Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

I always hated how April Fools day was right after my date of birth. When I was younger my parents would always do some sort of shit to me because I was off guard from the birthday festivities the night before. This year I have to go to work and will avoid this stupid tradition we've created to play practical jokes on people. One thing I don't get is why the do the jokes end at noon? It's not called April Fools and a Half Day. Anyways enough of that.

Had a great Bday yesterday I must say! Went out with Cheyenne and Luke Connor to try and get productive (Welcome to Vic by the way Luke!!). Cheyenne and me went to sesh the hospital before meeting up with Luke but we were kicked out as usual. I'm dedicated to gettin this trick now Cheyenne, persistence is key! After that it was cruisin to some other spots but nothing was catching Cheyennes eye. We ended up at the Save On center and got this nicely executed front board fakie through the kink. Kinda cool watching front board fakies through kinks and also looks a little more difficult but Cheyenne had it within 10 trys and makes it look simple!

- Matt

Cheyenne Hehr - Front Board Fakie           [o]MacLeod

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