Saturday, May 30, 2009

Farmers Tan Fo Real!

Well the weather continues to be absolutely amazing here in the city and from what I've heard everywhere on the west coast!! And that means my annual farmers tan is in full effect its like I have an extra shirt on at all times Holla! If you want the limited edition skin shirt it comes in flesh colour holla at me and I'll give u directions haha. Anyways been seshin hard as usual and had a sick photo of Alexi managed to delete that acciedently (Sorry bro!). The joys of the digital world haha but Clayton has the footy so you'll get to see it soon. Repin and Clayton have been working on a bunch of footy of him which should be done soon! I'm out to go skate and you better be as well! In the mean time heres a sick sequence of Marten throwin down a banger at Nanaimo Park! Also if your all bored tonight and want to see some sick Nature and Scenic shots check one of my best homies Chris Messer's flickr page there is some sick stuff on there!

Marten Maxwell - Gap to Smith Grind [o]Matt MacLeod

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who Needs Cali When You Got Van and this Weather HOLLA!

Well today started with sleeping in... hahaha your bodies like a battery so you gotta re-charge that shi unless your Brando and have super human powers and don't need to sleep! Anyways went down town to meet BJ with Clay and J Repin and didn't do much. We were gonna meet up with Dan Kelly but he wanted to sesh N Van at the ghetto spot so we headed home. I hate East Hastings and Main is all I have to say, you feel like the life is being sucked out of you so kiddies stay away from life is way to dope to be chillen round there. (Unless your trying to skate the court house banks!!!) Anyways went out to North Van were we met Russ Milligan and Aaron Johnson. Was super hyped to get to chill with them, they are super nice dudes! After that we got ready to do some shooting and got to meet a ripper from Moncton New Brunswick, Justin! He was seshin hard so I wanted to get a shot of him and he was more than glad to throw down this buttery switch crooks!

Justin Allain - Switch Crook [o]Matt MacLeod

After that, Jordan did his usual total ledge destruction. Just wait till Clayton and Jordan
start releasing his Jordan Repin episodes!!! All I have to say is wow.
Anyways I also wanted to update everyone on a new blog that just started up by my long time homie Cody Morton! I'm super hyped on this and cody has some amazing editing so check that shi out!!!! There is a link on the side of the blog and right hurrr FLAVOURMAKERS
But I'm hittin the sac cause I want to shoot tomorrow like whoa! PPPPPEACE!

Jordan Repin - Front Crooks [o]Matt MacLeod

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its the Flava, Flava, Flava Man

I dont care what you say Muska Beats is bangin!!! Sick artists and sick beats from someone that shreds hard is a platinum disk HOLLA. Haha anyways onto the skating! Basically had the sickest weekend we could have asked for with Marten. He threw down like whoa and had me sayin wow constantly. And when him and Gilbert started throwing down doubles lines I just sat there and watched hahaha. Marten's 50-50 and Smith were both stomped perfectly first try and the back lip was 4th try! Marten peaced out yesterday to hit up Europe with his family for a couple weeks have fun homie!! I have the sequence of the back lip but im tired of uploading sequences so I'll save it for a rainy day. In the mean time check out this huge steezin Front Noseslide by Andrew Falkin! Go skate and get off the internet now ya know!

Andrew Falkin - Front Noseslide [o]Matt MacLeod

A Moment at Lonsdale

A moment at Lons - May 24, 2009 from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Quick Video from Sunday May 24th
Feat. Doubles with Marten Maxell and Gilbert Turenne
Filmed and Edited by Clayton Groenendyk

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Martens Spot Barge

Got the call from Marten on Thursday that he was gonna come to the city to get some business taken care of and wow did he ever take care of it today. We started the day at Lons to warm up and get ready to hit the streets of North Van. First we went to go hit up the ledge that Alexi crooked but we got the boot by the local By-Law enforcers, luckily we didn't get any tickets haha. After that we went to the set that Gilbert threw down on the other week and thats when Marten put in work. He quickly threw down a perfect P Rod nollie heel for photo and footy. After that he found a peice of ply wood and some rocks and made a kicker to big round rail that you had to pop out on, and I'm just gonna let the footy speak for its self HOLLA.

Marten Maxwell - Nollie Heel [o]Matt MacLeod

Martens Spot Barge from FnF Media on Vimeo

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring Flingin? Nah! Summer Lovin!

Met up with our homie/filmer Rob Lyons and a pretty decent sized crew today to barge North Van! It consisted of me, Clayton, Alexi, Gilbert, Jordan Repin, Kris Foley, Lil G and Rob. We all met up at Lons where we happend to meet the man that got me into XL shirts Grant Patterson. After a little sesh we went to the sickest ghetto spot I have ever seen in my life. Sickest ledges and the sickest pole jams everywhere and not to mention countless obsticles to pop over. All I can say is that Jordan is a machine, watchin him skate is like watchin a painter make a masterpeice. Here he threw down backside nosegrind 3 shuv out and next try threw down frontside nosegrind 3 shuv out! Gilly and Alexi were also throwing down as well and got some footy HOLLA!

