Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quick Flick

This Quick Flick was actually shot on my last birthday. A bunch of us went out to the Langley, Surrey area to shoot with my homie Jordan Repin. The crew that day consisted of Matt Gravel, Eric Timmins, (both were over from the Island to shoot for a couple days), Reed Timmins, Clayton and myself. At the time Repin and me were working on getting him a Recognize for SBC and he said that he had a sick spot that we could hit.

We ended up having to come back to skate this spot twice that day because the first time we went to shoot we basically got the insta-boot. Unfortunately I kind of blew up on the dude that was kicking us out. See if someone is kicking me out of a spot and comes up and is nice I don't have a problem. It's those dicks that come up and start giving you attitude that really pushes my buttons. This guy was one of those dicks. So after I went off on him for a bit we took off and hit a bunch of other spots that day. We were able to get back there that night to get this photo in the end so I kind of felt bad that I reemed into this guy. But ah well that's how it goes. Here is the photo of Repin's ender for his part in Kyu Tae Kim's video Share The Air. Go to Youtube and check it out!!

Jordan Repin - Crook Pop Out

Monday, December 27, 2010

Burg Unit Video Drop.

  So i had a lose idea of no parts for this video, it was just because some people can film alot and some people cant. So i just wanted even the playing field a little bit. Still the people who film alot shows because they have micro parts almost. im rambling. But the story behind this video is kind of hazzy and it almost didn't happen at all. I wasn't going to make the video yet . But i was claiming about premiering it at the INSTRUMENTAL ramp camp.  And kind of got put of the spot by a couple of people and hadn't edited a thing it was a day before ramp camp was supposed to begin and we had already built most of the ramp. So i went home stayed up all night and searched my harddrive for all the footage that iv'e filmed in the past year. Also my friend Brailey Wong made some of the music including the intro song and others throughout the movie. But anyways I was able to scrape it together not proud of the ending but ill get into that in part two and the other tragedy that almost had this footage lost forever if it wasnt for some long time loading tapes. Anyways here is the video i hope you like it.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Its that wonderful time of the year again where we get to hang with family, eat turkey and finally get to relax during the hectic winter season! Last year we were able to get out to the Port Alberni Park and film a Christmas montage with the homies but the weather this year isn't going to let us get out there. So I thought we might as well throw the one from last year up here anyways.  Benson got some good ol xmas rap on this one too naaaa meannn! Have a safe and happy holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Being sunny doesn't necessarily mean its going to be dry, and although we expected the park to be dry, it wasn't.  This didn't seem to matter to Trevor or anyone else and we quickly got to work. Deciding to skate the 6 stair as a warm up, here are some clips we wont be using in an upcoming edit.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quick Flick

The shot of Mickenzie below has been sitting on my computer for the last 4 months or so because it had the possibility to get published, but in the end it didn't get used so its time to throw it up on the blog! Mickenzie knows how to skate handrails, it must be a sixth sense or something because he landed this smith 1st and 2nd try.
   He looked at it for about 10 minutes, at this point Clayton and I were getting cramped up from our shooting positions so we told Mickenzie we'd hook him with some dollas if he just attempted it. First try he stomped it like he was seshin a flat bar (bribes do sometimes work!) but there was a shadow right across his face in the photo. Sadly I asked him if he wanted to shoot it again (this time for a dub) and he was game, thanks for hucking a second time bud!! So on the second one he stomped it just as clean as the first! I was so amazed and when I looked down at the photo the shadow was in his hair this time and was much more acceptable! Plus I wasn't going to make him do it a 3rd time haha. We also have the footy in Mickenzies 09/10 promo put together by Mickenzie's California homie/filmer Massimo Legittimo (I think it was Massimo, Callum and Clayton who filmed all the clips) which is also below for your viewing pleasure! Keep in mind that 50-50 and lipslide at the end are both first try too!

Mickenzie Keller - Front Smith  [o]MacLeod

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday drop.

