Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Montage.

  Yo here is a montage at the port alberni skatepark.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do Camera's Steal Your Soul?

Beware of the Stare
The last couple times I've gone out with Benson and someone is filming him chillen, he's pointed out that he doesn't want his eyes to be filmed directly in fear of loosing his soul. Unfortunately if this is true Benson's soul is long gone with all the photos and filming hes done over the years. But this had me thinking, why do I keep hearing that camera's steal your soul?

If this is the truth then I've fucked over all of my friends and many other people on this beautiful planet so I've decided to get to the bottom of this and bring some of what the internet says about this topic and see if these video/camera haters even have reason to hate what I love.

The Uncyclopeida  - The camera is a mechanical device which employs (1) a closed chamber with an aperture at one end through which light enters, usually focused by a lens, and (2) a photosensitive emulsion or electronic chip, which steals a piece of a person's soul. This theory was hypothisized by Running Donkey, a 29-year-old Native American. Because animals such as kittens, plants such as potatoes and inanimate objects such as Dick Cheaney also possess a soul... with the exception of Dick Cheney, cameras can also record the spirits of non-human organisms and items as well.

Yahoo Answers - This only happens with a high res digital from Kodak. If you use the people setting (the head/face on the round wheel) it actually causes an electromagnetic shift in a 125 degree pane in front of it when you take a picture. Some people who are sensitive to this have been known to temporarily lose their souls until the picture is deleted. If it's uploaded on facebook they lose their soul forever. Myspace appears to be ok however.

Random Answer - “Nikon” says, “No kin.” It will not take anything related to you, including your soul. This means that you must buy a Nikon that takes CF cards only. Presently, that means you need to find a D300s, D700, D3 or D3x. Unfortunately, you will have to sell your soul in order to afford one, so you are pretty much screwed. You are obligated to dance with the devil, so go ahead and buy a Sony again. They are safe for you anyhow, since SONY stands for “Souls of Others – Not Yours.”

So there you have it camears will steal your soul.... but for my sake they don't cause I'd prefer to keep shooting! If you actually want to know about the whole myth this website right hurrrr well tell you all about it! Anyways I'm out to skate and shoot cause I don't believe that shit and neither does Dane with this scenic back 5050!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Next Week

There was once a really sick ghetto spot in north vancouver. We were brought there with a friend, i forget whom but although it was right off marine drive, the place remained pretty well hidden and I'm not sure we would've had the chance to skate it before it was Destroyed! 
It was sometime around July 2009 and we spent 3 consistent days just chillin in the courts and filming. Jordan Repin was getting creative and logged mad footage. Next week the Edit. This week a teaser.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheyenne Warm Up

Untitled from bensonwishart on Vimeo

This is just a short warm up from Cheyenne while we were seshing Uvics, indoor ten. There's been like 4 hammers thrown down this rail with in two days from 4 different guys. Who knew you could skate inside a university for 2 hours at a time, 2 nights in a row.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meteorologists Don't Know Shit

Weathermen have the only job you can fuck up over half the time and not get fired. It must be nice to have that kind of job security nahhh mean. Fortunately for skaters their inability to do their job is actually benefiting us for once! All I heard coming into this winter was how it was going to be the coldest winter in years but it has been quite the opposite so far. With this sick weather in the last couple weeks everyone has been taking full advantage and stackin footy. Here is just a couple shots from the mountain that's growing on my hard drive!

Cheyenne Hehr - Front Board         [o]MacLeod
This was two days after Cheyenne took that death bail you can see below on the site. This 13 rail isn't something people want to sesh after wrecking themselves a couple days before, and it doesn't help when people start crowding to watch. After some motivation from Dane, Cheyenne went for it and got the clip without a scratch.

