside Flip

Trev-Switch-Hardflip copy
Trevor Klemke - Switch Hardflip

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ahhh Shiii its Been Over a Week!

Well we have to apologize for the lack of posts in the last week or so but we have some good reasons haha! We are currently still moving into our new pad up in West Van and holy shit is our view amazing, you can see all of Vancouver, its almost surreal! I am now in the singular division of relationships and I couldn't be more hyped, hollllaaaaa time to get on the grind full time! Also we've been working like crazy doing construction downtown so we've had our hands full. But we wont have internet back until the 13th so there will be nothing going up till then or so but I will leave you with this massive first try ollie from Gilbert, whats next on that set? Only time will tell HOLLAAA.

Gilbert Turenne - Ollie

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Chapter Begins

With every chapter of your life that comes to an end, a new one instantly starts! This is coming up because this is the last weekend of residence in our East Van Pad. 4 months whipped by faster than a Randy Johnson fast ball and now we are moving over to our new house in West Van. All I can say is that I'm more than hyped to be moving in with our new roommates, Trevor, Gilbert and Peter! Not much skating is going to be going down this weekend due to multiple trips to the Island and Van this weekend with moving but we have some stuff coming your way right quick. Clayton is working on a couple of projects right now as am I so keep you eyes open for some new shit! Anyways any one from Nanaimo reading this we're gonna be at Splitsville Saturday night so if you want to meet up lets doooooo it holla! Anyways heres a flick from Shredder when we went out to Tofino last weekend, and as always everyone have a bangin weekend!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Clip of the Day 08/24/09 from FnF Media on Vimeo.

So its Gene Simmons birthday today and it just so happens that he walked right infront of our eyes at 401 downtown a month or so ago so it only seems fitting that we throw this up. Also Jayden with his bangin front smith, ge ge ge get it!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Yo yo yo! Clip of the day featuring island ripper Julian Maunder. Juelz is always poppin up in Vancity and is here for a good stay before peacing back to the island. While warming up for the streets, we filmed this at Lonsdale on some buttery ledges.
Check out Jewelsandbenoculars to see plenty of videos from Juelz and the homey Benson Wishart.

Julian Maunder from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hippie Time!

This weekend is all about getting hippie with it down in good ol Tofino B.C! Clayton, Trevor and myself are going over to meet up with Jamie Collins and Aaron Sheare to head out on a mission on the beautiful west coast and I'm more stoked than ever! Weekends are the shit so everyone have a great weekend and don't get too hung over and if you do just drink it off, also here is a debut of a Lil Sean photo, say word?? SAY WORD!

Sean Hanebury - Backside 5-0 on the Nanaimo Dumpster

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Flys When Your Having Fun!

I don't get how it happens but it does, time just whips by with out stoppin! It's already over half way through August and I swear it was just the beginning! Well might as well enjoy every day cause its over like that, which also means summer is coming to a saddening end. So get out there and enjoy the last couple weeks cause we sure will holla!!

Matt Gravel - 50-50 Pop Out

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kings of who

Sean Hanebury made it out from the island to get some clips for the new Concyse and Instrumental Skateboards video to be hitting streets soon. It was a skate filled weekend and a very sick one at that. Heres a clip of Sean from the Pioneer Skatepark in Nanaimo, BC during a summer session.

Sean Hanebury-Clip of the Day from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This is the Life we Chose, Livin Life to its Fullest, Filmin an Shooting Photos

Well things have been far from slow around the here lately, well come to think of it this summer has been anything but slow! Our lil protege Jayden and Matt Gravel just left our place this morning after a sick visit (sad face). Later booooooys see you soon! Clayton and me just started new jobs doing construction right downtown with Trev, Gilbert and Peter so super hyped on that! But I gotta jet to the ferry and since Chippy is nice enough to hit me with a ride to the ferry here is nice crook pop out from him! Have a sick weekend everyone HOLLA!

Jordan Pletz - Crook Pop Out into the Night

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Andrew Falkin from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Andrews been off his board for a short time, due to a bum ankle. He back skating again and heres a clip we shot in early summer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rainy Mondays

Well I guess it had to happen sometime, but the rain has hit with a vengeance. But on the good side everyone gets an extra day to relax from the weekend guilt free haha. But had a pretty sick weekend, got some photos, got some footy, and had some good times! Jamie had a good morning sesh at Leeside the other day and Trevor got a Banger at a new spot in North Van!! But gotta get on the grind, so here is a photo from Peter!

Peter, One Big Ass Wall Ride!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let the Weekend Begin!!!

Alright, alright. I can't put into words how stoked I am for this weekend! We have a new addition to the birthday weekend and its none other than the Islands own Jamie Collins. I have no clue when Jamie was in Van last to skate, but I'm assuming its been awhile! All I know mad shits getting done today and I'm hyped! But if you find yourself sitting around today in Van being bored as shiii, then head your way down the Strathcona Park for the Adidas Ledge contest there! If it rains then its gonna be at the Cambie Bridge spot so make yo way thuuurrrrr! Anyways heres a Jamie flick on a death dumpster enjoy! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAYTON your and old ma fucka now hahahaha!

