Thursday, April 7, 2011

Uvic Learn Shit!

Uvic has some solid spots all over campus, but there has been one that I have always wanted to shoot at. It was this perfect blue and yellow hydraulic lift going off a loading dock. I first saw it in an issue of SBC with Dane gettin a steez front feeble done, and when I first walked by it was even sicker than I thought! Only thing now is that you need a key to make it go up and down, so getting a shot on it seemed unlikely to ever happen.

There happens to be a sick 9 kink rail right beside it and Cheyenne was thinking of skating it so we cruised out there yesterday to put in work. Just as I was setting up a Janitor was taking the garbage out and happened to be using the hydraulic lift. Cheyenne then nicely asked her if she could set it up for us to skate and for some reason she was totally fine with it. She must have clearly not did not care about the University. We were able to sesh the whole time without any hassle which always makes for a good time. Chey got this front smith twice due to a sketchy first one, but damn was the second sick!

- Matt

Cheyenne Hehr - Smith Grind      [o]MacLeod

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