Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where the Sun at?

Unfortunately the sun has decided take a rest for the last couple days and the clouds / rain have taken over. Cheyenne and myself tried to get a flick at the hospital on monday but were foiled by security. Since coffee was flowing through our systems we still felt the need to get a photo so we were off to find a spot near by. Soon as we arrived at another spot the rain kinda took over up until this present point in the week, but oh well I forgot my skateboard in Nanaimo anyways.

Here's a nice little seq. from Dylan Timmins with an obscure wallie over gap. This was over the weekend in Nan and I don't know how he managed to wallie over this gap yet he did it anyways. The man knows his way around a skateboard nahhh mean!

On a side note, the new and quite bangin Instrumental Skateboards Website is fully functional and you can check it by click this ----> INSTRUMENTAL ALL DAY

Dylan Timmins - Wallie over Gap     [o]MacLeod

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Week

Some B roll footage from last weekend, went and checked out a spot we happened upon randomly one day then headed over to oak and 39th for a mellow sesh on the 2 block there. Driving home, we spotted a random school, decided to check it out and copped some ollies on a mellow over rail gap.
Check It.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

April Spotlight Preview

Next months Spotlight will feature my good homie John Fulton. Holdin it down in Nanaimo John is back on his grizzy more than ever after a small stretch of not being able to film! John has whipped up a teaser for you and looks like its going to be epic!

FnF Spot Teaser from John Fulton on Vimeo.

Friday, March 25, 2011

204 Nanaimo Weekend!

Friday has finally graced us with its presence once again but unfortunately the rain decided to tag along with it. But I'm just going to hope for the best and see if Nanaimo will get some sun on Saturday and Sunday cause I would love to get some shooting in! Pretty hyped to get up Island and see the Nanaimo fam and have some good times at the second 204 Premiere Saturday night! Hope to see everyone out there!

This sw back tail wasn't all that easy to get as I was crouched and had my hand right in the danger zone. It looks like I'm a safe distance away but my hand and camera are basically right underneath Matt G as he slides so gracefully over this gap ledge. After his board flew out and smashed my hand I was a little skeptical if I wanted to keep shooting it but after me fucking up a few times and some team work the shot came out a lil something like this, FnF GET SOME!!

Matt Gravel - Sw Back Tail         [o]MacLeod

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FnF March Spotlight


 Matt MacLeod
Cyrus Stafford

Ight lets get this shi underway


So where are you originally from bro?

Vancouver, British Columbia.

Good place to be from! How long did you live there for?

I lived in Vancouver for 23 years. Give or take a year of living on the island in Courtenay and Port Hardy for work.

Pretty long haul in the big city, what made you decide to move over to the Island, was it for work or something else?

Moving to Victoria was strictly for a change of scenery. I had never been here at all before I moved to Vic, but I have always loved the island and have tried to visit it as much as possible before deciding to move here.

Since your a Vancouver OG you’ve grown skating there up and worked in the industry. What would you say the biggest differences are between the skate scene there and here?

I would say it’s a lot tighter knit as a community here for sure. The Island is just a completely different vibe. You can go to any skate park here and meet rad people. Vancouver you’re not necessarily going to get the same welcome wagon.

Yea I agree, defiantly more of a family vibe here on the Island compared to the city. How did you first get into filming?

I have always been a big collector of skate videos and had tons of random mini dv cameras that I fucked around with and broke over the years. I started filming seriously because I was working at a shop at the time and I wanted to try and help promote it as well as the riders.

That’s sick, every shop needs someone with that kind of outlook. So you’re a skateboarding, filmer / cinematographer, Husband and Father how do you balancing all of those things?

It can get heated at times for sure. I just try to make sure all my bases at home are covered before I go film or just skate. I’m lucky to have an awesome wife too, she lets me get away with a lot of shit.

Lucky man, chicks usually get a bit bummed when we go skating all the time. Have you been able to take your lil’ guy out skating yet?

We go roll around on flat ground from time to time. He's had a board since day one, I think right now he’s more into Dinosaurs and Construction equipment. He Loves to watch a good skate video though, and has a great taste in them too. His favorites are Stay Gold, Sorry and 204. 204 probably is one because he’s sees a lot of those skaters in it on a regular basis. Probably pretty crazy for him to see them on a TV screen.

He’s entering the world of technology already hey?

He knows how to use the Iphone already, pretty savvy kid.

Its crazy the shit kids can do, I read a bit about it in psych, but that’s another story. Do you have any productions your working on right now?

I think as a group we’re just going to stack some footage and see where it goes. I’m going to try and donate some footage to Zach Barton for The Street Demon video, but other than just see where the imagination takes us. So I guess not really? My bad, pretty baked.

