Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get Ya Skate On!

"Precognition" (from the Latin præ-, “prior to,” + cognitio, “acquiring knowledge”), also called future sight, refers to perception that involves the acquisition of future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-based information.

Friday night I was heading downtown to shoot with my homie Jordan Theissen. As I was crusing down Lonsdale Ave. I felt my camera body moving around in my bag. I thought to myself, "Shit I better stop and re-wrap my camera so it doesn't bounce around and break my shutter or something." So I stoped got packed everything to my satisfaction and carried on to the spot. 
When I got to the spot and opened my bag to start setting up, I noticed my camera some how came out of place and was in the middle of my bag. Seeing there was two shirts in my bag with it I wasn't too worried because of the extra padding so I proceeded to set up all my shit. Last thing to do was put my lens on and get shit done but when I took of my a part of my prism fell out. 
Now what confuses me is that did I not make the conscious decision to re package my bag so this exact scenario did not happen? Now this has me thinking, if we have future sight to see possible outcomes and take action to stop them why would they happen anyways? Now this question can feed into so many philisophical debates but it makes me wonder, is there such thing as destiny or fate?
I'm not here discuss this right now. All I'm sayin is I had a precognition that my camera was going to bounce around in my bag and break, I took steps to stop that but it happened anyways haha. But when life throws you lemons you make lemonaide and I'm gonna go skate and enjoy this beautiful October Day HOLLA!

Boyd Young - Back Tail  [o]MacLeod

Friday, October 29, 2010

We Are The City Interview

We had originally planned to start doing interviews on the site when it was started but we finally got around to it now! Better late than never is what I say haha. Anyways our first interview is going out to our homies at the We Are The City Blogspot (WATC). I stumbled on their site when I was looking at the traffic going through FnF and noticed we had been linked on their blog. I went to check it out and I was instantly stoked. WATC's positive vibes, love of skating and hustle had me instantly decided that an interview was needed! So with out further adue here is WATC.

Questions - MacLeod / Groenendyk
Answers - LaMar / Taylor

WATC Crew   [o]LaMar

BOOM, so lets starty this off! How did WATC first start? 
Well, me and the homie Bobby both got cameras. He got the VX and I bought a Nikon still camera. Eventually we needed a more legit place to publish skate shots than facebook so we came up with the blog idea
Mos deff all about the evolutionary steps! Who's all in your crew? 
The crew is anyone who is down to skate with us.. the immediate homies would be Larry , Bobby, Chris P, Jared, Rico, Hinton DJKaseOne, Chris and the entire city, WE ARE THE CITY!

Jabari Pendelton - Kickflip   [o]LaMar
You guys have a pretty diverse crew from all over, how did your crew all meet up? 
Man, just skating spots and kicking it you run into fools all the time..
Ye I know the feeling homie, new people to meet everywhere! How long has WATC been running?
We actually recently started the blog thing, like mid July.

Larry Lamar - 5-0 Pop Out   [o]Taylor
Fresh out the gate hey, the game needs new faces! So what was the motivation / inspiration behind the site?
Well we had this vision that we put into action and it turned out to be something positive for our local scene.. and just skating in general. But we wanted to find a way for all Cities to shine! From Frisco to STL and far far east, ya dig! There’s too many fools that are good but never get documentated.

Bobby Tayor - Front Heelflip   [o] LaMar
I feel that fo sho, what are your goals and purposes of it? 
Now that we’ve got the site running smoothly with contrasting authors.. the goal is to have a place where people can express their passion.Whether its music, skating,and art. It all goes hand in hand and that’s what WATC is all about.  

Creativity and passion that's what it's all about, speaking of creativity I see you guys sesh the Vaporizer hard down in STL, how are the laws against weed down there? 
Eh, it’s the Midwest so its not as liberal as coastal states, but inner city cops typically don’t fuck with you. Its usually the counties where you would have a problem.
That's good shit then, it's a lot slacker than most of us Canadians think then. Where would we be with out those greens haha. So what is the skate scene like in St. Louis? 
It’s come up over the years for sure. Everyone knows each other and theres a lot of talented skaters. Spots are spread out so you gotta drive a lot.. and downtown can sometimes be a bust. But it’s a pretty cool place to grow up skating. Some STL based rippers: Jabari Penelton, Randy Ploesser, Jason Wussler, Brad Johnson, Matt fink, Steve Berra, and hellas more!

