Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Adventure with Trint

Trint went on a lil trip to his home town Saskatoon the other week and heres a little write up on his adventure with that fooooottttyyyyy son! Also Trint just got his profile up on the Nomis site and he was nice enough to get some of my flicks up on that ma fucka so check that out as well!



Words and Video Trint Thomas:

It was my sister Jasmin’s 18th birthday this weekend on the 25th and I was coming home to surprise her and get some street footy with the minimal amounts of snow they had.
So this weekend trip back to Saskatoon started out well. Woke up at 4:30. Still hadn’t packed anything since the night before I was out to a Canucks game with Simon. So quickly threw all my snowboard gear into my bag. Thankfully I didn’t forget anything. My flight arrived half-hour past when it should have. This is a major problem because I have a connecting flight in Calgary.
My connecting flight left early and long before I even touched down in Calgary. I got put on standby for the next flight at 11 oclock. My mom called in to make sure I got on because it was my sisters birthday and I needed to be home for the big surprise that we had planned for months. Miscommunication between the online agents and the agents at the airport left me standing at the gate while they proceeded to give my seat away to some elderly woman.
I call mom pissed cuz they wouldn’t let me on. She calls back to the airline again. My mom now gets me a seat on the 130 flight but again the agents at the airport said I didn’t have a seat. We finally had to have the phone agent on the cell phone to the agents at the desk through my mom’s landline to get a boarding pass. The surprise for my sister is now blown. So I’m finally on my way to sask. Quick hour flight from Calgary, flight attendant kept giving me shit for having my mac out working on homework during the flight. But that’s another story.
Get into Saskatoon finally, super happy to see the whole family again. All is well I thought. But of course not, that would be against everything that just happened in this whole voyage. Go wait for my boards to show up, they never do. So we go and shout at the baggage people. Turns out my bag came on the 11:00 flight and they were really concerned why I wasn’t on that flight since you are not allowed to send a bag without a passenger, and I was a passenger on that flight. Anyways, get my bag and get home. Pass out and get ready for the next day.
Saturday morning wake up bright and early, head over to an old favorite spot of mine. A small but fun concrete ledge. One of the first spots I ever hit. Sesh that for a bit. Get dad to help me rip the bungee back and get mom on the fx1. Got a few tricks at that spot but it soon got way too hot and the spot soon turned to shambles.
We came home and rested for a bit, checked footy then headed out once again. this time to lurk the city and search for spots and snow. 2 of the 4 spots we went to had been since demolished and the third one a bit overgrown by trees, sketch, and dry with no snow in sight. Disappointed we were about to call it and head home then my dad told me about a rail he saw a few weeks ago at the art gallery. We headed over there and miraculously there was a fair bit of snow and it still existed. So back home we went to grab my board and camera.
Once again the whole family comes out to help me sesh this rail. A mellow handicap rail. Again get dad to rip the bungee back with me, and mom filming. My sister came along this time to lurk and take some photos. This spot was super hard to co-ordinate since we had to pull the bungee right back over a bike and hiking trail and people kept coming. So it was a quick pull back and go. Once again only got a few shots since the landing turned into a puddle.
All in all super fun trip and well worth all the stress of getting here. Got to spend some quality family time, hit a few spots and some footy to edit on the plane ride back home. Nice to ride with the fam again since they hadn’t seen me ride live in over a year!

Friday, March 26, 2010

And the Forecast calls for.... Not sun

My favorite part the week arrives and the rain decides to spoil it. But ah well got a good day of shootin on Wednesday so whatevs, means I might actually get to relax for a bit hahaha. Tomorrow night is the premiere of a new Van skate vid called Share the Air, it should be bangin so if your bored on a Saturday night I suggest you head to the Rio theater and check that shit! Heres a shot from Wednesday at a new spot in North Van, Caleb lipslides and then narrowly misses landing that long strip of wood, now theres some precision!

