Monday, August 30, 2010

Da da da da da daaaammmnnnnnn

That is what I would have said if I wasn't left speachless after watching my lil homie Mickenzie skate tonight. First try smith on a twelve rail da da da da da dammmmnnnnnn! Good work lil homie, nah amazing work! Just had a sick weekend of fun in the sun, was able to skate Maple Ridge park for a couple hours yesterday which was amazing. I'd only been out there once last Summer but that was to shoot a comp so that doesn't really count haha. Lil Sean also was out here for a couple days and I was hyped to be able to chill with that cat for a couple days. He'd been out pickin berries all August but is back in full effect and hopefully moving to Van in the near future! Anyways to the photo! This was hype because this spot is just down the road from our apartment so not much travel was involved, walk down the street, get the trick, walk home just like that!

Sean Hanebury - Back 5050 to Wall Ride [o]MacLeod

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hastings Bowlin

Had the opportunity to head out to my old neck of the woods and shoot the Hastings Bowl Challenge for my good homie Mitch at Supra Distribution. I don't get to shoot much bowl so I was hyped to get out there and take some shots on something different for a change. Watching bowl skating is crazy, I don't know how people do it especially at Hastings. Anyone that can shred tranny my hats tipped to you because I can't wait to someday learn haha. The comp was pretty sick, got to watch the beginners up to the experts showcase what they had for a bag of tricks and were peoples bags full! I was extremely hyped to be able to shoot Rob Sluggo Boyce shred the bowl, that guys rips so hard and anything he does he makes it look so easy! But I'm gettin ready to hit the sac and get my shred on tomorrow holla!!!

Heres a sick Nosebonk from Caleb in Downto
wn Manhattan. Some how we didn't get boot from this spot when the day before we got yelled at for walking through the plaza with our boards haha. I guess we were in the Security Guards bling spot, suckas!

Caleb Davies - Nosebonk [o]MacLeod

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do The Damn Thang

Thursdays are hype because they are the day before friday, and friday means the start of the weekend. Pretty stoked on the up coming weekend, have a bunch of shooting planned and the Hastings bowl Jam to shoot on Saturday! I don't usually get to shoot much bowl so it should be a fun sesh! I was pretty stoked to run into Lil Sean at lonsdale tonight, hes in the city for the weekend and were gonna try and get some skating done!
Im stoked to have the Ramp Camp weekend post almost ready to go with a video from Benson Wishart and a write up by the founder of Ramp Camp Jamie Collins! I also have a bunch of shots to go with it so I'm pretty excited to get the post together for you guys! Heres a lil sneak peak sequence of my good homie Brandan Soros. brrrrapppppppp

Brandan Soros, Varial Heel To Fakie [o]MacLeod

Monday, August 23, 2010

Houlihan Gem

Just got back from an amazing week on Spoat lake and damn was it a good time! But what we have here is something special for you to feast your eyes apon, and that would be a never been seen (aside from distributions) Sponsor tape from Vancouver OG Trevor Houlihan! Houli let FnF have the exclusive on this tape so sit back, relax and watch some amazing vintage Vancouver skateboarding!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

5 day Vacation Wham Bam Thank You Maam!

I'm pretty hyped right now because tomorrow after work I begin my 5 day vacation, and to make it even better I'm going to be on Sproat Lake in my home town! I can't remember the last good Sproat sesh I've had so this is gonna be epic, not to mention there will be a mini ramp to skate! So everyone on the Island reading you best be there from the 19th to the 22nd and who ever is on the mainland and feels like droppin some cash to get out there I highly suggest it, gonna be amazing!
But without further a due here is the Wham Bam Montage Clayton put together from the other weekend, also a nicely executed nollie tre from Trevor in Sequential form!

Trevor Klemke - Nollie Three Flip [o]MacLeod

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gettin Heated!

I hate waking up sweating, and that is what has happened the last couple nights. Like you wake up your all covered in sweat, this is supposed to cool you down but I find it just makes me feel digusting and like I've just came from swimming in the ocean and don't even get me started on that haha. Heat makes skating a little harder as well with the faster dehydration, quicker set fatigue and all those other goodies but I guess if everything was easy and simple it wouldn't be worth it. I only have to deal with a couple more days of heat before I am on beautiful Sproat Lake awaiting next weekends Instrumental Ramp Camp! For those who don't know here's last years article on SBC's website so you can read for yourself cause I am lazy on a Sunday morning.