Jordan Repin - Back Nosegrind Tre Shuv Out [o]Matt Macleod

Jordan then just absolutely destroyed this other ledge and like I can't even explain it, your gonna have to wait for when Clayton posts Jordan Repin TV2! Check some footy (old by the way). After that we went and hit some handrails around N Van and also hit Sutherland ledges and got bangers at both spots. I'll post one of the three in the next couple days. But that was basically the day after Clays battery died. Go skate tomorrow or be struck down by the hand of Gilbert!

Repin - Front Nosegrind tre shuv out BACK TO BACK HOLLA! [o]Matt MacLeod

Spring Flingin'

Must say we had a bangin day today! Last night our homie Jesse Taylor (who is also a sick photographer, check his site gave me a holla to ask if I could help him with some flash power on a shoot today and I was more than stoked. Me and Clay met up with him early this morn and headed out to meet Tyler Holm who is a crazy ripper and filmer Kyu Kim to go shoot one of the sickest things I've seen in awhile. Unfortunatly I can't tell you what it was it'll be a surprise yaaaaa know! Clayton had to peace early for an intervie, but he didnt miss anything because we got kicked out of the spot twice today which was weak / quite hillarious. But they went back tonight and got the land so holllaaa to that!
After gettin kicked out twice we chilled for a bit and I eventually had to bounce to meet Gilbert, Clayton and Alexi at Plaza and we went to the Cambie Bridge spot. We randomly met up with Monke's Ben Chibber and had a sick photo and chill sesh. Alexi got some sick shit done like the Smith Grind through the curve you can see below hollllaaa props alexi! Gilbert got some footy as well with clayton so it was quite the sick evening. After that we were beat and we all peaced home. Enjoy that amazing spring weather and skate, what it dooooo!

Alexi Liotti - Smith Sequence
Alexi Liotti - Smith Through the Curve [o]Matt MacLeod ( Click For Large Photo!!!!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Lil J Takeover

Jayden Chillllennnn
Me and Clay Boy were hyped to have our lil homie Jayden from Nanaimo For the weekend! Jayden was just as hyped to come down for the visit as well! Unfortunatly I was working on friday so I couldn't pick lil J up from the ferry with Clay but they went and had a hell of a sesh at Lonsdale park. I was pretty bummed cause JP Walker and Simon Chamberlain were seshin there all day and I missed the meet but ah well I'll meet them later maybe....... haha

Clayton Groenendyk - Front Nose
Clayton Groenendyk - Fronside Noseslide [o] Matt MacLeod

I met up with Clayton and Jayden after work and off we were to hit some street spots. Clayon got a sick front nose on an up ledge 2 mins from our house and I was stoked! Jayden was trying smith pop out but he smashed the shiiii out of his leg and has a big ass bruise and scrape to show for it hahaha. We called it a night and went home to chill. Next day was an all day sesh at lons which was hella sick. We all got some footy and flicks from the day!

Jayden Prescott - Ollie
Jayden Prescott - Pokin them Ollies [o] Matt MacLeod

Yesterday we all went and seshed Plaza all day and got hella dirty from fallin on that dusty ass ground. Alexi threw down some ledge tricks and lines and the rest of us just seshed around. We then hit Hot Spot for a bit but the ledges were sticky as hell and we were with out wax so the sesh didn't last that long. After that it was back to East Van for a sesh at the sickest bank at a school right by our house. After that we were all beat and battered so we went home and chilled for the rest of the eve.

Today we went to sesh Lons early. It was trying to rain the whole time we were there so Jayden decided it was time to throw down so we got to business and shot a smith on the handi cap rail. Right after that Alexi was ready to throw down on the double set rail but we were stopped by that good ol rain. Over all it was a hella sick weekend! Thanks for coming down Lil J it was nothing but fun GYYYYEEEAAAA. Get Back here soon homie.

Jayden Prescott - Smith Grind
Jayden Prescott - Smiths with steeeeez [o] Matt MacLeod

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Top Fives With Timmins

Sizing It Up

Top Five Tricks To End Skate

1. Switch Hardflip

2. Switch Bigspin (Frontside or Backside)

3. Impossible

4. Switch Frontside 3 Shuv

5. Double Flips

Top Five Reasons You Remain on the Island

1. Family

2. Lifestyle

3. Friends

4. Good Vibe

5. Lucky Lager

Top Five things to love about riding for Instrumental

1. Homies

2. Good Support

3. Great Incentive

4. Family Vibe

5. Easy to get drunk with

Top Five things to do when not skating

1. H

2. A

3. L

4. O

5. 3

Top Five ways to say goodbye.