Caleb Davies - Lipslide [o] MacLeod

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is probably the Sickest thing thats happened all Year

We're three days into Spring already and its starting to feel like summer more and more each day! Got the day off to our surprise today and it couldn't have been a better day for it either. So warm and sunny and even a little shade from the clouds every now and again. Met up with Jordan Repin and Caleb Davies today in North Van to get some shooting done and managed to get some shit shot. We skated this torn down school's foundation and de-virginized some ledge to drops! I'll hit up a sequence from there tomorrow I'm too lazy to do anything right now haha. Also there is a sick article from the Instrumental boys on the Island that is up on the SBC skate website right now so when you got a sec check that shit out! http://www.sbcskateboard.com/ Here is a sequence from Tim Bits over in Nanaimo we shot last exactly a year ago tomorrow I think haha, damn time is flying! Life flashes before your eyes so enjoy every second of it!

Eric Timmins - Switch Front Bigspin HOLLA

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peace out Winter

Today is the last day of winter and it so happens to be Klemke's birthday so happy birthday to you homie! Its warm and overcast today so were gonna bounce out of here in the next little bit and get some filmin done. Met up with Mackenzie last night and shot a quick crook!

Mackenzie Kellar - Crooked Grind

Trint also hooked us up with a montage with his new modded Mark I fisheye thanks homie!

mk1 from FnF Blog on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tomorrow is Friday, let the Filming begin

Well had a sick weekend in Nanaimo as usual! Got to breathe some fresh air, get some shooting done and a lil partying too. Managed to shoot this ollie with my lil homie Chase and also a sequence with Sean that will be up on Instrumental site in the next day or so.

Chase Torrie - Ollie

Didn't do much but do that work stuff the last couple days till today when we got out to do some filming with Trevor tonight! Trev hucked this switch Bs Flip way to comfortably, sometimes I think hes actually goofy haha. With sun for the next two days I can't wait for tomorrow, so I'm hittin the sac yeeeeziirrrr!

Trevor Klemke - Switch Bs Flip

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Internet, today we have an edit. Tried to make it happen this weekend, unfortunately no go! Made it to Arbutus and 33rd and got a minute in some dry weather before someone made it rain. This has some of that footage, added to some other footage and now this..enjoy?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time Lapsein

Well Im sittin here at 7:40 in the morning bored as shit. Why am I up well I was supposed to go to work but since we live on the side of a mountain I guess I likes to snow every once and awhile. Needless to say Clayton's car didnt make up the small hill right outside our house so we for sure weren't making it up the next bigger one. I've been shootin for almost 7 years now off and on until the last 2 years when I decided to take it seriously as a profession so after 7 years you get a lot of photos piled up. I was just looking through them and saw many I had forgot about and was pretty stoked so I'm going to share some of the most monumental photos I've taken, enjoy!

1 - (2004) I first picked up a camera in Media Class i
n Grade 11, and wow did I not have a clue what was in store for me and this little contraption. This was one of our portrait assignments, there are no flashes used here just 3 lights with brightness adjustment nobs. This class was hype because we also got to develop our own film as well and that is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced! Thank you ADSS and Mr Stubbs hahaha.

Mike Seredick Portrait

2 - (2006) Through out Gr 11 and 12 I became more and more interested in photography and slowly started learning about it and acquiring different gear. I was using my Dads Nikon FG20 and bought a fisheye adapter I didn't know was garbage and a Vivitar 283 that can't change flash power really. After making a bunch of bad purchases I decided to actually start doing some research into photography through internet forums and magazines and finally purchased a Nikon FM2n and this shot is at Jamie Collins farm during one of the Summer Kick Off Demos (RIP). It is also my very first day shooting with my new 16mm Zenitar Fisheye, this is still one of my favorite photos to date!

Jamie Collins - 3 Flip to Fakie

3 - (Lat
e 2006) This is one of my first shots with my Sekonic L-358 light meter. I was shooting strait film back in the day and had also just bought a Sunpak 544. If your shooting film with flashes your gonna need a light meter cause trying to use the auto settings is a bitch and and good luck guessin the right exposure to get your flashes 2 stops above the ambient light haha.

Jamie Collins - Crooked Grind

4 - (2007) I had just moved to Nanaimo for the first time while I was still attending University, for some reason I was plannin on being a teacher. I was stoked because the talent in Nanaimo was much deeper than Port Alberni and I knew John Fraser from when I lived in Powell River so he introduced me to everyone, thanks homie! This is one of my first shots with Pat Hooney I was really stoked on how it came out at the time. I was shooting with the same body and lens, a sunpak 544, vivitar 285, Quantum Radio Slaves and some shitty sync cords.

