Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ohhhhhh Damn Its Raining Again

You have to love when you get one day off during the week and then it rains! Hahaha ah well just means I'm off too the underground with Gilly to do some flat ground training and brainstorming. Got back from an amazing Canucks game last night which we spent in the Penthouse Suite HOLLA! Free Beers and Chicken wings how can you go wrong. Big news for Trint, he just got picked up by Step Child Snowboards so next time you see that ma fucker give him a hug or something, maybe not a hug cuase he'll get wierded out...... hahahaha Anyways heres a nice lil something we call a Wirley Bird. (SPENCER BRING ME MY SNOWBOARD GEAR! lol Ill be in Nanaimo next weekend for a sec to grab it anyways holla!)

Trint Thomas - Whirley Bird

Saturday, November 28, 2009

silly gilly tricks are for kids

Hey its Gilly, Im doing the post today and let me tell ya it was a funny evening on Thursday. We decided to go filming and the first spot was taken over by cars so we decided to head to the four block near our house. I was gonna attempt a trick but ended up gettin an easier one. But it was a fun one so here's an Ollie North!

Gilbert Turenne - Ollie North

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tippin Tricks Nahhhhhhh

Gilbert has some of the best tre bombs I've ever seem, so it's only fitting that he has quite the nice fakie tre's as well. Trint and Gilbert were bored so they decided to film a lil trick tip so you can do fakie tres too, thats if you haven't already mastered them. Heres a sick lil Switch Nosegrind that I shot with Matt Gravel in Vic during the summer. It made the SBC Photo Annual so give that guy a high five for throwing down! Also things have been starting to get in the works over here at FNF with some new crew members on the way and some new surprises in a couple months so get HYPED!

Matt Gravel - Sw Nosegrind

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shreeedddd STICK

All I have to say is thank god that we're through the dreaded inbetween of skating and shredding! Grouse and Seymore have been open for about a week now and I was finally able to make it up to Seymore yesterday with Gilbert, Trint and Peter. I didn't have a second to shred cause Trint was throwing down trick after trick after trick. I didn't really mind because I suck at jibbing anyways hahaha. So here is a still and a sequence out of the many Trint threw down also Clayton whipped together a montage for shits and gigs!

Trint Thomas - Switch Nosepress, 180 Out

Trint Thomas - BONK DAT

Saturday, November 21, 2009

P.A. Alllll Day

My home town is a small city on Vancouver Island called Port Alberni. I love that place, amazing for growing up but it gets hella boring as you get older, for me anyways. I miss the place like crazy sometimes cause its so chill and relaxing. Barley any traffic, fresh air, lakes, not much crime, buttttt...... no skate spots hahahaha. But here is a short video made by my homie Benson Wishart, so take some and watch this vid and see the place I love to call home HOLLA!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Errr Body Want that Mase, Mase

I happened to find some new Mase while I was lurkin Def Sounds and I was actually surprised that it wasn't terrible hahaha. This has nothing to do with anything mainly becuase I'm going insane from all this rain. I haven't been able to shoot in the last couple days so I thought I'd throw up this Soros's photo I shot last spring. Its one of my favorite shots so hopefully you guys dig it holla!

Brandan Soros

Monday, November 16, 2009

VIC - tory

Well this weekend Victoria went better than any of us could have imagined! On Friday I was deciding whether or not to bring my camera gear because, one, the weather had a 60% chance or rain, and two, my bag weighs like 30 pounds and my light stands are a bitch to carry around. But I had a feeling that I needed to bring my shit so off we went Friday night on our adventure.

On the ferry ride there we encountered 40 knot winds and the boat was rocking back and forth like crazy. I was stoked for something other than another boring ferry but Gilbert I guess gets sea sick and looked like he was going to puke for a bit. On Saturday we woke up to
dry ground so we got right down to business so we cruised over to Higher Ground to get some fresh wood and gear for the day. We had no wheels so Brando was nice enough to hook us up with his whip for the day to cruise around.

