Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dude Theres Blood

So the other night Clayton, Dan, Jamin and me cruised out to Richmond to shoot at this spot Jamin and Dan found the night before. Super sick spot and virtually all of it was untouched! I asked Jamin if he wanted to start the sesh off with a switch crook on this 4 stair out ledge. He landed one really quick but wasn't hyped out the roll away so he started to attempt another one. About five tries later Jamin stuck jumped forward and unfortunately his gouch connected with the end corner on the ledge. The end result was two wonderful gouch stitches for Jamin. Sorry Bro! But here is the photo from the first lander. One word comes to mind. Proper.

Jamin Shepit - Switch Crook

Thursday, January 28, 2010

S'all Natural

Well the rain has come back and this means I finally get to rest after work instead of heading right out after to shoot, not to say I like rain but this is a welcome day of chillen! I dont feel like writing anything else cause I'm tired as shit so here is some Gangstarr Lyrics brrrrrrrattttt.

Who's the real criminals, take a look behind the scenes
Corruption and greed is calling plates routine
Guess it pays in many ways to have a few schemes
Shit, I know modal citizens, that ain't squeeking clean
You got dirty politicians, dirty judges and dirty cops
Everyone's on the tape, the hood
's filled with dirty blocks
How we gonna save the community, they worse than us
It's like a curse for us, police be the first to bust
Think about it, that requel shit some fucking junk
For them the evidence'll vanish in a puff of smoke
I been observin', I never be subservient
I guess you get what you deserve in this
From project-hallways to courthouse hallways
Some prevail, most see jail, this happens always
Speed on, before you get peed on
All I need is more power, then I'ma put the squeeze on.

Dan Redmond - Nollie Hardflip Manny

Monday, January 25, 2010

Check The Technique

Well lots of stuff has been happening over here in the last week. Got out filming and shooting 4 times last week which is amazing for the middle of January! Here is Trevor with a text book Nollie Front Heel with one of the many spots hit over the last week holla!

Trevor Klemke - Nollie Front Heel

Trint has just recovered from a broken collar bone and was on the couch for the last month, but Gilbert got him out of the bat cave to film a little montage at lonsdale which is below! Also Trint filmed a trick tip for Nomis site so here it is for your viewing pleasure. Hope everyone is making it through the winter, bring da heat!

Lons Footy from FnF Blog on Vimeo.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Squeeze

Out of all the photos I have taken with Marten this had to be the hardest one to get. It was Saturday downtown at like 2 in the afternoon so there were people everywhere. So basically we had two people stopping the sidewalk traffic both ways so Marten could huck himself at this rail. He had about 45 seconds every 3 minutes to attempt his trick. For some reason he was having trouble warming up with a 50-50 (as you can see what happened to his hand in the top picture), when he had landed it 3rd try the night before in the dark haha. When he landed the fifty his he had to jump off his board to avoid jumping into traffic, but unfortunately his board went into a huge puddle. There was no way we had just spent 30 mins waiting for all pedestrians to not get the trick so I was like fuck this Marten can use my board. So he tightened up my trucks and in 4 goes of the smith it was done like that! Some how we didn't get kicked out of the White Spot, so here is the picture and now you know all the hard work that went into a simple smith grind haha.

Marten Maxwell - Smith Grind 13

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Its a Celebration Bitches

So after all my complaining we finally were blessed with a dry Friday night and a beautiful sunny Saturday. I couldn't believe how nice it was when I woke up this morning! Me and Redmond made ourselves get up at 9 and we were out the door by 10:30. After going around and filming some shit and getting a trick just before we got kicked out at the EA manny pad. After that we met up with Trevor, Gilbert, Marten and Juelz and seshed around for the rest of the day so here is two flicks for you guys, enjoy!

Marten Maxwell - Warm Up 5050!

Trevor Klemke - Switch Hardflip

Thursday, January 14, 2010

W is for Winter and also the Word Wack

Winter has been taking its toll on the FnF crew over the last couple weeks with minimal skating done other than the last 2 Sundays and Tuesday night when we got out to UBC to sesh some underground. I felt the need to post something to bring the blog out of its dormant state anyways not sure if I've posted it but if I have too bad look at Gilberts Forward Flip down this set holla!

Gilbert Turenne - Forward Flip
Photos : Matt MacLeod

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just A Little Heat

Stoked to wake up on Sunday and see it was drying and headed into downtown to hopefully get some shooting done. On the bus ride in, someone decided to make fun of this nearby crackhead, who then in turn punched the bus window twice, and on the second one, broke the window. We made our way off the bus and over to the post office for a bit before getting the boot but also a few tricks. And as the day progressed, we continued to get vibed everywhere we went and eventually ended up in northvan, at the library, where Gilbert hucked and got his trick. Now it was dark and the end of our first day of shooting in 2010 and here is the video. Holla!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Its Sunny And Its Sunday, Seems Quite Fitting HOLLA!

Well its on the way to being sunny but fuck close enough! Stoked to go shoot some skating cause its been way too long since the last time I've gone out, and I actually can't remember the last time it was till today haha. Hope everyone goes and takes advantage of this sun, so for a little motivation heres a sequence from Dan Redmond we shot back in the fall to get you hyped!

Dan Redmond - Tailslide Hardflip Out MacLeod Photo

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just like the 6/49 Extra Song, We're Sooorryyyyy, So Sorrrryyy

Well somehow its 2010 already, I don't know when the hell this happened but some how it did haha. Sorry for the lack of posts but things have been all over the place since Christmas time and were all just getting back into the City groove again. We have a Christmas Day Montage that was made while i was in Port that should be completed soon and for now here is a little flick from Vancouver Island Unversity. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow so its time to get grindin HOLLA!

Shayne Zwickel - Backside 180                    [o] MacLeod Photo