Jamie Collins - Nosegrind [o]Matt MacLeod

Friday, August 7, 2009

Trevor Klemke What up!

Clip of the Day - August 7th - Trevor Klemke from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Soon to be roomate and always down to skate; Trevor Klemke comes thru with a clip of the day!

Birthday Weekend Sayyyy Whaaa!

Well all back and settled in from hitting up good ol' Vic Town for a couple days. Had such a sick time, a huge shout out to everyone for all the good times and hospitality!!! Especially Brando's couch cause its comfy as shit! hahaha Anyways we have my Lil homie Jayden coming down from Nanaimo for the weekend, and it so happens to be his birthday today! And tomorrow is Clayton's Birthday!! Sooooo this all equals one hell of a fun weekend! Also good news on the moving situation in September as well. We (Clayton, Gilbert, and our homies Trevor and Peter) all just signed the papers for renting a huge house in Upper British Properties, which is in West Van. I must say I'm so hyped for this place and now there is more than enough room for the homies to crash on visits holllaa! Here is lighting test of Soros warming up to hit this picnic table, the banger should be up on the Instrumental site soon! Have a sick weekend everyone brrratttt!

Brandan Soros - Warm Up, Gap 5050 [o]Matt Macleod

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tricks are for Kids!

Tricks are for Kids!! from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Been getting things done lately and have clocked tons o footy with Gilbert for an up coming spotlight to be completed soon. Was down at waterfront yesterday evening and after seeing a tre flip on flatground, some nearby kiddies asked to see it down the stairs(which we were already skating anyways), Gilbert complies and here it is. First Try.

Vic Town!

I decided to escape the city heat and business and get over to Vic for a couple days to hang with the Instrumental and Concyse fam! I love the air here like shit it tastes better looks better and basically yea its just better hahaha. Went out with Soros, Picton and Brad to get some footy at Comouson College and got a couple tastey flicks! And wanted to throw out congrats to my good homie Marten Maxwell for grabbin 3rd place at the Tswassen Comp yesterday! Good work bro, and with that here is a bangin feeble pop out sequence from him when he was in Van last, oh and yea Happy BC Day!

Marten Maxwell - Feeble Pop Out [o]MacLeod

Friday, July 31, 2009

Nanaimo Get hyped!

So its been a long time waiting, but in the next couple days the Harbour City is going to get its deserving coverage! Concrete Skateboarding's issue 101 is coming out in the next couple days so be sure to stop by your local skateshops and grab a copy or two! Check out Concrete's website for a peek at Chad Dickson's first cover shot and caption and the intro article for a look at whats going to be in the mag! Its going to be a sick one mos deff! Everyone enjoy the long weekend, dammmnnnnn!

John Fraser - Back 180 Nosegrind [o]MacLeod

Thursday, July 30, 2009

White Haze

Forget that purple haze, when your in the city it's white! Smog is the worst cause you actually see how much pollution we put into the air, but what ya gonna do? The last couple days have been record breaking heat here in Van which makes it kinda hard to skate cause you sweat instantly. Benson and Juelz have kindly blessed us with their presence over the last couple days and have been gettin stuff done. Were out to get some shots this morn to feel some what productive haha. Anyways heres a flick I shot with Terell the other day and some footy courtosy of my homie Brendon Sommpi, enjoy!!

Terell Safadi - Switch Ollie [o] Matt Macleod

A day With Terell Safadi CHECK IT

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Global Warming?

Well the weather has been completely off the maps lately with Mother Nature throwing all sorts of stuff our way. Thunder and lightning storm the other night and now temps in the low 40's HOLY! I've taken a couple days off to hang with my fam and start looking for a new pad for September, but back to work today! Got a little web article in the works for Concrete right now just have to get a few photos for it over the next couple days so that should be up there soon. The article is titled, "5 Tips for a Hyphy Skate Mission!". So I'll keep everyone posted on that. Until then here is one the gnarliest pole jams I've seen done by none other than Brent Wingrove (B Dubs)! Enjoy and get heated!!!!

Brent Wingrove - Pole Jam Photos: Matt Macleod

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chip of the day

Chip of the day from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Jordan "Chippy" Pletz coming thru with a clip of the day.

One More Month Left of Summer?