Basically Ramp Camp is a weekend for everyone and anyone to come out and enjoy a beautiful lake, beautiful camping spot and hey theres a perfect mini ramp for u to skate too! So thats all going down next weekend August 19-22 Sproat Lake, Port Alberni!

So for your viewing pleasure we have a sick 60p montage from Trint featuring, himself, Gilbert, Alexi, Julian and lil Jay also a sick lil seqeunce from Sean so enjoy!!

Sean Hanebury - Wallie 50-50

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Do Me a Favour and Stick Around for a Couple More Months?

As I look at the calender I can't help but notice that its almost half way through August. I also wonder how the hell its almost September. Now this leads me to think god damn I have to shoot as much as possible before this beautiful weather decides to go into hibernation for the winter. After thinking about all this I have that feeling of something heavy in the pit of my stomach as visions of rain drops hitting puddles form in my mind. I started thinking about this topic tonight when I was out shooting with my homies Alexi Liotti, Jayden and Andrew Walsh as I was standing in the warm setting sun as it gave a nice golden glow to everything it touched. All I know is that I'm going to do everything I can to enjoy this wonderful season for the next month or so and I suggest you do the same! Heres a nice nosegrind from Andrew with a little bit of the city poppin out from the trees. Weekend starts tomorrow hollllaaa!!

Andrew Walsh - Front Nose Grind [o]MacLeod

Monday, August 9, 2010


So we are hyped to announce that we recieved the first shipments of Instrumental decks to the city! This first order is a small one so we are gonna be sellin those guys till the next order gets in so give us a holla if you want one. Stoked that the dry weather has decided to come back after those couple days of rain, I celebrated with a lons sesh today and I am now tired as shi. Since we finally have internet back Clay was able to upload a video so check that down belooooowwww!

I was able to bounce off with Jamie, Mat Howel, and Clay to shoot at this crazy quarterpipe last weekend when I was in Nanaimo and give Jamie a high five for getting this done. This thing is fucked because the run up is like a foot and a half wide and like 20 feet long. Jamie had to place his board down on the ledge and run at it to get speed to hit this thing. Not to mention he had to ride dow
n it switch. And if that wasn't enough the tranny has this slants to the middle on both sides creating this peak of cement in the middle, so if you take a close look at his wheels you'll see that they are ment to be on cars haha. To get a better idea of the run up check this sick angle of it shot by Nanaimo's own Rigo Gonzolas!

Jamie Collins - Sw Blunt Stall [o] MacLeod

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stoked on Some Rain, Sstrannngeeee

The last two days have brought something we haven't seen in over a month, rain. Usually I hate the rain because I can't go skate but yesterday it was a more than welcomed day to rest. I was able to finish all that shit you put off like laundry, and un-edited sequences add a nice nap on the couch and four different movies and thats what you call loungin haha. Today happens to be Claytons birthday, that mo fo is now 23 so next time you see him give him a birthday holla! Met up with Houlihan the other eve to go out and get some flicks and he managed to bang out 3 different seqs at 3 different spots in under 2 hours. Thats what I call hustlin! Trevor also threw down a beauty of a nollie backside flip as well as a sw frontside flip on the same spot but I like the nollie version better! Time to go skate some underground ppppeace!

Trevor Klemke - Nollie Backside Flip

Trevor Houlihan - Warm up Kickflipper

Monday, August 2, 2010

Back on a Boat for BC Day

Well another amazing weekend has come to a conclusion yet again. Even when you get extra days off you still don't feel like you had enough time to get everything that you needed to do completed. But so is life and so I just keep on rollin. I'm bored waiting for the ferry so I thought I would just do a lil post before I get out of here because I probably won't get a chance to do that this evening. I'll do a more in depth post tomorrow with some shots from Wham Bam and more of a recap on the weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying this record breaking sunny streak!!!!

This was shot the other weekend in Vic. I Love this ledge because it has the most beautiful backdrop. If you shoot it strait on you get nothing but Pacific Ocean but if you choose other angles you can get it looking pretty sick with some land and houses. This kind of reminds me of something you would see in Italy or something on the beach. I've never been to Italy but this is what I think could look like somewhere hahahaha. Next time Sun Set Shot!

Dan Redmond - Front Blunt