A little montage featuring myself, Caleb davies, Evan Schuhman, Trevor Houlihan and somedude with a sick front side 360 sorry i forgot your name bro and messing up filming the line anyways here is the video.


 Burg Unit.
We premiered the video already at the port alberni skatepark and the instrumental ramp camp but after that i really hadn't got around to making hard copies, mostly because of the cost of producing it. So i thought i would just release it in part over the next few weeks then i'll post a download link after the last week.  This was my first really long project so some of the clips might have bin subjectable but none the less i hope its bearable and you can sit through it Here is the trailer to give you a idea of what's to come next week.

 Also check out the Burg Unit blog for random footage and stuff that didnt make the video

 Again just thought i would throw in the video of the premier at the home town park in port alberni it was a small event but they all seemed to enjoy it. we also had a premier at the Instrumental ramp camp but i was way to drunk to think about filming that so here is this.

Friday, December 17, 2010

FnF Spotlights

We are going to be bringing you a new feature called FnF Spotlight! We will be starting with my homie and filmer Toby TRP Crouch who hails from Oshawa, Ontario. We will have an interview and a montage from him with in the next two weeks, get hyped!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Todays post is some footage of Jordan Repin I pulled off the hard drive. In these clips you see Jordan first land his trick sketchily, then executed again in a cleaner fashion. The backtail kickflip can be seen in 604 Media's Share the Air!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bails Montage

Well after a couple set backs the Bails Montage is finally complete for your viewing pleasure! This montage features bails from Benson, Matt G, Justin B, Juelz, Mackenzie, Marten Maxwell and myself and hopefully you guys get a couple good laughs out of it! Get Some!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Its Tuesday, But here's Monday.

 I know it's early Tuesday morning, but cant we just pretend it's early Monday morning?  Here is a couple of sick tricks that Aaron Sheare did a little while back and also a bj line.  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Introducing Security Tales

 So we've been lackin on the posts this week with so I have to apologize for that. Unfortunately we lost Sean and his Wednesday posts due to full time work / full time school, leaving him not much time for posting. He will be hitting us with an article every once and awhile! We were going to have the Bails Montage for you on Friday but Clayton's Mac files don't work so well with Bensons PC so we'll have that finished for Tuesday. So with the loss of Sean we are going to be having a feature called FnF's Security Tales where we bring you some good ol' storys from run ins with security! We should be hittin you with these atleast once a month and they'll soon envolve footage and commentary!

This first tale comes from a sesh at UBC with a crew consisting of Mike Campbell, Terell Safadi, and Derek Longo and filmer Rob Lyons. We were on a mission to hit this brand new ledge on campus that I had tried to go shoot at once before but also got the boot. This time the kick out was a little bit humorous, and here's a photo so we can break it down, ya dig!

A - Rob Lyons is awesome to go film with! He's always in a good mood and quite clearly doesn't give a fuck about security. When security came up he would just talk to them and just keep filming. I don't know how he was able to keep them distracted with conversation and keep filming the sesh.

B - Rob loves to drink while filming. I was like "Yo, your just gonna cruise around campus with beer?" he answered "I drink when I do most things." Good enough answer for me haha. Now these security guards proved to be retarded because they didn't even notice the beer.

C - Now this Security Guard taught me something that day I never knew about my career choice. Camera's steal your soul. Every picture I take of someone keeps a piece of their soul on Earth, now this really had me thinkin, "Man I've fucked over so many people out of going to Heaven." But you can't believe everything your hear so I'm going to put his Theory to the test and see if he gets Heaven or not. Maybe if he was nicer I would have deleted this photo........ not.

D - Now this guy didn't really speak much. He must have been the enforcer as you can see with his crossed arms, this ma fucka meant business. You have to judge the situation with these rent-a-cops cause I know some of them think they are cops an they'll actually fight you. Not cool, so when you get that vibe from a dude its probably best to bounce before getting punched out.