So I was looking at the calender the other day and I noticed something, it's almost August! Time is flying by and its not slowing down. So Go out there and shred as hard as you can cause next thing you know it, it's going to be October. Been hittin UBC a lot lately and met up with Derek Longo to get this perfect 180 Nosegrind on the UBC nine rail. That was pretty sick I must say! Clayton is going to be posting some new chippy footy tonight too so wait for that! Make em say UHHHHHHH

Derek Longo - 180 Nosegrind

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

School Spirit

UBC Fridays from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Headed down to UBC one evening and shot this in just a few hours. Featuring Seth Cardinal, Jordan Bacon, Mickenzie Keller and FnF Photog Matt Macleod.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

UBC Fridays

Yesterday went out with a crew of Clayton, Seth Cardinal, Jordan Bacon and Makenzie Keller after all randomly meetin up at Plaza. We were gonna skate downtown but decided that it would be impossible to get anything done at 5 on a Friday evening. So we all brainstormed for a bit and decided to trek out to UBC. And damn was it was a good sesh. Clayton is in the works of a UBC Friday Montage which should be out right quick and I'm hyped! Anyways heres a shot of Seth crookin the UBC 9 rail with ease! Everyone have a sick saturday BRRRAATTT!

Seth Cardinal - Crooked Grind [o]Matt MacLeod

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back In Biz

Was finally able to go shoot again after over a week vacation! Again huge thanks going out to Dan k for letting me borrow his Holla bro I owe you like whoa! Got off work a couple hours early so me and Clayton were able to meet up with our homies Jordan Bacon and Mike Campbell to go do some shooting out in North Van. We eventually made our way out to Capilano College to skate the infamous gap. It was actually a bit bigger than I thought and Mike ended up throwing down a perfect tre bomb over it. We were all super hyped after that and decided to call it a night and go chill for awhile. Gonna be out shooting tomorrow so there should be some posts coming your way right quick, HOLLA!

Mike Campbell - Tre Bomb [o] Matt MacLeod

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Karate Kid!

A clip of Gilbert warming up to throw down on the stairs at Burrard station.  We also randomly caught Mr. Miyagi on the other side of the lens and he shows us that hes still got it. That would make him and Gene Simmons for celebrity spottings that same day.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Get Hyped!

The weather has been so nice that had to take a lake day yesterday. Hit the lake with our homies Trev and Peter must say it was a sick sesh. Thought I'd throw another one up from tofino, Sean has been throwing shit down latley and heres another one, dammmnnn sonnn! Should be back shooting photos on Wednesday thanks to Dan Kelly letting me borrow his for a bit, thanks so much bro! Anyways skate timmmmeee Holllaaa!

Sean Hanebury - Boardslide to Fakie 5-0 [o]Matt MacLeod

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just a Little Something...

B Dubs & Gilly from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Went out the other night and shot all of this probably within an hour. Put together this little promo of B Dubs and Gilly shredding lons park. Hope everyone enjoys. Also ran into the homey Julian Maunder randomly last evening in north vancouver and hes out from the island for a few days. Meeting up with him again today and gonna get our film on so look forward to more video updates within the next couple days.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

9 - 5 Grind

Well I guess it had to happen eventually and my camera has to get sent off to replace the shutter. Pretty bummed but ah well shit happens, just means I get to skate and maybe film some of my own tricks hahaha. But since I have to get my camera fixed it means I also had to get back on that 9 - 5 grind or should I say 10 - 6 hahaha. But no worries we'll still be having posts to the maximum cause I got some shit in the vault and Clayton has lock himself in the dark and away from the world to get you guys some videos HOLLLAA! So tomorrow get hyped for a Gilbert and B Dubs (Brent Wingrove, for ya'll that dont know his blog is Cats and Dawgs the links on the side of the page yeyeyeyeye!). So get hyped for this cause I seen the edit last night and im stoked like whoa! Also check the Instrumental Skateboard page tonight for my Tofino Canada Day Comp write up and photos. So here's a flick of Scorpian Skateboard's Mat Howell doing an huge ass frontside ollie, #23 himself would be jealous of this guys vert ya KNOW! And for all you hip hop heads Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y have a mixtape coming right quick, heres a track from em!!!!

Mat Howell - Frontside Ollie

Monday, July 6, 2009

Harsh Euro Barge

Alexi Liotti from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Well the good homey Alexi is out travelling around the other side of the earth so I thought I'd take the oppurtunity to post this quick video of Alexi and some clips we've shot in the last month. Here's looking forward to your arrival back in Beautiful BC, but until then enjoy the trip and get stoked! Holla!!

Also look forward to more random video clips as something may or may not have gone wrong with Matt's camera?...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Back To The City

Had a super sick week back on the island! The Monke / Kitsch demo was super sick with a guest appearance from the Push Wheel team. Spencer hooked everyone up with burgs and I must say hes a hell of a chef, except the salmonella that he gave everyone hahahah jk. After that it was off the Port for a quick visit and was able to shoot this sick pole jam with sean before we ripped off to tofino!

Sean Hanebury - Steep Pole Jamin [o]Matt MacLeod

We ripped off to tofino pretty early with my good homies the Messer twins (Chris and Blaine) and Sean to sesh the tuff park for awhile until we went back to Jamies neighbors place that had the most beautiful ocean view to set up camp. The next day was the good ol Canada Day which also ment the annual Tuff City Skate park comp which was amazing! Check the Instrumental site in the next couple days for a write up on it with some photos! But now back in the city and my none other than Jordan Pletz is living here now and time to get shit done hollaaa!