Sunday, February 27, 2011

Re-Cap'n of the Season of Death

So with the last day of February hitting us tomorrow all of us skaters are thinking of one thing and one thing only..... SPRING WEATHER. With the official day of Spring less than a month away its time to have a re-cap of what went down over the winter months.

Usually winter means minimal skateboarding with our famous Wet Coast weather and with predictions of the coldest winter in years from our friends at the meteorologist offices things weren't looking too good. September was a great month with nice weather and had me traveling out to Toronto to skate and meet Andrew Norton out at SBC Skateboard. It was great to experience some new skate territory and have an adventure!

Jordan Bandula - Bluntslide to Nose Manny deep in Oshawa    [o]MacLeod
October was filled with sun, visits to the Island and lots of time off work. Having a bunch of time of work was great because I was able to take advantage of all the good weather. One of the things that stuck out in my memory about October was watching my lil homie JT attempt to ollie this massive 15 with downhill run up. He landed on it first try some how and on his third try he landed on it again but ended up dislocating his shoulder haha.

Justin Taron - Ollie to Dislocation     [o]MacLeod
I started November off to a bad start with my camera breaking in the last couple days of October. I was pretty bummed but it gave me time to skate and brainstorm like a ma fucka, also get my filmer on too. November also had the skateboard world talking with my good homies Dan Redmond and Trevor Houlihan added to the Instrumental roster!

Instrumental Skateboards - Introducing Dan Redmond and Trevor Houlihan from Instrumental Skateboards on Vimeo.

December we actually had some winter weather with some negative temperatures. That wasn't stopping Benson from hitting up Leeside a couple times that week, that cold shit doesn't phase him! Myself on the other hand I was hiding inside. I finally was able to get my camera back right before heading back to the Island for Christmas so I was hyped.

Bryan James getting the first shot with the fixed camera at a good ol PA Buy Low Sesh   [o]MacLeod
January I made the decision to move to Victoria to finish up University so it was a busy ass month. I shot more photos within the first two weeks of moving to Vic than I had since the start of Winter, and had me feelin better than ever! A huge shout out to the 204 for making a brotha feel at home!

Matt G Cherry Pickin Dylan Timmins Melon to Fakie    [o]MacLeod
So over I don't think we can complain too much about winter, cause a lot of shit went down! But time to start workin on some shit so I'll leave you with the FnF Montage made for our We Are The City Interview which has a bunch of Summer '10 footy and of you want to see whats going down all over the U. S of A check out the homies site!! WE ARE THE CITY

FnF Media Edit from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Spotlight Coming Beginning of March, We Keep Em Comin!

The beginning of March we have our monthly Spotlight with my good homie and Victoria filmer Cyrus Stafford. He's been filming and chef'n it up in the kitchen for his spotlight so get your party pants on! For some reason winter has kicked us square in the balls the last couple days with snow and negative temperatures, booooo urrrnnnsss. Fuck the snow, keep that stuff on the mountains, CAN YOU DIGGGGG IT! Anyways heres an inside photo from Mat Howells old mini ramp, I wish this was in my garage don't you.

Mat Howell - Spreadin Eagle        [o]MacLeod
FnF Mafia, we be skatin!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've been slackin the last week so its time to get out of the lazy mind state I've been in and get some productivity going on! Was able to hit up Nanaimo for the weekend and ended up hittin up Mt. Washington with my homies Kirk, Spenny and Blaine and had a good ol time. I only shredded half the day and ended up shooting photos the second half. Unfortunately my flashes kind of missed Spenny and cause some motion blur and my composition is a little fucked, I need to step my snow game up haha.

Spencer Reeve's  - Back 180 Method      [o]MacLeod
Also a big Congratulations to my homie Brandan Soros for his Young Blood in Concrete, we worked hard for that one homie! Now lets get some more shit knowwhaimsayiinnnn!

Well its time for work and trekking through this foot of snow that randomly appeared over night, oh yeeee a couple more days till that wonderful weekend thing we like, so here's Matt G doing the Impossible over a nice sized gap.

Matt Gravel - Impossible       [o]MacLeod

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Seq's..... and a Still

When there is a dry day on the weekend in Victoria it means one thing, barge spots and barge spots hard. The calls started coming in around 11 and it was time to plan the day. Cheyenne met up at my pad with my homie Todd Myers and after a few calls we were off to UVic. After seshin a gap over bench for a bit we realized we weren't going to get anything and headed out to Central's over ten rail. Dane threw this heelflip over way too easily, almost as if he was seshin a park set. Although he did this with ease, if you look hard you can see that Dane almost smashed his ribs on the kink of the rail, but he's just that precise.

 After a quick sesh at Central we cruised down the road to finish the day at this sick lil 4 stair over sidewalk. Matt G was able to get a trick, Todd quickly threw down a Varial Heel getting a seq / still and my little homie Dylan has to go back to get a banger!

Todd Myers - Varial Heel    [o] MacLeod
Todd Myers - Sequential Evidence of the VHeel  CLICK FOR LARGER VERSION   [o]MacLeod
 After all that it was time to header home and get ready for another 5 days of that work shi. Hopefully everyone had a sick weekend and enjoyed some of that sun, FnF Biatchhhhhh get some!

-  Matt

Friday, February 11, 2011

Repin Time

Was originally going to post this yesterday, however wanted to leave the spotlight up for another day incase anyone missed it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Luke Connor is in the Spotlight Nahhhh Mean!

