Saturday, May 29, 2010

When It Rains It Pours

Woke up this morning to the pleasant sound of rain.... Gotta love it when you have 2 days to enjoy yourself and it rains hahaha. But ah well gives me a chance to get a bunch of errands done and laundry. Fuck laundry in apartment buildings is all I have to say. Hasn't been much photo taking going on as of late but I've been able to skate like whoa so I don't mind too much. Excitment is growing around the camp as New York is creeping up next week and we are all biting our nails. Redmond has informed us that we get to head to the Zoo York head offices on the monday and meet all those guys word is their roof has a sick view of the city too! Ive got a photo here of Caellan Drysdale that is being debuted also Trint has hooked us up with a park montage with Gilly shredding hard as usual! And yes this is all one Day thats how Gil does it brrratttt!

Caellan Drysdale - Nollie Tre

tsawwassen from 7rint on Vimeo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Quick Vacations

Basically when you are working 5 days of the week out in the bush you have to condense everything you would do in a normal week into two days. This can make for a stressful weekend when your trying to fit in errands, skating, shooting and most of all just some time to relax. Since we happened to have an extra day off this weekend I decided that I wanted to get to Victoria to see the Instrumental fam and try to skate and relax a bit. I must say mission accomplished! Was able to sesh Vic West for a few hours then this sick spot called Fernwood which is a flat basketball court with a bunch of boxes. Now I'm off to go get some coffee try and skate a bit then back to the city this eve! Heres a fun ollie from Matt G over the block to grass to barrel roll haha.

Matt Gravel - Ollie

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well finally back to the city and out of the woods! I love working in the wilderness don't get me wrong, waking up to mountains, fresh air, dolphins out in the ocean... yes dolphins!, and no people is sick but after five days I want to check my god damn email and go shoot haha! But stoked to be back and get some shit done. Basically all thats been going down is work but I'm almost all done my passport shi and I get my tickets to New York tomorrow!!! In June Clayton, Dan and me are hittin the Big Apple for 8 days to get some skating done so I'm super excited about that. Anyways I need to go skate hope everyone one is enjoying this beautiful weather, heres a banger from Sean about 2 years ago. So gnarly, death drop on the side and a huge crack to gap over at the top plus a 4 set to get on the rail, and not to mention no video cam so heres the still and the sequencial evidence!

Sean Hanebury - Tailslide [o]MacLeod

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Deepest Apologies!

Well internet we have to apolgize for the lack of posts or should I say no posts over the last 12 days or so. Basically I found out that we were starting a new job last night so I packed up and peaced the island that same day, sorry for no good byes guys but you gotta do what ya gotta do. Anyways it was right back to cleaning our house which took 2 full days and numerous garbage runs then right when we were done that it was out to our new job site that is in the middle of no where. Its actually super sick were building cabins but the downfall is that there is no internet or cable or anything so we are out of the loop 5 days out of the week. Also we have no internet at our house so Im at the library doing this post hahaha. Anyways post are gonna be a few and far between over the next month till we get internet and this job site is over so sit tight and well be back in full effect in no time. Till then enjoy this switch back tail shuv from Matt Gravel. Yeeeee blue skies. Also we have a vid from Trint featuring Gilbert and Juelz so check that too nahhhh meannn!

Matt Gravel - Sw Back Tail Shuv