Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Magic Moments

Life is filled with magic moments but most peeps don't take the time to acknowledge any of them. What is a magic moment you may ask, well anytime you think to yourself, "Damn, what I just witnessed was amazing!", that my friends is a magic moment. They happen all day ever day from landing a trick you've been trying for weeks, meeting a girl, helping a random person, etc, you get the point.

But to the point my homie Bryan James out in Port Alberni made up some FnF touqes and his embroidery shop that happens to be called Magic Moments and damn do they look hyphy. They will be a limited edition toque so if you happen to get your hands on one, count yourself lucky! I'll be doing an interview with BJ at the end of the month about the process of getting that shit done, so get hyped for that shit to drop!

Anyways I'm gonna go ill out so I'll leave you with you with a nice Tim Bits photo for you to feast on. Check it out also on http://www.instrumentalskateboards.com/

- Matt

Eric Timmins - Gap Crook Pop Out      [o]MacLeod

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