Friday, February 26, 2010


Sorry for the delays in posts lately, shits been hectic and technical problems popped up but anyways enough with the excuses. Got a sick weekend of shooting in last week. Our lil protege Jayden was over for the weekend and we got to get out to shoot. Hes got a sequence in the editing process so well drop that soon haha. Anyways another weekend looms and looks like it gonna rain so it might be an underground sort of weekend. But here is a Trints Back Montage from Nomis check the technique!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hustle Hustle Hustle

Its been over a week since the last blog post and were sorry for the wait, shits been hella busy the last couple days and its all finally winding down as the weekend approaches. Theres nothing but sun in the forecast so its time to get out and get some shit done while we are hit with this early spring weather! Here is a photo of Gilly with this sick transfer gap at Leeside, also my homie Jamie Collins got a photo that should be up on the Instrumental Skateboards site in the next couple days! Also if your bored my two of my old roommates and some homies started up a blog of random shit that goes down in their lives if you feel like doing some internet lurkin check out Harmful Ways on Hammond Bay brrrrattttt!

Gilbert Turenne - Transfer Ollie [o] MacLeod

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Broken Collar Bones Ain't Shit

Well after over a month of recovery Trint is right back at it. Heres a lil montage from him at Mount Seymore. Im surprised it actually has snow hahaha. Get it Trint HOLLA!

5 Weeks Later from 7rint on Vimeo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympic Sized Mess

Well the Olympics are almost here and things are starting to get hectic. Streets all over downtown are getting shut down, there is a noticeable amount of increased pedestrians and you can't walk for 3 minutes with out seeing cops on foot patrol. So needless to say skating downtown is near impossible now. Hopefully the next three weeks move by fast! Anyways heres a back alley ollie from Redmond for you to peep.

Dan Redmond - Ollie

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its gonnnnnnnnnn RAIN!

That statement only applies to tonight cause starting tomorrow night we have sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun! I can't wait for this cause its time to get some shit done! We haven't been able to get out shootin since Jamin punctured his gouche so I'm itchin to get out. Oh yea one thing, fuck the olympics, CANNNNN YOUUUUU DIIIGGGGG ITTTTT!

Gilbert Turenne - Kickflipper