Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid Week Hustle

Ah shiiiii the weekend is almost here! Most peeps are excited for the weekend because it simply means they get to chill out and not have to worry about their job, but for me the weekend is an amazing time where I get to go work at the job I love all day instead of from after work till dark. It also means usually traveling somewhere to get photos! I love traveling no matter how long or short the distance because it is always a new adventure! This weekend I'm off to Nanaimo for the Wham Bam Skate Jam that is taking place at Pioneer Park so if you in the Nanaimo area I'm assuming you'll be there, if not than your doing something lame uh huh haha. But should be an amazing weekend as usual! The Instrumental Summer Order has just arrived at Higher Ground in Victoria and them thangs are selling like the Carter III already! Super excited because the first shipment of Instrumentals are coming to Van in the next two weeks so get ready to cop some of those right quick! Heres a nice lil tre bomb from Tim Bits with a lil bit of forestry brrrrraattttttt!

Eric Timmins - 3 Flip [o]Macleod

Monday, July 26, 2010

Not a Cloud In Sight

Damn I love Victoria. Such a beautiful city, and the best part is it doesn't quite feel like a city. No skyscrapers, traffic isn't that bad, trees everywhere and amazing air. Gotta love it and the fact that there is 3 girls to every 1 guys there makes you want to start making a couple more trips here and there haha. But this trip brought way more than I could have ever asked for! Late nights of hangin out drinkin beer (except myself, after a long day of skating and a late night before, I passed out around 11 and waking up wasn't happening after that). We we're able to skate some epic spots as well as a customary Vic West stop to hit those amazing ledges. I can't wait to get back there again! So for those that haven't been to Higher Ground shop in Vic the whole side of there building is sick graffiti so it was a given that we were gonna shoot some shit with it in the background, Caleb wanted to get a trick in front of the wall but he got more than he asked for when a model showed up and started her photo shoot there. Caleb instantly was on it and asked if she would be down to be in a shot, she was down so we got down to business! I must say in the end it turned out pretty good! Anyways I'm gonna go chill and try to relax for a bit. One month left of Summer ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!

Caleb Davies - Kickflip with a dime piece

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekend Trippin

Another week has flown by again. They seem to be going by faster and faster lately, but I guess that's how Summer is. But this is totally ight with me cause the next 3 weekends I'm going to be traveling to various locations on the Island starting with Vic tomorrow. We have a little crew consisting of Clay, Dan Kelly, Trev, Redmond, Caleb Davies and myself and were all excited to go shred some Victoria! I have a feeling its going to be a weekend of getting shit done and a heavy dose of good times! Here is a shot of the sickest marble ledge downtown Manhattan in the business district. The best part about this ledge other than it is perfect is that it is located on a side walk and is a non kick out spot! Without having to worry about security Redmond throws down a Stress Free Tailslide 270 Heel out.

Dan Redmond - Tailslide 270 Heel Out

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back On My Grizzy

Just finished up another beautiful weekend here in Van and I'm stoked to say let the grind begin! Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing the fuck out of the apartment which took up most of the day. The rest was dedicated to random errands and tasks haha. Finally since that was out of the way it was time to get a shootin. Ended up going out to Surrey to meet up with my homie Repin and shoot around his neck of the woods. He ended up eating the worst shit on this 2 stair to flatbar spot which I thought was going to end the day but some how he avoided getting hurt some how, probably cause hes to fly to stay down uh huuuuhhhh! After seshin with Repin all day we went to meet up with Redmond, Jamin, Mitch and our homie Jarred for a little hotspot sesh. It ended up getting too dark to shoot a seq of what Redmond was doing but he got the footy so thats all that matters! Now its back to hotspot to see what Jamin has up his sleeves tonight! Here is a long front blunt flip out by J Repin GET SOME!

Jordan Repin - Front Blunt, Kickflip Out

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Im Diggin the Weekends

So we are finally finished workin in the woods! I am so stoked to be in the City full time again and can do all the wonderful things I'm used to doing like skating, shooting, updating this blog thang, oh and girls. There isn't many girls in the woods hahaha.
Last weekend we randomly cruised out to Penticton at 11pm friday. Redmond holla'd at us around 8 asking if we wanted to cruise out there in a Zip Car. Clayton, Trev and Myself said why the hell not. So we packed 6 of us in the car and made the 4 hour trip out there. We skated Penticton park all day Saturday and finished the day with beers on the lake. Redmond's homie Jeff had a sick pad with pool, air hockey, and Foosball, not to mention it was on the lake graciously let us crash there for the weekend. Sunday was spent swimming and constructing a ramp into the water. After that we hit a couple parks on the way out of the Interior and cruised home. Over all an amazing weekend, so here's a couple shots from it!

Caleb Davies, Back 180

Trevor Klemke - Kf 5050

Monday, July 5, 2010

Premiere Weekend!

Just got back from an amazing weekend on the Island to say the least! I could go on about the weekend for probably an hour with all the shit that went down but I will keep it short haha. Cruised down to Tofino for Canada day to watch the annual Comp, somehow I ended up judging it with one of my best homies Spenny and many other assorted guests haha. Right after that was off to start the drinking and watch the Premiere of the Instrumental, Concyse Video. It had an amazing turn out packing Storm Surf Shop's parking lot and I could tell no one was disappointed with all the yelling and cheering coming from the crowd! Big ups to Matt Gravel and Jason Picton for putting together a sick vid! The Rest of the weekend evolved me being hung over and traveling back and forth between Nanaimo and Port Alberni. Oh and my homie Evan had his Land Rover crashed by a lil homie named JT on his birthday haha. It also turns out that JT crashed Spenny's whip the week before that too, Insurance is gonna be a biatchhhhh for you JT lol.

For those of you that have seen the video you probably asked yourself where the hell those water slides are Jamie Collins is skating in his part. The ans
wer is the old Victoria water slides, and unfortunately the now torn out Victoria waterslides as they have been ripped out. I'm finally going to post these shots of the adventure after a year of chillen. Enjoy!

This is the clean up evolved it was kind of hard to see on the footage how much water there actually was and this kind of puts it into a bigger perspective haha

All cleaned up!

Jamie Collins - Front Shuv

Brenton Paupts - Backside 180