No sweat, that makes two of us.

I’m editing at the same time so funny.

Again myself as well haha, multi-taskers we are. But last question homie. You live and die by the vx1000, why do you love it so much?

It’s about aesthetics, nothing else compares to it for skateboarding. It does also come down to who is behind the camera in the end. People like Jason Hernandez and Greg Hunt are filming HD right and it’s starting to look a little more appealing. Nothing holds up to a VX1 for lens width though, that’s probably the biggest factor. No point in buying a VX if your not gonna get a century lens. For me I’ll keep filming with my VX for now, who knows if ill ever switch. Its better to just fade away I’d like to think.

Quite the argument you have. All right bro we made it through time for the shout outs holla!

Pretty much anyone who has helped me along the way, Zach Barton for letting me pick his brain, Kynan Tait for the same, Matt Gravel for pretty much getting me into filming, Erik Sorenson, all the heads too, Drew, Rich, Dane, Connie, Ben, Timmins, Toby, Freebs, Pierre, Brian, Soros, HTO, Higher Ground and Yourself.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Hustle

Ended up having a great and really busy weekend and I'm now beat. Saturday was the nicest and warmest day so far of the year and was a nice reminder of the weather that is on its way! I guess this stoked everyone up because there was hucking from the start to finish. After getting a bunch of shit done during the day we kept going hard into the night. First we were able to get a 45 min sesh in at this sick gap at the museum.

Cheyenne Hehr - A Birthday Sw Heel            [o]MacLeod
Cheyenne threw down this Sw heel pretty damn quick, probably because he deserved a nice birthday present as he turned 19 today, welcome to the adult years homie!

Andrew Copleston - Three Flip     [o]MacLeod
Drew was getting robbed of this tre over and over. I blame it on the exposed aggregate and being slick but when it counted the most and security was swarming he stomped it cleaner than ever. We cruised around to a couple more spots till about 1 in the morning and it was time to call it quits. Today everyone was pretty sore from throwing themselves down spots so we ended up just checkin out a bunch of spots. You can't win them all but thats the way it goes! But its time for bed cause I'm tired as shit, night!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Un-Landed

The un-landed trick, something that erks every skateboarder's insides and sometimes thinking about it leads to near insanity. We've all been in this situation, thinking of a trick at a spot for weeks and when the time finally comes to turn imagination into reality we try until our legs give out and can barley walk. For some reason we can't just roll away, we don't want to give up but finally after battering our bodies for the last hour we say "fuck it" then walk off.

Here is an example of this of this sesh at the Sushi Gap in Vancouver, you might remember seeing a kickflip over it from a SBC a couple issues back. This gap is the opposite small and had a fierce battle with my homie Caleb. He landed on this front 180 about 6-7 times but slipped out or was tossed towards the puddle on each one. Caleb put up a fight till his heals could take no more and we left defeated. Since there was so much effort put in to this trick the photo can't go to waste so here it is for your viewing pleasure. Now get yo skate on!

Caleb Davies - Almost a 180

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HVX Lens Assembly

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Land-Mode! With Sean

Slipping out sucks in general. You’re about to roll away from your trick, cruisin’, when suddenly your judgment fails you and your balance is stuck in that place between existing and action, you're in the place between thinking of the way you need to move your body to roll away and actually doing it. After that you usually find yourself on your ass, sometimes with a goose eggly hipper or a nice burning sensation from road rash. It sucks, but in Canada, when it’s 20 degrees below in the dead of winter and you slip out it sucks that much more. This brings me to the topic of this post, the science of landing every trick.

Now, some of you might think, landing every trick what the hell is that, how would you progress? Who lands every trick? Let me tell you, it can be done, at least to a degree.

With the way our mind works, ye of little faith, seeing is believing. This means most of the time you’re going to be skeptical unless you perceive something with your own eyes. This can work adversely for someone with schizophrenia because they’re going to believe that their hallucinations are real. Most of the time they’ll be a 100% sure. So, what if you can trick your brain into thinking it’s already seen and understood every trick being landed in a row. If it could truly believe this, wouldn’t it want to naturally flow all future tricks into a landed formation? This phenomenon is known to me as, Land-Mode. In an old Thrasher King of the Road the author of the Flip section writes about Shane Cross landing every trick first try. Bastien Salabanzi, coincidentally another flip rider, won many contests by stomping every trick. This is to a degree that they spent many years trying and failing at these tricks. But after a certain length of time skateboarding couldn’t one come to a place of constant trick landing, a constant Land-Mode brain setting?

