Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Chapter Begins

With every chapter of your life that comes to an end, a new one instantly starts! This is coming up because this is the last weekend of residence in our East Van Pad. 4 months whipped by faster than a Randy Johnson fast ball and now we are moving over to our new house in West Van. All I can say is that I'm more than hyped to be moving in with our new roommates, Trevor, Gilbert and Peter! Not much skating is going to be going down this weekend due to multiple trips to the Island and Van this weekend with moving but we have some stuff coming your way right quick. Clayton is working on a couple of projects right now as am I so keep you eyes open for some new shit! Anyways any one from Nanaimo reading this we're gonna be at Splitsville Saturday night so if you want to meet up lets doooooo it holla! Anyways heres a flick from Shredder when we went out to Tofino last weekend, and as always everyone have a bangin weekend!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Clip of the Day 08/24/09 from FnF Media on Vimeo.

So its Gene Simmons birthday today and it just so happens that he walked right infront of our eyes at 401 downtown a month or so ago so it only seems fitting that we throw this up. Also Jayden with his bangin front smith, ge ge ge get it!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Yo yo yo! Clip of the day featuring island ripper Julian Maunder. Juelz is always poppin up in Vancity and is here for a good stay before peacing back to the island. While warming up for the streets, we filmed this at Lonsdale on some buttery ledges.
Check out Jewelsandbenoculars to see plenty of videos from Juelz and the homey Benson Wishart.

Julian Maunder from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hippie Time!

This weekend is all about getting hippie with it down in good ol Tofino B.C! Clayton, Trevor and myself are going over to meet up with Jamie Collins and Aaron Sheare to head out on a mission on the beautiful west coast and I'm more stoked than ever! Weekends are the shit so everyone have a great weekend and don't get too hung over and if you do just drink it off, also here is a debut of a Lil Sean photo, say word?? SAY WORD!

Sean Hanebury - Backside 5-0 on the Nanaimo Dumpster

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Flys When Your Having Fun!

I don't get how it happens but it does, time just whips by with out stoppin! It's already over half way through August and I swear it was just the beginning! Well might as well enjoy every day cause its over like that, which also means summer is coming to a saddening end. So get out there and enjoy the last couple weeks cause we sure will holla!!

Matt Gravel - 50-50 Pop Out

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kings of who

Sean Hanebury made it out from the island to get some clips for the new Concyse and Instrumental Skateboards video to be hitting streets soon. It was a skate filled weekend and a very sick one at that. Heres a clip of Sean from the Pioneer Skatepark in Nanaimo, BC during a summer session.

Sean Hanebury-Clip of the Day from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This is the Life we Chose, Livin Life to its Fullest, Filmin an Shooting Photos

Well things have been far from slow around the here lately, well come to think of it this summer has been anything but slow! Our lil protege Jayden and Matt Gravel just left our place this morning after a sick visit (sad face). Later booooooys see you soon! Clayton and me just started new jobs doing construction right downtown with Trev, Gilbert and Peter so super hyped on that! But I gotta jet to the ferry and since Chippy is nice enough to hit me with a ride to the ferry here is nice crook pop out from him! Have a sick weekend everyone HOLLA!

Jordan Pletz - Crook Pop Out into the Night

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Andrew Falkin from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Andrews been off his board for a short time, due to a bum ankle. He back skating again and heres a clip we shot in early summer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rainy Mondays

Well I guess it had to happen sometime, but the rain has hit with a vengeance. But on the good side everyone gets an extra day to relax from the weekend guilt free haha. But had a pretty sick weekend, got some photos, got some footy, and had some good times! Jamie had a good morning sesh at Leeside the other day and Trevor got a Banger at a new spot in North Van!! But gotta get on the grind, so here is a photo from Peter!

Peter, One Big Ass Wall Ride!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let the Weekend Begin!!!

Alright, alright. I can't put into words how stoked I am for this weekend! We have a new addition to the birthday weekend and its none other than the Islands own Jamie Collins. I have no clue when Jamie was in Van last to skate, but I'm assuming its been awhile! All I know mad shits getting done today and I'm hyped! But if you find yourself sitting around today in Van being bored as shiii, then head your way down the Strathcona Park for the Adidas Ledge contest there! If it rains then its gonna be at the Cambie Bridge spot so make yo way thuuurrrrr! Anyways heres a Jamie flick on a death dumpster enjoy! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAYTON your and old ma fucka now hahahaha!

Jamie Collins - Nosegrind [o]Matt MacLeod

Friday, August 7, 2009

Trevor Klemke What up!

Clip of the Day - August 7th - Trevor Klemke from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Soon to be roomate and always down to skate; Trevor Klemke comes thru with a clip of the day!

Birthday Weekend Sayyyy Whaaa!

Well all back and settled in from hitting up good ol' Vic Town for a couple days. Had such a sick time, a huge shout out to everyone for all the good times and hospitality!!! Especially Brando's couch cause its comfy as shit! hahaha Anyways we have my Lil homie Jayden coming down from Nanaimo for the weekend, and it so happens to be his birthday today! And tomorrow is Clayton's Birthday!! Sooooo this all equals one hell of a fun weekend! Also good news on the moving situation in September as well. We (Clayton, Gilbert, and our homies Trevor and Peter) all just signed the papers for renting a huge house in Upper British Properties, which is in West Van. I must say I'm so hyped for this place and now there is more than enough room for the homies to crash on visits holllaa! Here is lighting test of Soros warming up to hit this picnic table, the banger should be up on the Instrumental site soon! Have a sick weekend everyone brrratttt!

Brandan Soros - Warm Up, Gap 5050 [o]Matt Macleod

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tricks are for Kids!

Tricks are for Kids!! from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Been getting things done lately and have clocked tons o footy with Gilbert for an up coming spotlight to be completed soon. Was down at waterfront yesterday evening and after seeing a tre flip on flatground, some nearby kiddies asked to see it down the stairs(which we were already skating anyways), Gilbert complies and here it is. First Try.

Vic Town!

I decided to escape the city heat and business and get over to Vic for a couple days to hang with the Instrumental and Concyse fam! I love the air here like shit it tastes better looks better and basically yea its just better hahaha. Went out with Soros, Picton and Brad to get some footy at Comouson College and got a couple tastey flicks! And wanted to throw out congrats to my good homie Marten Maxwell for grabbin 3rd place at the Tswassen Comp yesterday! Good work bro, and with that here is a bangin feeble pop out sequence from him when he was in Van last, oh and yea Happy BC Day!

Marten Maxwell - Feeble Pop Out [o]MacLeod