Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Year In the Game!

Well has time ever flown by fast! Today is our one year anniversary of FnF and I can't be more stoked on what has happened over the last twelve months!! So many memories, new friends made, new spots skated, rough times, happy times and lessons learned. Needless to say I wouldn't change anything that has happened. I want to say thanks to everyone that has been following us the last year your support is more than appreciated! Big things are in the works for the next evolution of the site and what FnF is so get hyped for some new changes in the next couple months. Anyways Clayton has put in mad work and made this sick montage of over the last year and I have picked out my Top 5 Photos of the year in no specific order, I hope you have all enjoyed this as much as we have, ONE LOVE!

1) Jamie Collins, Blunt Pop Out - This is one of my favorite shots of the last year for many reasons. First it was the first Instrumental Skate Trip we went on, more memories to last a lifetime and that thing is crazy to skate. I love how the lake and cabin are in the shot, oh yea and the banana peel haha.

2) Andrew Reynolds, Frontside Flip - Well this had to make it in there, well for one its Andrew Reynolds doing a frontside flip so having a chance to capture this was enough to make me say ight im retiring from photography now hahaha. Also it was my first Go Skate Day in Van and holy it was one of the best things I've ever experienced in my life.

3) Brent Wingrove, Back Fiddy - I know this has already been done, but when you get a chance to shoot at the Black Ice ledge you don't pass it up. B Dubs broke 4 boards doing this and Trevor also smashed the front window of the building accidentally while playing skate which resulted in a quick escape from the area making this one of my favorite photos!

4) Benson Wishart, Super Ollie - This spot is in Port Alberni and since I moved there in Grade 11 I had always wanted to see someone skate it. Sure enough a couple years later Benson got to it after getting kicked out earlier that day and having to go back again on my way out of town! The link to the Sequence is below.

Sequence - http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3363/4559371908_6da160a81f_b.jpg

5) Sean Hanebury, Nosegrind Pop Out - This was published in my first article which also happens to make it one of my first published photos. Jamie took us to this spot and I couldn't have asked for a more scenic shot. I got all posted up in the bush and sure enough Sean got down to business. I love the green and how he pops out!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Love Lamp.... Nah I love Skateboard

So I've been in Port Almost a week now and surprisingly I'm not going insane with boredom. This was my original fear of being here for more than three days, but has it been quite the opposite. When I was high school I must have been a little bitch cause I complained about having to skate everywhere in this town but after living in Van for a year I quite enjoy skating everywhere here. Especially because you can cruise down the main roads at 7 at night and not have to worry about getting run over hahaha ballin, just ballin. Another thing I forgot about is that there is actually spots all over the place here and the possibilities of making your own spots. Last night Sean, Benson, my homie James Francis and myself decided to put the barrier from the park over this old restaurant gap. Its funny cause I shot with Sean here like 3 years ago while it was being constructed and wasn't open and now I shot there again when it closed down hahaha. Small town businesses don't last long it seems unless you got some hustle, but without further a due here is Sean with a very proper back tail HOLLA!

Sean Hanebury - Back Tail

If you want to see it bigger than here you be: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4012/4546109668_1f9bf2ea80_b.jpg

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are you Burgin???

Well for those that don't know I'm in Port for the next week or so helpin my parents with Reno's on the house making some scrill. But so stoked to be here right now, so relaxing everything is skating distance beautiful sunsets, the island is like a small paradise hahaha. Went out to skate some flatground at the local undercover spot which happens to be an Elementary school. My homies Benson and Brenton and I were only gonna go skate some flat but it turned out that there was an unbolted garbage can laying around that made a perfect up ledge. Benson and me were hyped so we got to business. The thing about maquinna the roof is like 7 feet high so when your skating the ledge you had to make sure you weren't going to smash your dome. Benson got his Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on and got this sick Back 5-0!

Benson Wishart - Back 5-0

Also Benson and Juelz started up a crew called Burg Unit. If you know these homies you know they love their Burgz. Burgs all day everyday hahaha anyways here's The Burg Unit promo so check that shit out! Also here is their blogspot : http://www.burgunit.blogspot.com/

Also Hip Hop lost one of its Greatest Mc's yesterday, Guru from Gangstarr passed away from Cancer, so everyone smoke one for him today, thanks for all the inspiration and wisdom "Cause you know we be puttin in Work!".