The best part of UBC is that it's huge, so you can play cat and mouse with those bitches. Soon as we left the spot we went to another one and copped some clips! Here's a UBC vid Clayton made awhile ago also showcasing UBC's finest at the end! And some woman said we needed to be more productive with our time as she walked by us, ya know what lady... Fuck You, I'm Skating!

Derek Longo - 180 Nosegrind

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In-spired, to be aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence: an inspired artist.
When I say the word inspired, I just think of how fucked it sounds when you pronounce it. Although it's a messed word, like most in our English language, this word is the motive behind anything man-made you see. No matter how original or unique something is, if it was created by a human it was inspired from someone or something. Equally as fucked is how seemingly insignificant moments can inspire people to do big shit! In this little article I'm going to touch on a couple moments, crews, and people that inspired me to live and maybe it will inspire you too.

Most don't know but I started skateboarding in Powell River BC. PR it is a small community on the mainland totally secluded from V.I. and Van. If you want to leave it's a ferry ride to the Island and two ferries to Van. Skating was poppin off in PR for a couple years and lead to the first thing that inspired me. It was a local video called "The MOB Video". It consisted of the best skaters of the town at the time and had every skater in town waiting for its debut. It gained hype fast as news flew and finally it was released. I remember running in the rain to the closest corner store in Townsite to pull out cash to buy it at lunch time. I eagerly watched the video that night and it showed me what skateboarding had to offer. The MOB video showed that there was so much more to explore in skating as they had footage from Vancouver, the Island and other place. This fueled my skating addiction watching Nathan Eyerly killing all the local spots and out of town ones. The MOB Crew inspired me to keep skating with the release of the MOB Video, and the promos for MOB 2, and the Nobodies Video which unfortunately were never finished. I do have the link to the original Mob video (you need an account to view it) also here is a MOB 2 promo that my homie Brad Tribbeck hooked up.

MOB Video -

 I moved to Port Alberni going into Gr. 11 and I don't think it could have been at a better time. When I left PR my crew that I skated with was slowly falling apart and I was finding it increasingly harder to find people to shred with. This was not the case in PA! Luckily most of the skaters were the same age as myself and the fire for skating started all over again. So to all the Forestry Shack Crew you guys were another huge inspiration for me in skateboarding!
Last Day The Forestry Shack Crew was together June 2005
 Just over the hump in a small Community called Qualicum, something big was going on that showed me more of the media side of skating and that was the Rudy Crew. The Rudy Crew were running the Skate Media on Vancouver Island and had every skater stoked from tip to tip of the Island. You could see the Rudy Crew randomly around the Island with Chris Gaetz on the VX and Mark I fish, he was also editing promos like whoa they were inspiring young skaters like myself all over! They have released three full length skate videos showcasing the finest Island skateboarding and I've heard a rumor they are working on a fourth and hopefully it's true! The Rudy Crew and videos showed me that I needed to get out of PA and get on my grind! Here are the links to the Rudy Videos below you won't be disappointed!

Rudy 2002                              Rudy Duece                                            Rudy Tres

This was my first time Shooting with Rudy's Trevor Ribeyre, I was so stoked to finally shoot with him especially this huge Sw Bs Flip, unfortunately I fucked the timing up on the shot, I was so bummed that no one has seen this till now haha  Circa 2009     [o]Macleod

 Next on my list of inspirations is PA's own Jamie Collins. When I started shooting photos, Jamie was always giving me a shout to go shoot. He is the main reason I started shooting photos to get published in magazines and  showed me something else in skating that I never saw before, how to keep progressing in skating with out having to huck down huge sets! Jamie has motivated me more over the years than anyone and has helped me maintain a positive attitude when things weren't looking up. I can't thank you enough bro you are legend and that's the truth!

One of my first Photo Shoots with Jamie Circa 2004   [o]MacLeod
 My next biggest inspiration was Brandon Wells and Instrumental Skateboards. Brando gave me a place for my photos to be displayed and showed me the need for hard work and the rewards of it. This still keeps me grinding to this day. I remember someone telling me one day Brando was wondering why Cody Morton and myself weren't at the park for a couple days in a row. Him just acknowledging that I wasn't there had me stoked beyond belief and I was now going to the park whenever I could. It's crazy how the smallest things can inspire you more than the big things in your face.

