Friday, October 29, 2010

We Are The City Interview

We had originally planned to start doing interviews on the site when it was started but we finally got around to it now! Better late than never is what I say haha. Anyways our first interview is going out to our homies at the We Are The City Blogspot (WATC). I stumbled on their site when I was looking at the traffic going through FnF and noticed we had been linked on their blog. I went to check it out and I was instantly stoked. WATC's positive vibes, love of skating and hustle had me instantly decided that an interview was needed! So with out further adue here is WATC.

Questions - MacLeod / Groenendyk
Answers - LaMar / Taylor

WATC Crew   [o]LaMar

BOOM, so lets starty this off! How did WATC first start? 
Well, me and the homie Bobby both got cameras. He got the VX and I bought a Nikon still camera. Eventually we needed a more legit place to publish skate shots than facebook so we came up with the blog idea
Mos deff all about the evolutionary steps! Who's all in your crew? 
The crew is anyone who is down to skate with us.. the immediate homies would be Larry , Bobby, Chris P, Jared, Rico, Hinton DJKaseOne, Chris and the entire city, WE ARE THE CITY!

Jabari Pendelton - Kickflip   [o]LaMar
You guys have a pretty diverse crew from all over, how did your crew all meet up? 
Man, just skating spots and kicking it you run into fools all the time..
Ye I know the feeling homie, new people to meet everywhere! How long has WATC been running?
We actually recently started the blog thing, like mid July.

Larry Lamar - 5-0 Pop Out   [o]Taylor
Fresh out the gate hey, the game needs new faces! So what was the motivation / inspiration behind the site?
Well we had this vision that we put into action and it turned out to be something positive for our local scene.. and just skating in general. But we wanted to find a way for all Cities to shine! From Frisco to STL and far far east, ya dig! There’s too many fools that are good but never get documentated.

Bobby Tayor - Front Heelflip   [o] LaMar
I feel that fo sho, what are your goals and purposes of it? 
Now that we’ve got the site running smoothly with contrasting authors.. the goal is to have a place where people can express their passion.Whether its music, skating,and art. It all goes hand in hand and that’s what WATC is all about.  

Creativity and passion that's what it's all about, speaking of creativity I see you guys sesh the Vaporizer hard down in STL, how are the laws against weed down there? 
Eh, it’s the Midwest so its not as liberal as coastal states, but inner city cops typically don’t fuck with you. Its usually the counties where you would have a problem.
That's good shit then, it's a lot slacker than most of us Canadians think then. Where would we be with out those greens haha. So what is the skate scene like in St. Louis? 
It’s come up over the years for sure. Everyone knows each other and theres a lot of talented skaters. Spots are spread out so you gotta drive a lot.. and downtown can sometimes be a bust. But it’s a pretty cool place to grow up skating. Some STL based rippers: Jabari Penelton, Randy Ploesser, Jason Wussler, Brad Johnson, Matt fink, Steve Berra, and hellas more!

Chris Pettaway - Nollie Varial Heel  [o]LaMar
Fuck ye sounds like shits poppin! So in the STL is the craziest shit you've run into skating street? 
Skatin street you meet a lot of bums. Sometimes they are actually cool people, but sometimes not. I'd say the craziest bum we ran into was this homeless alcoholic widow from Nigeria with cancer. Clearly she was not from Nigeria and the cancer/widow thing Im unsure about haha, but she was out there! The homie Chris gave her a hug, she was on one!
Haha damn can't ever trust those feinds. What are your future ambitions for the blog? 
As of right now, just keepin’ shit consistent and see what comes of it

Jared Owens - Front Nose   [o] LaMar
Keep shit movin I dig it! Shout Outs? 
Shout out to fnf media for doing this interview and everyone who has a creative outlet- do what you do and don’t let anybody hold you back!

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