Friday, May 13, 2011

Get Some Color In Your Life

For some reason my post from the other day was deleted so your gonna get a big ass post today, with what was in the last one and what I was going to post today! Anyways my good homie Dane Pryds and myself were able to see the fruits of our labour this week with the release of color 9.2 which features Danes Shazam! Such amazing news for Dane, he deserves that shit so next time you see him throw him some daps and pounds! The issue should be on news stands as I write this so go grab yourself a copy and find out how green tea and A&W will put you in the hospital for a couple days!

Go pick up one of these bad boys up if you know whats good for you!
I was going to hit up Tofino for the weekend but the weather put an end to that trip idea, but hey I was able to spend my bus money on some new kicks and Jamie is now coming down to go on a photo mission with me here instead so its a win, win situation! Here is the Peirce photo that was deleted from my previous post and I need to post this shit again cause I love how it came out, nice and simplistic!

Peirce McKay - Pole Jam    [o]MacLeod
Huge news on the Instrumental front, Frank Daniello at conducted an Open House Interview with Brando for and did it ever turn out hype! So if you have some time this weekend give it a read!!!

I'm going to leave you guys with another sequence of my lil homie Isaac. You know those little kids that have the steez of a 20 year old, well Isaac is one of those kids. It's crazy to watch cause sometimes you think your watching a mini Kalis skate or something and it trips you out haha. Isaac's gonna go far if he wants to so keep your eyes on him!

Isaac Walker - Sw F/s 360 with steez      [o]MacLeod

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