Peirce Mckay - Frontside Wall Ride            [o]MacLeod
Peirce showed me this spot at Uvic yesterday and man is it sick! Like brick bank to wall, like damn. This spot didn't become skateable without some work tho, Peirce and his homies had to de-bolt one section of a string of bike racks that guard the whole stretch of banks. But you see skateboarders are smarter than they look and when there is a prime spot to skate you make it happen.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vancouver I'll Brb

Well I haven't really told too many people but I just finished up moving to Victoria last weekend, and I'm super hyped! You may be asking why the move back to the Island and I'll break it down. Actually there isn't too much to break down other than I want to go back to school and get some more arsenal to go with my photography when it comes to taking on the good ol Skate Industry. So I'm going to finish up University seeing I dropped out after 2 years of it. This time I'm actually excited to get to school at take a BBA focusing on Marketing and fine tune some skills in selling some shit haha.

I've had an amazing almost 2 years in Van and so I thought I'd share some of my favorite shots, times and reasons I loved Vancouver and why I'll be back in a couple years!

Magnus Hanson kf Front Board and Product toss at Damn Am
The first Summer I was in Vancouver I was blessed with the opportunity of filling the Concrete website with some content. At the time I was covering contests, events and even was able to come up with a few of my own ideas for web articles. It really got me into the scene and helped me get my name out there. Shooting contests had its ups and its downs. I loved how it was a great place to network and get to know people but shooting them is a whole different story. Skaters are just barging everything so you have to be very quick on timing, composition and didn't make shooting all that easy. I didn't mind the challenge of getting sick shots at a park but I hated getting in peoples way all the time. With skaters everywhere your bound to snake a few and they aren't usually hyped haha.

Gilbert Turenne with his Infamous tres and Seshin North Van Underground with the homies.
 This kind of ties two things together in one. Gilbert had amazing three flips and I loved shooting those ma fuckas. Also one of the best things of Van were the Lonsdale homies! Lonsdale was filled with a bunch of great younger and older skaters. Always having a fun time skating or piling (a word I was introduced to through them haha) All you homies in North Van made any park sesh into a fun one so thank you all for the good times and support!

BC Ferry Sunset
It was something I hated taking all the time at first, but taking the ferry to the Island  grew on me. I just wanted to get where I was going and do shit but I eventually realized that the 1hr 45min ferry ride was a great time to just relax and chill cause there isn't much else to do, I don't like chillin for to long mainly cause it gets boring but if I have to mgiht as well enjoy it. I had a pretty good ritual for the ride as well, it went like so; starbucks, o'dweeds, the sit on the deck and watch the sunset. Now that's relaxation at its finest!

Dan Redmond - Tailslide Hardflip Out
This was the first time I shot with Redmond and I was I ever hyped. I had met him a couple times before but didn't get the chance to snag a flick. Dan is one of the nicest down to earth dudes you'll ever meet and made living in Vancouver a blast. Don't bet money with him when playing mario cart cause hel'll fuck you up. You'll be broke in thirty mins, its best to try and take his money at dominoes hahaha.

Trint Thomas - Back Lip
I met Trint skating underground in North Van and was hyped to meet another chillen dude. Turned out that he was hella good at snowboarding and he got me up to a couple of the mountains to shoot! The only 2 times we went shooting we were able to get quite a bit of shit done so a big up to him for getting me up the mountain!

Marten Maxwell - Front Fifty and Front Smith
These shots were taken approximately 12 hours apart from each other during the start of the Olympics. Marten fifty'd the Whitespot rail the night before in the dark but for some reason the next day he was having troubles with it and took a bad slam before getting it again. When it was time for the smith we had to work around mass amounts of people, a try every 5 minutes and a broken board. With a loaned board from myself and some patience we finally got the smith too. Why we wanted to skate downtown Van on a Saturday during the Olympics beats me hahaha.

Andrew Reynolds Fs Flip and the Mob over the Via Duct
My first Go Skateboarding Day had to be one of Top 5 skate experiences for me. It was my first assignment for Concrete's website, we barged all over downtown with the emerica team and I was able to get some Reynolds fs flip photos! It was something crazy that you can't really even put into words to fully describe, but to say Skateboarding is the shit.

Thanks for everything Vancouver, I'll see you soon nahhhh meannnn!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Spotlight Coming Febuary!