Land-Mode to me, is a good definition of skate nirvana, an animal chin-like state. When you get your animal chi going, the fire grows until you are a flaming Navajo shredding the park, unstoppable, full bore. Even if you don’t land every trick, striving for this state of landing is a good way to get there. Land-Mode is simply a place in your mind folks. Grow your garden.

Sean Hanebury, Lurkin in the Cosmos   [o]MacLeod

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Instrumental an FnF, We Got Next!!

The work don't stop, that's the motto for the week, hell thats the motto for life. If you ain't working hard you ain't doing shiiiiittt! You guys think shit should be delivered on a silver platter but you think wrong. If you don't grind, you don't shine and I guess us skateboarders have it a bit easier because we grinding all the time haha. Anyways I've got mad shit to work on but here is some indoor mini photos from yesterday, get some Drew!

Andrew Martin - Sw Flip and Front 5-0   [o]Macleod

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What The Hell Is Land Mode?

That is definitely the question you're asking asking when you look at the photo of Sean below, and well that's because Sean is the only one that knows what it is. Sean's going to give you the scoop next Wednesday and get you in the mode, Cannnnn Youuuu Diiigggg IT!

Also last months Spotlight, Luke Conor, has started a blog to show his work, check it HERE and in the Links tab on the side, get some ma fuckas!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chase's Saturday Barge

Had a great weekend up Island, well Saturday was dope, where Sunday wasn't. Saturday I woke up to the sun shining in my face and I knew photos where in the future. After a nice warm up at the park we cruised out to skate some up ledge this school but there was a gap ledge that was screaming for a photo. After a bit of convincing Timmins and Chase got down to business. Timmins got a banger that you might be able to see later, and Chase cleanly stomped a noseslide.

Chase Torrie - Gap Noseslide       [o]MacLeod
At the end of the sesh it was trying to rain all of a sudden so we went off to hit some more spots before the rains hit. The first spot we checked turned out to be a bit gnarlier than we originally thought so we hopped back in the car to cruise into Harewood. On the way there the skies opened up and the rain started coming down. It looked like it was still nice in North Nanaimo so we pulled a U turn and sped towards the Triple, two set at United Furniture Warehouse.

Chase Torrie - Makin kfs look too easy      [o]MacLeod
Chase got tossed on this kf quite a few times. He kept sticking it every try but would fly forward and bounce of his hip a good couple feet every time. It didn't help that the cement is like a cheese grater and was covered in salt. Not a good combo for open flesh. When Chase landed it he made it look way too easy, kind of like he was kickflipin off a curb. Well he deserved to get it that clean for the beating he took. Watch out for Chase this kids on the come up!

Battle Wounds     [o]MacLeod

Friday, March 4, 2011

I know you don't smoke weed, I know this but I'm gonna get you high today, cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!

Friday is one of the most classic Ice Cube videos ever, and whenever I think of Friday that quote from Smokey always pops into my head! I'm stoked for this weekend as I am always hyped for a weekend haha I was supposed to barge hard with my good homie Dane all weekend but unfortunately a glass of tea exploded after the sesh on Wednesday and gave him third degree burns on his lap, talk about bad timing. Dane's in recovery mode right getting some R & R, hope you get better right quick bro!

So that leaves me going back to my original plans of visiting my Moms tonight in PA then off to Nanaimo Saturday morning to skate and shoot photos. So Nanaimo homies lets get our sesh on, especially you Mr. Eric Timmins lets get some work done! Anyways I'm off to work then off travelling have a great weekend everyone, get ya skate on!!!!!

Dylan Toby - 3 Shuv     [o]MacLeod

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Skating At Night_ Is the Best Part

You remember that Es "The Best Part" ad series from a few years back? Well I remember seeing the Skating at Night_ Is the best part one with Rodrigo Tx and thinking to myself fuckkkk that I hate skating at night. See this was at a time when I didn't shoot photos and I just wasn't comfortable skating at night. The thing that bugged me the most was I couldn't see when to catch the board very well as grip tape is black and blends nicely with the dark. I don't know why it messed me up so much, maybe I should eat some carrots or some shit. Anyways last night it finally clicked why it's the best part.

Erik Sorensen - Boardslide Fakie        [o]MacLeod
I don't know why I was so ignorant all these years, maybe I just hadn't had the right combo of  to make me realize but there is so many things that make skating at night so amazing. Here is a quick list of why; There is no lurkers watching, you can scream yell and not have to give a shit, less security, if you have a genny you can hit almost any spot you can't during the day, barley any traffic which is sick for bombin hills and my favorite I get to shoot photos of sick skating that lets me fully enjoy skating at night.

Dylan Timmins - Kickflip over a long ass nine     [o]MacLeod