Chris Pettaway - Nollie Varial Heel  [o]LaMar
Fuck ye sounds like shits poppin! So in the STL is the craziest shit you've run into skating street? 
Skatin street you meet a lot of bums. Sometimes they are actually cool people, but sometimes not. I'd say the craziest bum we ran into was this homeless alcoholic widow from Nigeria with cancer. Clearly she was not from Nigeria and the cancer/widow thing Im unsure about haha, but she was out there! The homie Chris gave her a hug, she was on one!
Haha damn can't ever trust those feinds. What are your future ambitions for the blog? 
As of right now, just keepin’ shit consistent and see what comes of it

Jared Owens - Front Nose   [o] LaMar
Keep shit movin I dig it! Shout Outs? 
Shout out to fnf media for doing this interview and everyone who has a creative outlet- do what you do and don’t let anybody hold you back!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Threeves with Houli!

Well we were teased with an amazing day of sun yesterday only to wake up to rain today. Not too fair if you ask me. But I was stoked to get a good skate in though because I plan on shooting the next few nice days that we get. We're hyped to say that the FnF website is under construction right now and you can see the two words, coming soon, and the logo at The website should be dropping early Summer 11 as it gets worked on this winter and spring.
But on to business this week we have a Threeve with my good homie Trevor Houlihan! Houli came out to sesh Lons for a day last weekend and got it done, check it below!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesdays in the Cosmos

         Sean Hanebury- Front Nose                                               Photo: Macleod

Hello, Sean Hanebury here reporting from the dingy depths of PortAl berni. This week we will be talking about feeling each trick to our fullest potential. Often, as is the norm in our North American society, we are encouraged to rush, scarf down food, and generally just to get it done.

Once this happens for long enough we start to program ourselves this way, doing each task in the quickest and most time efficent manner possible. However, this is not the natural way to experience the world. Some people just have the natural style and flow where you can really tell the skater is feeling each movement (ala Stevie Williams).It is natural, it is alive. You can tell that each motion is expressed and turned into an emotion. Motion into emotion, into the beautiful performance art we like to call skateboarding.

The best way, I've found, to really feel your skateboard is to imagine each trick as being acted out in slow motion, really emphasizing the way you bend your body to prepare for the trick, lift off, snap, and catch. Imagine each piece of a trick as part of a whole. One thing I've found is often for moments skateboarders will tense their bodies in between tricks and only engage themselves once the trick is happening. The secret to good style, a good push, and comfort on the board is to experience each second. Enjoy the relaxation of pushing between tricks, stretch, feel the blood flow loosen througout your whole being until you are really connected to the skateboard. Eventually, if you try hard enough(or easy enough, depends on how you see it) you will enter what many athletes call " the zone" or "land mode". This is because youre simply attaching so much emotion to each trick that your body will force itself to remember how to flow through each motion to experience the joyful emotion you've attached to rolling away. As John Cardiel once said, you've really got to want it, bad.
That's it for this week hang tight for new photos and video documentation.
As always, sucka free pa all day cosmic kid

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

White Rock Sesh!

 Here's a video Clayton put together of a sesh we had out at the White Rock Resovior the other week with our lil homies Chase and Jayden. The productive bug took a hold of everyone that day as everyone was filming clips right, left and center! Hope to see you lil homies out here again!

Friday, October 22, 2010

And the Forecast Calls for.......

Rain, obviously is winter. Unfortunately every year around this date on the calender, the rain comes back with a vengeance. I fully understand that we need rain for plants to grow, replenish water supplies and wash away all the grime but I still hate it. When there's rain you can't do anything, well you can do stuff in the rain but why the fuck would you want to, but hey if you like dancing in the rain so be it you can go do it on your own.
At the end of the day we live on the West Coast of B.C. and there is no escaping. So hopefully everyone has a nice, dry place to practice your flatground for the next couple days! Here's a nice lil seq I shot with Caleb the other day in Yaletown. Caleb wanted to make things a little more fun by gapping over the planter then over the stairs, and he did just that!

Caleb Davies - Front 180   [o] MacLeod

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Thre....Oh wait no its a Promo

No Thursday Treeve today but we do have a little promo of what Clayton and Trevor have been up to the last little while check it and get hyped for the full part coming soon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back To the Set as I Jet

Woke up to more sun shining through my window, and thats always enough motivation for me to get up at get at it. Hopefully have a full day of shooting ahead of me with a couple homies so its time to get productive! My unexpected 2 week vacation will come to a hault tomorrow as its time to get some cash flowing. Got bills to pay sonnnnnn haha. Stoked for Thursday cause one of my best homies Spencer Allen, has got us the hook up for VIP at the Forum Snowboards premier. Free bottle service too? God damn works gonna be interesting on Friday. But I'm gonna get this day started so heres a flick from Benson at our local park on the Island. Burg Power HOLLA. Oh and heres a new music video from Wiz Khalfia, he was picked up by Atlantic Records a month ago or so, hyped to see some realness in the Music Biz!