Next month we are going to be dropping the second FnF Spotlight and will be featuring Ladysmith's Luke Connor. Luke is a super nice dude that loves to skate, film and shoot photos and is progressing in each area, call it a trifeca if you will. Here's a promo he's put together for the video's he's made for his Spotlight, get hyped!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skateboarders Are Tougher Than You

Bail after bail skateboarders prove they are tough as fuck. Some argue that skateboarding requires you to be tougher and have a higher pain tolerance than any other sport. Cheyenne proves this theory in the day edit you see below put together by my homie Cyrus Stafford! Not only did Cheyenne get up and walk away after this bail he insisted we keep skating and try and get some shit. We skated all the way downtown Victoria and he then seshed this pop over barrier to ledge spot like a champ. Chey actually almost landed the Back Nosegrind bigspin out 5th try or something but kept getting robbed after that. Some how he almost landed a couple nollie big heel outs somehow. Looks like your going to have to learn that one soon homie! Anyways thanks for all the effort homie your a machine!

Monday, January 17, 2011


 Hey sorry i have really been slacking on the Monday posts. And i am slacking again here. This is the second ever monday montage we filmed. On digi cams we had no gear so we made it work. Funny story about this montage actually. At the end there where i ride up on the car. I got charged for it and it went on my record and what not. Being in court for it was pretty ballin though. Normally my lawyer said this would be not enough evidence to convict someone. But a year and a half before i had told Judge Claver to '' suck a dick No Homo''
so i was kind of hooped when it turned out to be him seeing my case. I still wouldn't take it back. Well maybe the ollie on the car but not telling the judge off. Thats still a good story to bust out once and a while.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spotlight - Toby TRP Crouch

I met Toby on a trip out to Toronto in September. I was instantly impressed with his passion for skating and upbeat attitude. I wanted to showcase the skills he possessed and with that in mind you now see FnF's first feature Spotlight, GET SOME!

[o]Sam Szigeti

Matt MacLeod
Toby Crouch

Ight so lets getting this cracken bro! So when I met you in September of this this I found out you are originally from England, how did you end up moving to Oshawa, Canada?
My parents got sick of the government in England, and they'd been thinking about it for a long time, so it just sorta happened eventually really. We ended up in Oshawa because my Mom used to live here a while ago so the area was familiar. It was either Oshawa or some random hick town further north.

Yea living in a hick town wouldn’t be too good for filming hey?
Noosir. Don't even know what I'd be doing! (Laughs)

No doubt, they don’t have a lot to offer up North. So how did you get into filming?
Basically when I first moved here I was skating and that was it. I met up with the first crew I really skated with, and over the next couple of years they progressed a lot more than I did. So for Christmas one year, I got a shitty little Canon 1 chipper, and started filming. I was still skating too, but I've really started focusing on filming the past 2-3 years.

That’s sick bro, a passion came out of another passion! So I read one of your status’s on good ol’ Facebook and it said something about your parents owning a VX1000 when you were younger and giving it away, could you elaborate on that?
Yeeaaa. The story I was told was, my Uncle gave it to them or something along those lines, and they were just shooting home videos and family stuff. They told me it started getting lines through the footage, which is glitching, so they passed it on to someone else. I was only like 3 or 4. They threw away a VX because it had dirty heads. Was pretty funny when I heard that!

They didn't know the gem they had hey?
No not at all, but whatever it was like 14 years ago or so. It happens.

Nothing you can do, the VX found you later in life almost like it was meant to be! What do you love about filming?
It's the fact you can make your own impression on skateboarding. It's a hard thing to do, but through the camera and some post work you can really show you and your crews perspective on skateboarding. Plus I get to hang with the homies all day too! It's just a mixture of everything.

I feel that! Since you've been filming what’s the craziest experience you've found yourself in?
This one time in the city there was this crazy homeless lady was at this spot we were skating. She was like, "You gotta love art. Any of you guys love art?" So I was like “Yah sure.” Then this woman pulls her pants half down and was like fully naked, and she’s like “Look at this tattoo!” She was some stanky old ass disgusting lady, so we got distance from her. The last thing said as she was leaving was "What you guys never seen some pussy before!?" kinda was a weird start to a day…

(Laughs) No way!
Yeah, it's not super fucked, but pretty fucked.

