Thursday, April 30, 2009

PA for a Day

Got to head back to Port yesterday moving un-needed stuff before we head to Van, but got some sick shots holla! We hit this new barrier over gap and I'm pretty sure everyone got a trick. Juelz hit this buttery front blunt a couple times. Rest of the days shots are on Instrumentals site go check em out! Gyeeeaaaa

Juelz - Front Blunt
Large Sizze -


Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing FnF Media from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Holla, just a little introduction. FnF Media!

Brandan Soros Interview

Brandan Soros - Switch Crooks
Switch Crookie On the Barrier
Large Photo -

Photos and Interview By Matt Macleod

Matt – Alright homie lets get this started lets hear your background info, full name, where you currently reside, and age?

Soros – My name is Brandan Soros, I currently live in Nanaimo British Columbia, and I am 20 years old.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way lets hear how you got into skateboarding!

Humm that’s a tough one, I remember trading this really expensive Pokemon card for this Nash board.

(Laughing) No way dude. That’s pretty sick.

Yea dude, and I just started skating on my road, then I finally bought this really old Santa Cruz board of my neighbor that was really fat and didn’t really skate. I just skated on my road for so long everyday basically after that.

That’s how she started hey. When you started skating who was your main crew and who gave you inspiration to keep pushing yourself on your board?

Well when I first started skating my crew was these rednecks that hung out on my road that went to school with me and they drove these huge trucks, and Scott Barnes would sometimes sesh with me.

Word, word. So living out in the boonies by the airport did you ever find it hard to get into the city and skate all the time?

Absolutely. But my parents were pretty good, when they noticed that I was starting to get into it a lot and more serious about it, they would drive me out from Cassidy to the north end every day. They gave me lunch money all the time, so they were a super big help!

That’s super sick of them hey!

Yea dude

So skateboarding deals some pretty harsh blows to the body, what have been some of your worst injuries?

Well… I haven’t had too many actually. I cut my shin open pretty bad once when I was 14 trying to 50-50 a kinked rail. I broke my leg pretty bad this time I was trying to skate down this hill sitting on a board.

Timmins Chimes in - Wasssteddd (laughs)

Yea there might have been a couple drinks involved on that one haha. So I was out for awhile after that. And then recently I hit my head really bad when I was trying to skate this out rail, and that’s been about it.

Tight tight, you’ve been pretty lucky then.

Yes sirrr

So how did you get hooked up with the hustler , Mr. Brandon Wells and Instrumental wood?

That’s a funny story actually. I was at little Eric Timmins house, and at the time I was trying to ride for Kitsch, I just realized how hard it was to make it on the island with out moving to Van. I loved Instrumental boards and I loved the Crew and how it was based on the island, so Eric was like why don’t you just give Brando a call. So right there I grabbed Timmins cell and gave him a call. Brando was immediately stoked and was like Ight, Ima call Jamie Collins and well get you riding for the team.
Ight dude, lets hear some plans for the future!

Dammnnn, well I’m just gonna keep skating that’s for sure, keep getting photos and filming and well see where it takes me from there.

Just going with the wind eh,

That’s right!

Sick homie, well lets hear some shout outs!

Shout outs to my parents, John Fraser, Pat Hooney, Eric Timmins, Bryan Duma, Dave Salem, Rigo, Jay Z, everyone from the park. Holla to my sponsors Brandon Wells and Instrumental Skateboards, Concyse Clothing, Unek, DNA RIP, Rudy Crew. Gah there is so many, I’m sorry I know I am missing so many people!

Word, thanks for the chit chat bro, We out!


Brandan Soros - Heelflip
Soros took a beating on this huge triple set but threw down one of the smoothest heels I've ever seen HOLLA!
Large Photo -