Benson Wishart - Indy to Bank  [o]MacLeod

Sunday, October 17, 2010


 It's monday again and i dont have another minute park yet but those will come in good time in the meanwhile i have this parkmontage Featuring: Aaron Sheare, JJ Mantic, Myself and Sean. Also a preview of next weeks part, plus a sneak peak of Eric and Yoshi's Trip to Tokyo. sorry for the compression i had limited internet.

Its a Sun Day

Some how we are getting lucky to get some amazing weather in the middle of October and we took full advantage of that yesterday and we are going to do the same today! Yesterday Chase, Jayden, Trevor, Clayton and myself went out to the White Rock Reservoir for a full day of seshin. Everyone was filming like crazy and I'm pretty sure that we were able to get enough for a montage that Clayton is going to make for your guy's viewing pleasure! I even filmed a couple lines so I was hyped. Anyways were off to let the day begin all over again so here is a couple shots from yesterday from Trev and Chase!

Chase Torrie - Noseslide Bigspin the hard way   [o]MacLeod

This ledge is almost up to Trevors hip so I don't know how he gets up there so easily with his small stature, anyways heres a Nosegrind    [o] MacLeod

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sun and Skating are in the 3 day Forecast

So I checked the forecast this morning and all I saw was sun for the next three days and it couldn't have come at a better time cause my two lil homies Jayden and Chase are coming over to shred for the weekend! Should be a good weekend of seshes I'm thinkin. I'm gonna get out of here and get the day started so I'll keep it short. Here is a couple flicks from when I was home for the weekend. We were just trying to hit as many spots as we could before I left so we ended up hitting this middle rail infront of a jewlery store. Everyone got their tricks pretty fast and we were off to the next one! Enjoy the sun!!!

2paups - 50-50 Pop Out     [o]MacLeod

Benson Wishart - Crook to Fakie    [o]MacLeod

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Threeves with Matt G

This week we have a Theeve with Matt Gravel working some of his switch wizardry, see you in Vic soon brotha!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ethics Class with Sean H

     Skateboarding, over the past few years, has become very much so globalized. Marketed as an action or extreme sport skateboarding has broadened enough to be featured in such action sports championships as the x-games and other horrible mainstream monstrosities. With this came a sudden rise in the mall grab and the little brother skater who seems to be constantly almost getting hit at the skatepark until the one day when it happens(then he moves onto soccer, or longboarding)and an inevitable lowering of standards of ethics in the skateboarding world.
      These days skateboarding, more so as an art form rather than a sport, has a very tight niche of elites who, as skateboard enthusiasts, love skateboarding for it's true pleasure, the feeling of the push, you might say. They help maintain skateboarding's status as an artistic sub culture and keep it feasible for those outside of the skateboard world who are interested in it as a form of performance art, like dance or ballet, with it's own standards and styles. With this understanding comes a set of skateboarding ethics that are pertinent to follow to be considered a "true" skateboarder, a skateboard dharma if you will. Some of these ethics can be so miniscule as the difference between the spellings "skate" and "sk8" (it's skate by the way) or as necessary as the difference between pushing with your front or back foot. For most who skateboard it may seem obvious that you push with your back foot but, when a skater changes from mongo to a regular pushing stance,he is one step closer to realizing true skate enlightenment.
     However, as time changes laws both natural and created change so skateboard laws must change with time as well. Some years ago overly waxing a curb could leave you with an unwanted title such as "rollerblader" or "poser", but now it is very much accepted(just don't wax the rail). This change parallels the change in standard ledge tricks, a backsmith has been replaced by a back smith to back tail, frontside lipslides on ledges have transformed to frontlip to switch crooks, etc. As skateboarding evolves, understandings will evolve as well. So, go look and see if you really think  that the benihana the board shorts kid at the park is doing is that awesome and find out what feels right for you, because a trick that seemed unlikely today can be all the craze tomorrow, and you could be the one introducing it.
Now go skate and enjoy the photos
 Cosmic Kid
sucka free

                                Sean Hanebury- backside tailslide                      [o] Matt Macleod

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day Off and its dry...... time to go skate

I woke up and it was raining at about 7am, this bummed me out so I went back to sleep for another two hours. When I woke up again around 9 there was sun beaming through my window, so I decided this was a much better way to start the day and got to it. Had an amazing weekend, well almost week on the Island as usual! Was able to get a bunch of shooting done, visiting and a hangover in my time there so it was successful. Since I have another day off its off to the park to start the day and then who knows!
Heres a flick from my homie Luke Connor from the other day. He landed this 5050 very quick, which was crazy because he had never skated a rail against a wall before or a kinked rail. He has another trick up his sleeve at this spot so I hope I get back to shoot again!

Luke Connor  - 50-50   [o]MacLeod

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burg Unit.