1. Peace

2. I’m out

3. Going going gone

4. Any Sort of Profanity

5. May the force be with you

Eric Timmins - Crook to Regs

Eric Timmins - Crooks to Regularrrrrr [o]Matt MacLeod

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PA Re-Unites in Thaaa City

So I heard my celly ring and usually that means Gilly or Alexi but I look down and who other than Bryan James was on the call display. Was instantly hyped and off to the North Shore we went. Seshed Lons for awhile then a couple of us went and hit the streets of North Van. We found this never been skated ledge thats just a beast. It was probably about 3 feet high and BJ took its virgintiy with this crooks pop out!!!! Andrew Falkin also front nosed this beast but well save that one for another day! Holllllaaaaaaaa

BJ Oscienny - Crooks Pop Out
BJ Oscienny - Crooks Pop Out [o]Matt MacLeod

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lonsdale Best Trick Comp

Lons Comp Best Trick from FnF Media on Vimeo.

CityFest 103
Lonsdale Best Trick Contest
Cash for Tricks
Filmed and Edited By Clayton Groenendyk

Lonsdale Comp Holla!

Lonsdale Comp from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Here it is, the video from CityFest 103 Lonsdale Comp!!
1st Place: Adam Fontaine
2nd: Gilbert Turenne
3rd: Mackenzie Keller

Best Trick Up Tonight

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lonsdale Comp Holla!

Gilly Tre Bomb
Gilbert Turenne - Tre flip in his run

Yesterday got to shoot the Lonsdale comp all day and I must say it turned out way sicker than I could have imagined! Although we had a bump in the road where we couldn't get into the park till the advanced runs still got hella footy and some flicks.

Mike Shultz - Kf Front Board
Mike Shultz - Kf Front Board

Watching these guys shred in a comp shows you how much skill and consistence they have and it is crazy. So hyped to get to shoot all day. Watched some crazy runs go down. The end result was;

Jordan Repin - Tail Flip Out Seq
Jordan Repin - Tailslide through the kink Flip to Fakie like it aint no thang

1st Place - Adam Fontain
2nd Place - Gilbert Turenne
3rd Place - Mackenzie Keller

Adam Fontain - Lip Slide
Adam Fontaine - Gap to Lipslide

Danny Empy - Bonless 3
Danny Empy - Boneless 360

All Photos and Words by Matt MacLeod

10 Tricks with Gilbert

Gilbert Turenne from FnF Media 2 on Vimeo.

Gilbert throws down in upper lynn
20 tries..10 tricks Damn!!
shout out to lucas
Filmed by Clayton Groenendyk
Guest Editor: Gilbert Turenne

Friday, May 8, 2009

Upper Lynnage

Got out in the sun today an the onslaught of North Van continued. So much god damn stuff to skate my brain kinda hurts actually. Anyways hit the sickest down manny pad to drop over mini sidewalk so nuts. Pretty sure Gilly took its virginity with a kickflip manny pop over sidewalk. Gonna go back and get something a lil more tasty soon! Then we went and tried to hit this barrier for a bit and only Alexi got something. After that we went to a school to hit this set. Gilbert destroyed the set (video up soon) and Alexi was robbed about 7 times of a backside flip so we have to go back holla! That was basically the day gonna go back to North Van tonight and chill there cause of Lons Comp tomorrow gyyyyeeeaaaa!

Alexi makes Switch Front Boards Look way too easy.

Alexi Liotti - Switch Front Board
Alexi Liotti - Sw Front Board [o]Matt MacLeod

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nanaimo New Park Montage

New Park Montage from FnF Media on Vimeo.

New Park Montage
Nanaimo Holla!
Filmed and Edited by Clayton Groenendyk

North Van Lovin

Holllaa went back to meet with Gilbert and Alexi yesterday and had an epic sesh! Seshed Lonsdale for a bit then decided it was time to hit the striiizzeets. Alexi threw this huge ass crook pop out on this hubba in Lynn Valley as it began to rain.

Alexi Liotti - Big Crook

After we got the footy and flick we went and seshed an underground parking lot and Gilly got some lines filmed and some games of skate went down. Then we went to hit up this 4 block and had a run in with the P O L I C E braaatttt. Haha chilled with them for 45mins then hit Sutherland school and some other schools. Got hella tricks shot and filmed. After that Alexi hooked us up with some pizza from DJ's up from Lons HOLLA. So fucking good get their pizza haha! Anyways heres a steezin front feeb from Gilly. More flicks from Alexi to come HOLLA!!!!

Gilbert Turenne - Front Feebs

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First of the North Shore Days

Went on the hunt for Gilbert the other day and found our homie at none other than the Lonsdale park. He gave me a call this morning and said lets go skate and get some photos so I woke up Clayton and we cruised to meet him and our new bro Alexi. Got some footy at a couple spots and got kicked out of a double set cause of an un-understanding security gaurd. Anyways heres the flicks from the day. Gilbert Turenne with a buttery hardflip and Alexi Liotti with a perfect Frontside Flip.

Gilbert Turenne - Hardflip

Alexi Liotti - Fs Flip

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nanaimo is the da shiznit!

Peace out boys, we'll miss you all, thanks for all the good times and we'll see you guys all real soon, if your in Van give us a holla at we'll go skate HOLLA!