Saturday, June 26, 2010

Long Weekends Comin up ahhhh yeeee

Well only three days left of being in the wilderness and wow am I ever stoked. Get to shoot everyday and use the internet and watch tv all those amazing things of the city haha. But I'm hyped for next week cause I've got a busy ass weekend. Wednesday night im off to Nanaimo for the eve, Thursday morning I'm off to Tofino for the Canada Comp and Instrumental Skateboard and Concyse Video release! Super hyped for that! Then Friday morn I'm off to Port to visit the family for a couple hours then off to Kelowna for the remainder of the weekend for a wedding. Needless to say I'm gonna be tired as fuck when I get home haha. But for your eyes to feast apon here are a couple flicks GET SOMMMEEEE YYEEEEEEEAAAHHHH

Jayden tweaks his back 180s so hard I think hes gonna pop his hip out. But keep doing them cause they look hype homie!

I don't know how Redmond has so much balance and feet control, but he does and is it ever pleasant to watch, here he amazes me with a Fakie 5-0, to Fakie Manny, flip out... DAMN

This is from one day me and B Dubs decided to go shoot some photos but we got lazy and got beer instead. I wanted to shoot a portrait so he got on his fir coat and grabbed some dice. Get Money Money! If you look close at the die notice they on 4, 5, 6. We win instantly sonnnn.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Get Me Back To the City

So I haven't been able to do anything is a solid half a month and its driving me nuts. Basically last Sunday when we got back from NYC was the only day to get anything done and I ended up sleeping most of the day hahaha. Anyways only two more weeks till we're done working out in the bush and were back to society full time! Pretty hyped cause I can get back on my blog grind again. Lil Jayden is over visiting from Nanaimo for the weekend so were gonna sesh with him for the weekend and hopefully get him some footy! Anyways I'm at an internet cafe cause my computer's wirless is fucked but you gotta do what ya gotta do anyways heres a couple shots from New York holla!!

Caleb Davies - Ollie

Cops Lives are only worth 10 Grand in New York haha

Times Square

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Greetings from New York

What has 4 corners, is on a corner and travels around the world?... that is the first question we were asked once we stepped off the train at the penn center in downtown manhattan at 1:30 in the morning. It's been a sick trip so far and we've been pulling the mandatory 13 hour skate days to ensure our time here is spent well. Since today is the first day its rained, figured i'd take the time to update the blog, give Matt a break from the write ups and show ya'll some of the spots we've stumbled across eh!

endless marble benches

some crazy marble manual pads

and of course the infamous pyramid ledges

Anyways, were off to do some touristy type things and enjoy some of that Ninja Turtle looking Pizza.
I Love NY shirts anyone? Holla