Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Danger Zone

Remember the beginning of Mike Carrol's part in Fully Flared when he shoots his board and it nails that one photog in the dome? Well, anytime I watch it I notice everyone around me starts laughing. Myself on the other hand always feel bummed out and bad for the dude. Like damn, first off he's hurt and bleeding all over the place and two he clearly wasn't expecting it. Also it could be that I know the feeling of shooting fisheye in the danger zone.

When your in the zone shooting there's always a voice in the back of your head saying, "Your in a prime spot for a board to take out your front teeth.  You want to look like a hillbilly... idiot" But screw that if you want a sick shot your gonna take the chance with your expensive equipment and your mug. And shit my homies are always risking their bodies all the time so I might as well get in on the action every once and awhile too!

Shooting this photo with Matt G I was able to experience my first board to dome and almost being decapitated by a spinning board a couple times. But my head was fine after rubbing it for a couple minutes and when Matt landed this switch smith up the gate so perfectly it took away any pain I had!

- Matt

Matt Gravel - Switch Smith Grind        [o]MacLeod

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