Brandon Wells doing a nice Nollie Heel at Home PA all Day!  Circa 2006   [o]MacLeod
 There are so many people that have inspired me in one way or another along the way. A few more to add to the list are my parents, Spencer Allen, DNA Skate Shop (RIP), Joel Martin with Unek Clothing, all my friends, ex girlfriends, haters, the list goes on. So thank you all and everyone else remember when someone is doing something sick and big don't hate and get inspired cause what you do could inspire the next big movement that could change the  world forever, an thats no joke!

FnF Media, Fuck You I'm Skating!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thadius Lenover Monday Minute.

   Thaduis came over for a visit on his way back to Toronto, We were skating in minus ten weather, This part was filmed all in one day with the exeption of the half cabheel manual. Thad is a beast he train hopped from Toronto to Tofino just to hangout for the summer. And now that summers over he's back on his way to Ontario to get back to the daily grind. Hopefully he comes back next year,      ;liadfaskdjbnflkas  T SHIRTS BITCH!LK# NJLKBDKLGJSD BFLKGJSA DLFKB SADLKJGF BLAKDJSFBurg UNIT ;lskngaoljnsejab sdlkjmf aslkdj bfvalksdb flkajsdbflkjasbdflkjnk fuck you jfaoskdngfa;lkjsdnf;aloshdf;lkjahwejr im kna;sdlkjfna;lsidjnf;lsajf skating lksndf;lajksdnf;lkjasnflkjasbnelkfjnsldkzajfnaslkdjn...................... Like yoda says: ''there is no try only do''

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Happened To Nanaimo's Sac?

 When I moved to Nanaimo in Summer 2008, one of the things I was super hyped about was having a Ghetto Spot aka "The Sac", to skate and shoot at! Now this ghetto spot was perfect. It was a short drive from Pioneer Park but if you didn't know where it was you weren't going to find it.

Jordan "Chippy" Pletz - Front Rock On the Barrier   [o]MacLeod
The Ghetto spot was the most random placed circular patch of concrete. It was hidden up a dirt road just before Lantzville and right beside the Island Highway. Protected from spectators because of a hill making a barrier between the spot and the road it was also surrounded by trees so you could basically do what you wanted anytime of the day.

Jamie Collins - Switch Blunt Stall Switch Flip Out   [o]MacLeod
 Now this patch of concrete was huge and there were 4 features to The Sac. The main attraction was the bank to barrier. This thing looks amazing but its transition is fucked and has served the best of them. It also boasted a sick mellow pole jam, a nipple to boost off of and a sick metal / plastic bench. All of them were nicely placed you could flow sick lines easily!

John Folton - Backside Flip off the Nipple  [o]MacLeod
Although this spot was so amazing and received coverage in different Skate Mags it some how has deteriorated over the years. From what I hear the pole jam is gone, its covered in glass and garbage, also the bench is un-skateable cause some asshole took the plastic topping. I guess it goes to the old saying you don't know what you have till it's gone.

Eric Timmins - Boardslide Bigspin out on the Bench   [o]MacLeod
  I'm not sure who exactly made the Nanaimo Ghetto spot, but I've heard it was Mat Howell and his homies. Thank you so much for your hard work and time invested Fam. It was such an amazing spot it was a shame that it's not in service anymore. So lets do the best we can to save our Ghetto Spots cause they are a spot that is created by us and the times you have at them are always the shit!

FnF Media, Fuck You I'm Skating

Jesse Oien - Using the Barrier a Little different with a Bluntslide pop off the end  [o]MacLeod

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Bails Montage is coming

Tonight we do not have a Threeves for you guys but we are working on a bails montage that should be completed this weekend. Get Some!

Rails Can serve you up sometimes