Pat Hooney - Back Smith

5 - (Late 2007) After a car accident and some serious thoughts on what life was about I made the hard decision to drop out of University. I had no clue what I really wanted to do now but all I knew was I hated where my life was going and it was time to make a change. I moved to Banff with my best friends and there I got my first professional photography job shooting portraits at Lake Louise. This is where I found out that a career in Photography was possible and now I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This is what I would shoot when I was working hahahahaha.

Two Australians Posing and Shit. YE FOG

6 - (2008) BRAND NEW SETUP! I had now decided I wanted to shoot photos of skating for a living so it was time to have the professional gear. This is one of my first shots with my new shit which consisted of a Canon Mark II, Canon 17-40mm lens, Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, and Pocket Wizards, I still had the same flashes.

Sean Hanebury - Back Lippin the Gap

7 - (Summer 2008) Now that I had the good shit I had to get out of Port to start buildin my skills. I then moved back to Nanaimo with the same homies I moved to Banff with, DBAY FLOP HOLLA, Nanaimo crew knows whats up! Heres a lazy shot at the park but it was one of the funner days I had at the park and Chippy is eatin Mcdicks on the middle ledge so this shot is epic lol.

Eric Timmins - Frontside Flip

8 - (Winter 2009) It had to be fate, because of circumstances of how I met up with the Voleurz crew at the school by my house I knew it had to be. At the time I was confused where I should move to next and at the time I had a couple of options, but this sealed the deal that I had to move to Vancouver if I wanted to be a professional skate photographer.

Justin Van Der Poelen - Back Nose Press BS 180 Out

I then started thinkin about how I was gonna go about this and Clayton and I decided it was time to do it big and started creating FnF. Very soon my Nanaimo article pitch was picked up by Concrete and I had my first publication ready to go. Its almost been a year since we started it last April and what I year its been!! We have a 1 Year Anniversary Montage in the works and I'll be posting my favorite shots from the last year so get ready for that in the up coming month. Hope you guys enjoy seein my old shit as much as me (probably not haha) ppppeace.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Bye Weekend, Hello Work Week

Well another weekend flew by way to fast for my liking again but I guess thats the way she goes haha. Woke up to an absolutely beautiful Saturday so a bunch of us headed out to White Rock to get some filming done and hopefully get some shots. Didn't manage to get any shots but there were like 6 lines filmed or something like that so it was a successful day. Sunday we planned to cruise out to Maple Ridge but the rain decided to come for a visit so after driving half way we decided to turn around. I wasn't feelin good anyways so I was kinda stoked haha. And now back to the work stuff. Heres a sequence from Gilbert last week, I dont know but I think he has rubber knees or something or just a rubber body in general.

Gilbert Turenne - Ollie

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Weekend!

Well it looks like its shaping up to be a beautiful weekend so that means its time to get out and get some shooting done! I think the plan is to head all the way out to White Rock tomorrow to skate the reservoir so that should be a fun adventure! Here is our lil homie Jayden with a gap manny flip out at Sutherland when he was visitin the other weekend, get some!

Jayden Prescott - Gap Manny, Flip Out

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Llllllllll Lonsdale Boiiiii

So Marten and Gilson (Not to mention Gilbert had 0 hours of sleep the night before!) got out to Lonsdale to meet up with Trint and get a montage done. Been awhile since there has been some lons shit so im hyped to present to you my favorite skatepark with the fnf crew ge ge getttin it!

lonsdale from FnF Blog on Vimeo.

Monday, March 1, 2010

And the Torch Goes Out

Well somehow its already March 1st, and with that being the said the Olympics are over. I'm hyped cause this means that Van will slowly start getting back to normal over the next couple of weeks. The weather wasn't too great over the weekend so I took the chance to experience the olympics over the weekend but I did get to shoot some portraits for Terell Safadi cause he just found that he is going to be opening for D12, so congrats to him for that! (http://www.myspace.com/mistah604 , http://twitter.com/TerellSafadi) Heres a sample shot from that.

MacLeod Photo

Haven't shot much B-Roll shit in a little while so here is a shot from Brandan Soros from when we both lived there last year, 5-0 into some steep ass tranny holla!

MacLeod Photo