Yo whats up so sorry i dont have another monatage or video for you this week, the weather sucks and i do not have an internet connection but exuses aside i will be ready with another video next week. A bangin port montage another little part from Sean for the week after, then the Ender or ''Hammer'' part whatever terminology you use, you know its the good one. In the Meanwhile here is a tre flip nose manual i did the other week. sequence shot by Matt Macleod


 I'm sitting at home in beautiful Port Alberni and as I look at my window on this Thanksgiving Sunday I am extremely thankful to see blue skies and some warm weather before the West Coast fall and winter rains arrive! Been having a great extended long weekend with some good times in Nanaimo before getting back home for a couple days. I haven't been able to edit anything since I left my computer at home so heres a flick from Matt Gravel as well as a Curren$y video to get you guys hyped! GET SOME!!

Matt Gravel - Sw Front Noseslide

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Threeves with Klemke also featuring JT

Yet again I have been blessed with a huge amount of time off in a row, so when this usually happens it means one thing...... Island time! So my lil homie Justin Taron has been talking to me about how he wanted to hit this 15 set by the Hammond Bay house for awhile. Everyone said he wasn't going to attempt it but I knew he was determined. JT actually surprised me by committing first try on the first roll up that he said he was going to do. So when I saw his body fly into my view finder I jerked and fucked up the photo... my bad my bad. Second try he committed as well but the end result was a first time dislocation for JT. He took it like a champ and even managed to get a painful brace-less smile with Spenny haha. So for you JT heres the photo and your portrait as promised and lets go reshoot that in a couple weeks, round two baby!
Also sorry we missed the last two Thursday Threeves but here is Trev shreddin some underground at UBC, Ha Ha Ha Ha How we Love Deeez Hoes!!!

Justin Taron - Ollie to Dislocation   [o]MacLeod
Aftermath Biatch

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesdays with Sean Hanebury

Hello friends, I am Sean Hanebury

today we're going to talk a little bit about dreams and their effect on the psyche and how, possibly, we could learn tricks while we sleep.
 There is a phenomenon that almost everyone has experienced that, when entering the sleep state, we feel as if we're falling and are jerked back into consciousness. A slightly altered version of this that I, and many skateboarders I know, have experienced is the sensation of skateboarding, hitting a rock, and abruptly waking up in the same fashion as those who felt as if they were falling.
Now, if this is so that must mean that in our dream state of consciousness we  feel as if we are riding a skateboard. Studies have shown that the activity in the brain while we are dreaming corresponds with the activity in the brain when we're doing the same thing in real life. Which means we are stimulated in a very similiar way during  dream and reality. This is why many famous composers and song writers have accounted that they have written and heard beautiful music in their dreams. So, if this is possible, could we not progress in skateboarding while we sleep? Many times I have had vivid dreams of skateboarding in large bowls and ramps (for some reason they're always ramps) and it has seemed to be exactly the same as skateboarding as I know it in the waking consciousness. Could I not have progressed slightly by simply remembering what I was doing in the dream state? As we learn from everything, the answer is yes.
However, the effects of dream skating on one's conscious ability to skate hasn't been proven to make more than a miniscule difference so, until I can spend all night skating, hopefully waking up to another full day of skating, I'll just concentrate on skateboarding while I'm awake. That's it for this week.Until next time, check out these dreamy sounds Braeley Wong and I have been doing on and carson mallon's new ep at


                                                        Caleb Davies- Smith Bigspin out     [o]Macleod

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Minute

Here is a Little Part from Little Sean who's not so little anymore, Next week i might not be ready with another Part. Not like i wont be posting Fuck that, but it wont be bangin street most likley a park montage of somesorts. I mean its not like minute made orange juice as easy to squeeze these skaters like oranges to get the fruits of there labor takes time like a nice fermenting wine or someshit. further more here is some fermented sean. enjoy.
sean hanebury from bensonwishart on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Work's Fuckin Up the Groove

Well the living in a suitcase has let to stop. Soon as we arrived back from Whistler our boss was like ohhhhh by the way can you come back tomorrow. And I'm like fuck, I'd like to actually get to go and skate and shoot for a change instead of working buttttttt I guess thats life..... for now haha. Big News on the front is that I am going to be doing a Monay Post on the Burg Unit blogspot so be sure to start checking that shit out this coming Mon!!!  Anyways we were supposed to have a Ramp Camp Article up the beggining of the Month but because of the video getting leaked and other things holding it back so with out further adue here is some shots from it. I'll slowley put out some Seqs over the next couple weeks as I don't feel like editing right now haha. Anyways heres some shots and if you haven't seen the video here she be HOLLA!

All Photos by MacLeod

Kris Hemmingson  - Blunt to 5-0

Benson Wishart - Back Smith Grinder

Jamie Collins - Kf Back Tail Stall

Brandan Soros - Front Heel
Brandan Soros - Tre to Fakie