Luke's Spotlight is finally ready to debut after a bit of a wait, but it was sure worth it. I actually first talked to Luke on Facebook when he asked me some camera questions, I didn't actually see him in person till I was judging the Tofino Comp and saw him compete. I then found out he good at skating as well as filming, and now he's getting a lot better shooting photos as well. Basically keep your eye on Luke as he grows in all 3 areas, FnF brrrappppp!

[o] Robby Wallace

Matt MacLeod
Luke Connor

Ight brotha lets do it up! So for those who don't know, where is Ladysmith? If your not from Vancouver Island your like where the fuckkkk is that?
I wouldn’t blame someone living on the Island even to not know where Ladysmith is.


Come on homie, I know someone that the whole world knows and they're from Ladysmith.

Say whaa? P shuv tails what the fuck?

Keith Stevenson - Backtail Shuv   [o]Connor
Isn’t that what they’re famous for?

Well if Pamela Anderson can do p shuv tails then she turns me on even more now!
Oh fuck, we were thinking of different people. I thought you were exaggerating when you said "world".


No way G, Ladysmith actually has something going on if Hugh Heff is drafting cover models from there. I wonder when the next one Pamela is gonna pop out of Ladysmith you better keep your eyes out.
It would be a sight to be seen, should we get down to the "real" questions now?

You may have a point, I could talk about Pamela for hours.
I could stare at her boobs for hours and we'd never get this done.

I guess with all your skating, filming, and shooting you wouldn't have time to scout out the next Pam anyways eh?
Well when tricks aren't going down, you gotta do something to keep you entertained.

Keith Stevenson - Backsmith      [o]Connor
 Touché, so how did filming and shooting photos spawn out of your skating?
Well like all beginning skateboarders, me and some friends wanted to see how steezy our ollies down 5 sets and fifty’s on curbs were, so we'd borrow our parents' digicams and make little edits, or sometimes just watch everything in slow-mo haha. That’s how filming came about, I became interested in photography a little over a year ago. Basically because I just loved seeing photos and wanted to shoot some myself.

Thats sick, kind of like Brian Caissie and how he filmed before getting into photography! What would you say you like better shooting photos or filming?
Umm... They both have their benefits in their raw form. I’d prefer to shoot a photo, but I really enjoy the editing process that comes along with filming. Putting all the clips together to make a piece of art. 

Guess you need to film to edit. I can't stand editing, to much sitting in the same place for too long. How do you manage to just sit there and edit?
I like watching the video as it comes together, and you can always find ways to be creative when editing. So its honestly not that bad.

Keith Stevenson - Front Board     [o]Conno
I guess it just takes some patience, probably some greens too I'm assuming?
Of course, zone out and trim… clips.


Mos def! What are your dreams and aspirations with your media and skateboarding?
Gotta have fun with it, that’s the number one rule! But it would be so hype if I eventually was able to support myself with my media work! Just have to work hard and stay positive! Oh and obviously get a reality show.


A reality show is key to sucesss, ight G time for the shout outs! Do what it do!
Thanks to everyone who's given me something to film and shoot, the parents for supporting me with everything and hooking up some cash when I need to buy new gear haha, and special thanks to you Matt for hooking this up! hollaaa!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spotlight Drop Tomorrow Eve!

Luke's been getting us stoked with his promo and throw away montage so tomorrow we finally get to talk to him about Ladysmith and his multi-tasking of skating, filming and shooting photos. Oh yea guess what less than two months till Spring, peace out old man winter.

Luke Connor Fiddy through the Kink     [o]MacLeod

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Day after 204

If you missed the 204 video and you were in greater Victoria last night then you don't know what you missed. Or maybe you do know what you missed and in that case your probably depressed cause you know it was the bomb digidy. Props to Matt G and everyone that made it possible cause it was amazing! I still have a bunch of wasted photos I took of the premiere to upload that I forgot I took, and I must say they turned out rad haha.

Before the premiere Redmond, Benson, Cheyenne and myself were able to get out and enjoy a dry day and get some skating done. As usual Cheyenne was hucking and making shit look to easy, this perfect warm up Back 180 over the rail to bank is a good example of that.
Cheyenne Hehr - Back 180 Over rail into Bank     [o]MacLeod
 We ended up driving all over Vic the rest of the day and seshed this cool ledge against wall to end it off. Dan got this crook pop out before we called it quits and headed home to get ready for the show. Now its time to get ready to watch the Super Bowl and lounge, oh yea its almost spring time get hyped!

Dan Redmond with a simple Crook Pop Out    [o]MacLeod

Friday, February 4, 2011

A day In the Life of the 204

With the premiere of the 204 Video tomorrow night were going to give you an in depth look at how the 204 gets down on the daily! My homie Ben Gulliver filmed and edited this day in the life and oh what a sick day it was. I'm not going to give too much away other than having 50 kids watching us sesh and screaming was something else haha.

Here's a seq from Dylan that wasn't in the video and damn it got the ovation it deserved!

Dylan Timmins - Feeble 3 shuv out       [o]MacLeod

A Day In The Life of The 204 from ben gulliver on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spotlight Throw Aways

Luke hit me up with a short montage with all the throw away clips from what he's made for his spotlight and damn if this is the throw away footy I'm really hyped for the actual one to drop next week! Get some.