Friday, July 31, 2009

Nanaimo Get hyped!

So its been a long time waiting, but in the next couple days the Harbour City is going to get its deserving coverage! Concrete Skateboarding's issue 101 is coming out in the next couple days so be sure to stop by your local skateshops and grab a copy or two! Check out Concrete's website for a peek at Chad Dickson's first cover shot and caption and the intro article for a look at whats going to be in the mag! Its going to be a sick one mos deff! Everyone enjoy the long weekend, dammmnnnnn!

John Fraser - Back 180 Nosegrind [o]MacLeod

Thursday, July 30, 2009

White Haze

Forget that purple haze, when your in the city it's white! Smog is the worst cause you actually see how much pollution we put into the air, but what ya gonna do? The last couple days have been record breaking heat here in Van which makes it kinda hard to skate cause you sweat instantly. Benson and Juelz have kindly blessed us with their presence over the last couple days and have been gettin stuff done. Were out to get some shots this morn to feel some what productive haha. Anyways heres a flick I shot with Terell the other day and some footy courtosy of my homie Brendon Sommpi, enjoy!!

Terell Safadi - Switch Ollie [o] Matt Macleod

A day With Terell Safadi CHECK IT

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Global Warming?

Well the weather has been completely off the maps lately with Mother Nature throwing all sorts of stuff our way. Thunder and lightning storm the other night and now temps in the low 40's HOLY! I've taken a couple days off to hang with my fam and start looking for a new pad for September, but back to work today! Got a little web article in the works for Concrete right now just have to get a few photos for it over the next couple days so that should be up there soon. The article is titled, "5 Tips for a Hyphy Skate Mission!". So I'll keep everyone posted on that. Until then here is one the gnarliest pole jams I've seen done by none other than Brent Wingrove (B Dubs)! Enjoy and get heated!!!!

Brent Wingrove - Pole Jam Photos: Matt Macleod

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chip of the day

Chip of the day from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Jordan "Chippy" Pletz coming thru with a clip of the day.

One More Month Left of Summer?

So I was looking at the calender the other day and I noticed something, it's almost August! Time is flying by and its not slowing down. So Go out there and shred as hard as you can cause next thing you know it, it's going to be October. Been hittin UBC a lot lately and met up with Derek Longo to get this perfect 180 Nosegrind on the UBC nine rail. That was pretty sick I must say! Clayton is going to be posting some new chippy footy tonight too so wait for that! Make em say UHHHHHHH

Derek Longo - 180 Nosegrind

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

School Spirit

UBC Fridays from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Headed down to UBC one evening and shot this in just a few hours. Featuring Seth Cardinal, Jordan Bacon, Mickenzie Keller and FnF Photog Matt Macleod.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

UBC Fridays

Yesterday went out with a crew of Clayton, Seth Cardinal, Jordan Bacon and Makenzie Keller after all randomly meetin up at Plaza. We were gonna skate downtown but decided that it would be impossible to get anything done at 5 on a Friday evening. So we all brainstormed for a bit and decided to trek out to UBC. And damn was it was a good sesh. Clayton is in the works of a UBC Friday Montage which should be out right quick and I'm hyped! Anyways heres a shot of Seth crookin the UBC 9 rail with ease! Everyone have a sick saturday BRRRAATTT!

Seth Cardinal - Crooked Grind [o]Matt MacLeod

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back In Biz

Was finally able to go shoot again after over a week vacation! Again huge thanks going out to Dan k for letting me borrow his Holla bro I owe you like whoa! Got off work a couple hours early so me and Clayton were able to meet up with our homies Jordan Bacon and Mike Campbell to go do some shooting out in North Van. We eventually made our way out to Capilano College to skate the infamous gap. It was actually a bit bigger than I thought and Mike ended up throwing down a perfect tre bomb over it. We were all super hyped after that and decided to call it a night and go chill for awhile. Gonna be out shooting tomorrow so there should be some posts coming your way right quick, HOLLA!

Mike Campbell - Tre Bomb [o] Matt MacLeod

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Karate Kid!

A clip of Gilbert warming up to throw down on the stairs at Burrard station.  We also randomly caught Mr. Miyagi on the other side of the lens and he shows us that hes still got it. That would make him and Gene Simmons for celebrity spottings that same day.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Get Hyped!

The weather has been so nice that had to take a lake day yesterday. Hit the lake with our homies Trev and Peter must say it was a sick sesh. Thought I'd throw another one up from tofino, Sean has been throwing shit down latley and heres another one, dammmnnn sonnn! Should be back shooting photos on Wednesday thanks to Dan Kelly letting me borrow his for a bit, thanks so much bro! Anyways skate timmmmeee Holllaaa!

Sean Hanebury - Boardslide to Fakie 5-0 [o]Matt MacLeod

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just a Little Something...

B Dubs & Gilly from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Went out the other night and shot all of this probably within an hour. Put together this little promo of B Dubs and Gilly shredding lons park. Hope everyone enjoys. Also ran into the homey Julian Maunder randomly last evening in north vancouver and hes out from the island for a few days. Meeting up with him again today and gonna get our film on so look forward to more video updates within the next couple days.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

9 - 5 Grind

Well I guess it had to happen eventually and my camera has to get sent off to replace the shutter. Pretty bummed but ah well shit happens, just means I get to skate and maybe film some of my own tricks hahaha. But since I have to get my camera fixed it means I also had to get back on that 9 - 5 grind or should I say 10 - 6 hahaha. But no worries we'll still be having posts to the maximum cause I got some shit in the vault and Clayton has lock himself in the dark and away from the world to get you guys some videos HOLLLAA! So tomorrow get hyped for a Gilbert and B Dubs (Brent Wingrove, for ya'll that dont know his blog is Cats and Dawgs the links on the side of the page yeyeyeyeye!). So get hyped for this cause I seen the edit last night and im stoked like whoa! Also check the Instrumental Skateboard page tonight for my Tofino Canada Day Comp write up and photos. So here's a flick of Scorpian Skateboard's Mat Howell doing an huge ass frontside ollie, #23 himself would be jealous of this guys vert ya KNOW! And for all you hip hop heads Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y have a mixtape coming right quick, heres a track from em!!!!

Mat Howell - Frontside Ollie

Monday, July 6, 2009

Harsh Euro Barge

Alexi Liotti from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Well the good homey Alexi is out travelling around the other side of the earth so I thought I'd take the oppurtunity to post this quick video of Alexi and some clips we've shot in the last month. Here's looking forward to your arrival back in Beautiful BC, but until then enjoy the trip and get stoked! Holla!!

Also look forward to more random video clips as something may or may not have gone wrong with Matt's camera?...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Back To The City

Had a super sick week back on the island! The Monke / Kitsch demo was super sick with a guest appearance from the Push Wheel team. Spencer hooked everyone up with burgs and I must say hes a hell of a chef, except the salmonella that he gave everyone hahahah jk. After that it was off the Port for a quick visit and was able to shoot this sick pole jam with sean before we ripped off to tofino!

Sean Hanebury - Steep Pole Jamin [o]Matt MacLeod

We ripped off to tofino pretty early with my good homies the Messer twins (Chris and Blaine) and Sean to sesh the tuff park for awhile until we went back to Jamies neighbors place that had the most beautiful ocean view to set up camp. The next day was the good ol Canada Day which also ment the annual Tuff City Skate park comp which was amazing! Check the Instrumental site in the next couple days for a write up on it with some photos! But now back in the city and my none other than Jordan Pletz is living here now and time to get shit done hollaaa!