Haha seems pretty fucked to me! Not every day u get to see a junkie pull their pants down (Laughs)
So to you what makes a filmin sesh into a great one?
A great one? Well a nice sunny warm day, everybody's got a good vibe and tricks are just going down ASAP.  Ohh and if you have a butter angle to make the clip look that much better.

Mos deff! I agree, good vibes is what sets off a good day. Is there anything that pisses you off when you’re filming?
When random pedestrians are talking to you, cloudy shitty days, or when you're at one spot with a guy trying to get a trick for ages and you're just burning through tapes.

Those are all good reasons to be a lil pissy, especially cause tapes don't pay for themselves. What are you dreams and aspirations with filming?
To travel around the world with it. Getting payed would be pretty hype too! If I could just travel with a team or some shit that would be hype as fuck. I always joke with the crew that one day I'll be Lakai's new filmer one day.

Hey brotha never be afraid to dream big because with hard work you never know what opportunities will pop up!
One day mannnn, one day!

Well homie it was great to sit down with you and do this interview! Thanks for all your hard work and getting this completed, now its time for you to throw out those shout outs!
Alright, Thanks to you first of all to set this up! The homies I skate with, Mike at Dogbowl Skateshop, Banjo, My parents and all the fam in this country / across the pond, and especially all the guys I've filmed with and shot with in the past. Thanks a lot everyone!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

West Coast as it gets

Benson and myself were able to get out to Tofino this past weekend to chill with our good homie Jamie Collins! I always love visiting Tofino cause its so peaceful and not to mention beautiful. People mainly go to Tofino to surf but I go to skate!

Jamie Collins - Back Smith Grind the Mystery Mini     [o] MacLeod
 It turned out to be an amazing weekend weather wise for early January. There was nothing but sunny skys Friday till Monday! We were able to get quite a bit of skating done even during the icy nights with a sesh at a mystery Mini and another Mini out in Ukee! Thanks to Rycam and Cole in Ukee for hooking that up!

Jamie Collins - Fast Plant at the Ukee Mini      [o]MacLeod
As usuall Weekends end as fast as they start even if they're extended. My trip home was delayed because there was no 7 ferry for some reason but that was ok cause I was able to go hang out with my boys Spenny, Grant, and Kirk. I even was able to get a hot tub sesh in too! Oh and Happy Birthday Kirk welcome to the un monumental years haha. Anyways the weekend was amazing and I had so much fun as usual! Thanks for the epic weekend Jamie HOLLA!

Long Beach         [o]MacLeod

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Rain Came Back

Well after a bunch of beautiful days in a row it had to end sometime, and god damn did the rain ever come back. The last two days it has been just pissing but what can you really expect in January. I have here a photo I was able to take when it was nice out in Port Alberni. I've always wanted to shoot at these flatbars but for some reason I have never had the opportunity till this shot. It's god damn cold in the shade and you can see that there is still frost on the ground.
Also I have here is a Vic West (Victoria's Skatepark) montage made by my homie Cyrus Stafford. All I can really say is that the montage will be G till it dies, which will probably be never cause anything you post on the internet stays on that shit forever... usually.

2 pops -Tweaken Front Smiths    [o]MacLeod


Sunday, January 2, 2011

And It's a Brand New Year!!

Well we all made it another year, so I'd like to wish a very Happy 2011 to everyone! I've been in Victoria the last couple days and have been shooting like whoa. So hyped to be out shooting with the Vic cats, such a great group of homies and they're all super motivated and are always hyped on a sesh! Thanks to Matt G for getting me out of bed every day to get shootin! 
I'm back to Van tomorrow because I'm pretty sure I have another day off so gives me another day to just relax! Here's a shot from my good homie Bryan James who resides in my home town of PA. Benson and me were just seshin flat at a grocery store because fog had soaked everything else till Beej showed up and got this super popped Fakie Front Nose. How you pop that high bro!! Thanks for taking the time to get this shot homie  brrrrrapppppp!!

Bryan James - Fakie Front Noseslide     [o]MacLeod