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Moral Is Don't leave Stuff on The Top Of Cars

Arrived in Nanaimo last night and were chillen waitin for our lil homies to show up and I decided to go for a skate around the parking lot to kill the time. I took all the shit out of my pockets as I usually do cause I hate shit in my pockets when I skate. Unfortunately I forgot about all my stuff on the roof and we eventually took off. Not till we got back to the pad that I noticed my phone wasn't in my pocket and realized what happened. So we back tracked like 6 km to where we were at the parking lot and couldnt find anything. On the drive home some how we stumbled on my phone laying in the middle of the road. Smashed screen but I can still phone and get calls so I'm hyped haha. Wallets long gone but ah well I'll try the cop shop later to see if it was turned in... haha Anyways heres a flick I got with Repin a month ago or so on this Virgin hubba in West Van. Only thing about this hubba if you want to skate it your gonna have to do a blunt trick haha.

Jordan Repin - Front Blunt [o]MacLeod

Thursday, April 15, 2010


A random clip I found today and thought I would post. Gilbert with steez

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House Huntin

The hunt for a new apartment in North Van continues things are looking great so far and we should have a place locked down on Friday if everything goes swell hyped! Things have been super busy around here getting prepped for moving and such lots of skating, not much B-Roll stuff has been shot lately so here is a flick from Marten when I moved to Nanaimo last year I'm pretty sure this is one of the first photos I shot with this Austrian. Flawless fakie flips ya know!

Marten Maxwell - Fakie Flip

Monday, April 12, 2010


Trint got out to meet with Gilbert and our homie Joey Moore to film some doubles lines and Lonsdale, let the spring training begin!

doubles from 7rint on Vimeo.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Christmas Montage? Ohhhhhhh Yeee!

So when I was back in Port for Christmas we had a big sesh at the park and some how managed to film a montage. Because of internet problems and Sean not knowing how to upload things on the computer it got lost and forgotten about for a bit till I looked in my inbox this morning and Benson had hooked me up! Hyped on how it turned out it Benson! Shout out to the PA homies for a sick christmas yeeeziirrr!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winds Of Change

Its time for a change and we are finally getting out of our house! Its been a great time here but we're all over expensive rent and its quite the hassle to get anywhere so Clay and me are in the process of finding a new apartment in North Van! We're stoked because this is where we wanted to move originally last May. A year later we are finally getting there hahaha.
This photo below is of my good homie Matt Gravel and there is a moral to go along with this trick, don't fuck with old ladies on electric scooters. Basically Matt was looking at the spot and talking about how he didn't want to loose his board in the water but he didn't really care and decided he was going to go for it anyways. Just as he decided this an old lady on one of those sit down electric scooters that old or really fat people ride, comes up from behind him and starts to run over his foot. She doesn't seem to notice and keeps going forward locking Matt's foot into the wheel well and starts to
cut into the back of his leg. This causes Matt to yell out in pain and and drops his board which falls into the water below. She just scooters away with out a sorry and we are all stunned as Matt starts to yell at her. Talk about skaters being a hazard on the sidewalk hahaha. Now that his board was wet anyways Matt got this 50-50 pop out holla!

Matt Gravel - 50-50 Pop Out

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Just finishing up a great weekend vacation on the Island and about to head back to the City tomorrow morning. Managed to get a crazy sequence yesterday and then went out for a celebration last night! Its almost time for turkey so I'm going to go mentally prepare myself to eat as much of it as possible. Here is a sequence from Repin at the foundation ledge in North Van!

Jordan Repin - Front Board Bigspin out

Friday, April 2, 2010

Quit Tryin To be Somebody And Be yourself!

So the last couple days were more than productive to say the least! Matt Gravel and Eric Timmins came over from the Island to get some shit done and wow did we ever. I'm pretty sure we got 8 photos in two days, Repin added two to that total with some bangers!! Needless to say I had one of the best birthdays I've had in awhile, went out to Langley to meet up with Repin and hit atleast 5 spots that day and got tricks at each one! After a crazy day of skating we got to go to Timmins Mom's for a birthday feast that we all enjoyed like whoa! I'm not gonna be on the Island for a couple days and hoping that the weather will get a bit better so I can get some shooting in. Here is a gap switch crooks from Matt G makin it steezin!

Matt Gravel - Switch Crook