Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why am I smiling? Cause I'm headin to the Island!

So back to the Island for a couple days oooo and is it gonna be a good time. Tomorrow is the Monke / Kitsch Demo at Pioneer Park in Nanaimo so everyone if you can make your way to that beautiful park! It starts at 4 but get there a little early so your not late! I also heard that there is free burgs so if you don't want to watch some sick skating you can always fill your face haha. But I'll have some more updates in a couple days when I get some shit done on the Island! But go out there and skate cause I heard its a little something called........ Summer?! Anyways heres a little something from Jordan Repin enjoy!

Jordan Repin - Front Board

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mmmmm is for Maple!

It seems that if the word Maple is in the name its automatically awesome! Maple syrup, Maple Donuts, Maple Mini Wheats and Maple Ridge Skate Park is no exception! I met up with Monke's Ben Chibber to snag a ride out to Maple Ridge for the comp that was being held there yesterday and shiiiiii it was a good day. The comp didn't start till 4 but that was ok with me cause I got to get some skating done and get some sequences shot with Bandula!

Jordan Bandula - Kf Nosegrind Pop Out [o] Matt Macleod

The lil kiddies threw down for awhile and then it was time for the advanced guys to get shit done. Big spin front boards where getting thrown down on the rail in the middle as well as a few flip front boards. Tricks down the set and the ledges, it was so fast it was hard to shoot it all and unfortunatly I got in the way a couple times my ears aren't that good at hearing hahahaha.

Terell Safadi - Sw Tailslide [ Desmond Hoosite - Sw Lipslide

After everyone was done throwing down the judges did a little talkin and the the final result was, Desmond Hoostie pulling away with first, Jordan Repin got a solid second place and Terell Safadi grabbed 3rd! After the crowd thinned out and the product was thrown out me and Jordan went to get another seqences and dammmmmnnn does he have buttery kf back tails look down below and you'll know what I mean! Holllaa! Anyways back to the Island again on Sunday to shoot the Monke / Kitsch Demo on Monday, so all you Nanaimo homies hope to see you there!!! Its sunny out so I'm gonna go skate everyone enjoy that sunshine!

Jordan Bandula - Kf Back Tail [o]Matt Macleod

Monday, June 22, 2009

Go Skateboarding Day!!

Was yesterday and I can't even put into words how amazing it was! Next year if you guys got the day off you have to come come downtown Van and cruise with the mob cause its one of the best experiences a skater could have! But just got back from the Island and must say I had a sick week. Got lots done in Nanaimo and Port! Me and Clayton a super sick sesh with Jamie, Sean and my good homie Charlie on Saturday, went off into the woods to get some shots at this sick bridge and basically it was all the time we had haha. Sean got this Smith 180 out flawlessly and some others that you'll have to wait to see!

Sean Hanebury - Smith 180 Out [o] Matt MacLeod

But no
w back in the City and gonna try and get some shit done over the next couple days and shiiii. Anyways check out the the Go Skateboarding Day article I whipped up of the day and photos from Reynolds and others! Heres another flick of Fultzka throwing down a steezing backside flip. Holla!!!!

John Folton - Backside Flip [o] Matt MacLeod

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Island Livin

So I've been on the Island for the last couple days making some dollas and getting hella shooting done. So hyped to be skating with the Nanaimo crew for the last couple days and be breathing that fresh Island air hahaha. Last couple days been out shooting with the homies and have shot some sick shit so far. I saw the most perfect switch hardflip go down right infront of my eyes and one of the longest ollies I've ever seen too. Pretty stoked for the weekend, tomorrow Clayton is meetin up with me and we're cruisin to Port for a day and then back to the City for Go Skat Day!!! So hyped for my first Go Skate Day in Van City, it always looks so epic! Anyways heres a every try frontside flip for Houli! Have fun in Nelson homie!

Trevor Houlihan - Frontside Flip

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lil Sean in the Big City

Whenever someone comes and visits from the Island, it always means a good week with tons of skating. When Lil Sean made it out a few weekends ago, it was no exception. Starting from the first evening he arrived with a session at leeside tunnel, we hit up many spots and clocked enough footy in just a few days to put together this promo. From the city Sean was headed to Victoria to meet up with the Instrumental Family and skate the annual VicWest Comp. Can't wait to see you in the City again Sean.

Sean Hanebury - Weekend in the City. from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Love Skateboarding

Holla holla holla! Well we have been blessed with yet another amazing week of sun! I'm so stoked to be able to go shoot and skate everyday of the week, and hopefully everyone else is as well! Last couple days I've been seshing with Dan K. BJ and Gilly. The other day me clayton and Gilbert went out and got a sequence and a video clip for his up-coming "Spotlight" on Confusion Media's website.Gilbert amazes me everytime we go skate, he has the biggest bag of tricks and the best part about it is that he loves skating thats it thats all! Yesterday went out with BJ and Dan and had a good day seshin around! BJ got this hefty ollie at the Hospital.

BJ Oscienny - Ollie Pop [o] Matt MacLeod

After a good sesh there me and BJ went back to his house to chill out while Dan went to go pick up a dressor. We met Dan at his place about an hour later helped him move in that new furniture then had some amazing Salmon burgs after! After a bit of chillen we peaced down to the Beach spot and skated for awhile and watched an amazing sunset go down. BJ poped a huge frontside 180 over a barrier of the hockey court wall which were all stoked on! After that we went and had a sick chill sesh at Dan's pad and all headed home. Remember RDS block party on saturday HOLLA!

BJ Oscienny - Frontside 180 [o] Matt MacLeod

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Good Pets Go BAD 2!

The title has nothing to do with anything other than thats whats on Spike right now and its messed. If you want to see snakes, dogs, monkeys and even kangaros go nuts on their owners then watch that shiiii hahaha. Anyways after over a month of not working I had to go back and make that money stuff today and such but got to go shoot tonight and we found some old fridge from the 70's and set it up by this hole in the ground. Sean threw down a couple tricks and I was able to shoot this backside nosegrind! Hope your all enjoyin the weather but I gotta hit the sac and do that work thang tomorrow pppppeace!

Sean Hanebury - Back Nosegrind [o]Matt MacLeod

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bring the Heat

All I can say is that its hot out! Supposed to be 27 degrees for the next 3 days should be pretty intense. Sean Hanebury has graced us with his presence for a couple days and off to the streets we went. We went and scoped some spots downtown and tried to get a sequence at this one spot but were quickly kicked out of the spot. After that hit the Art Gallery and Sean got this sick kickflip to rock ride! After that Sean decided he was gonna soak his head in the fountain cause he was sweating. After that some dude informed me that bums piss in it all the time hahaha bummer.

Sean Hanebury - Kickflip to Rock Ride [o]Matt MacLeod

After the Art Gallery we went back home to escape the heat for a bit and had some dins. After that we hit Hastings Bowl for a bit. After that Sean some how pole jammed this almost vertical pole jam and got some footy. Now were ready for bed cause its 3 billion degrees haha.

Sean Hanebury - Pole Jammin [o]Matt MacLeod