First we hit up Vic West to warm up before hitting the street to find spots. Vic West is always a good time and Sean decided that he was going to this Pole Jam to Switch Wall Manny this already strange obsticle. How he did this I don't know. I don't ask questions anymore hahaha.

Sean Hanebury - Pole Jam to Switch Wall Manny

After a hype warm up sesh we cruised over to 360 Board Shop to say a quick holla to Matt G, Soros, Drew and John Fraser. John decided he was over sitting in the shop and wanted to come cruise instead! Next we hit up this School on Hillside Street which hosts the longest nine set I've ever saw. Gilbert landed the first Tre it had seen in 3 trys. We set up and peaced out with in 10 minutes! After that we hit up Beacon Hill Park for awhile where Sean threw down a back tail (photo will be on the Instrumental Site soon). By this time it was about 4:15 getting very windy, cold, and looking like rain was about to hit. So we decided it was time to get one last trick. This is a spot I stumbled apon 3 years ago and never had the chance to shoot at there till this weekend! I was so stoked and then Gilbert hucked this Ninja'd kickflip inbetween gusts of wind to stoke me even more!

Gilbert Turenne - Kickflip

After this we packed it in and Me, Gilbert and my homie Blaine went downtown and got wasted to celebrate hahahaha. Even when we arrived back in Van after being all hung over and tired from traveling Gilbert went out and filmed till 1 last night with Trint to get you a new montage! Gilbert looked like shit this morning on the way to work so I can't wait to see what they got done. Anyways I don't want to write anymore pppppppeace!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Island Weekend.... Round 2

I left my cell phone in Victoria last weekend. Needless to say I didn't mind having my phone but at the same time I hate how Dependant we are on those little pieces of technology. I had the option of coming back to Vic for a birthday party tonight and since my phone was already there I decided it would be a good idea to go haha. But the difference this time is that I have all my gear and I dragged Sean Hanebury and Gilbert with me as well! So keep you heads up from some Vic updates at the begging on the week, everyone have a bangin weekend and enjoy this steezin front feeble from Jordan Repin!

Jordan Repin - Front Feeble

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legal errrrr Where!

Today was Remembrance Day but more importantly it was Gilbert's birthday yesterday! Hes now 21 years young and officially legal to do whatever the hell he wants anywhere in the world HOLLLAAA! So next time you see that fool skating around tell him happy birthday twice just because he hates having it said to him haha. Since Gilbert is now a man it seems fitting that he would throw this Inward heel down the man sized Hot Spot 5 block, GET SOME!

Gilbert Turenne - Inward Heel

Monday, November 9, 2009

Warm Ups

This spot turned out to be the new home of the DC showroom and before construction was completed, we were lucky enough to get a sesh in. Along with these warm up tricks, both Gilbert and Marten got their bangers and ultimately the only tricks to go down these 2 beast spots.

Also here is a sick underground sesh yesterday from Trint on that Video Camera and skating from Gilbert, Joey Moore, and John Moir to keep you lurkin, HOLLA!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vacation Weekend

Got away to Victoria for Brandon Wells birthday in Victoria. It was a perfect weekend for it cause it rained the whole time, so I didn't have to feel bad about not skating or shooting haha. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend like I did, if not this huge 15 foot Ollie by Dylan Timmins will cheer you up! Ya naaa meeannn

Dylan Timmins - Ollie

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


When its nice you have to go skate, in the day or at night. Over the weekend there was amazing Autumn weather so we headed downtown Saturday and Sunday to sesh! Gilbert threw down multiple times and this beautiful three flip was one of them!

Tonight Sean and me just so happened to be heading back to West Van at the same time. I was hyped because I so happened to have my camera gear and there was a photo we had been wanting to shoot for a couple days and this was the time to get it done! Sean smoothly ollies up the first bench and then gaps to Front Lip then we hop on the bus and go home haha. Now I'm hittin the sac, pppppeaceeeee!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gilbert's Trickipedia

Despite the beautiful weekend, we have had a lot of rain as well. Gilbert likes to skate... a lot, so him and Trint went out and filmed Gilbert's Trickipedia! So remember, even when its raining you can go work on them flatground tricks booooiiiii!