Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keep The Good Times Rolling

I'm so hyped that it is Spring now mainly because this is the best weather to skate in when its nice! Although the weather isn't very Spring timeish yet we were still able to get out and get some clips this weekend. Saturday started a little late due to my roommate Drew and my birthday party the night before, but were still able to get out and snag a flick before the rains hit.

Luke Connor - Back Lip Pop Out       [o]MacLeod
Luke barely beat out the rain as death clouds slowly crept over Victoria on Saturday afternoon. He actually hit the ledge by riding at it on the bottom stair which took quite a bit of precision.

Today started around the same time and we decided to just hit up Uvic and see what we could accomplish. It was decided to warm up at the kicker but it turned out to be the only spot we would hit, but damn did Cheyenne pull out a banger today! Considering that he had only landed this Sw big heel once before he made it look like he'd be doing them for years, like check out that 6th frame DAMN!

Cheyenne Hehr - Sw Big Heel     [o]MacLeod

Now I love watching Dylan Timmins skate. He always is doing something really obscure, hucking and loving every minute he rides his board. Now I have no clue what this trick is so I'm going to dub it the Stylon Flip. It looks like its going to be a kickflip, then possibly a hardflip, but then it tricks everyone and does a front shuv. Talk about a doozie! Again today we were foiled by the rain so it had everyone heading home early but I don't think anyone minded, it was time for some well deserved rest!

- Matt

The Stylon Flip - Dylan Timmons           [o]MacLeod

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