Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's one of them Spotlights!

Matt MacLeod
John Fulton

So John, are you born and raised in Nanaimo or what?

Yeah man, after I was born we lived on the Sunshine Coast, but just for a year or so while my pops built our house.

Where on the Sunshine Coast?

I’m not sure, I’ll have to get my story straight someday…

Haha no worries, I only asked cause I lived there for awhile as well. You’re also well known in Nanaimo as Fultzka Beats, would you like to elaborate how that nickname came about?

Haha, I thought you might ask that.

Ohhhh couldn’t do this with out mentioning Fultzka Beats, he’s like your free styling alter ego.

Basically Cole Desorcey started calling me fultz, when I started free styling and beat boxing more publicly the Ka and the Beats came into play, it’s based off of Muzka Beats haha.

Those were some fun party nights in Nanaimo I must admit.

Yeah for sure, I miss those days... I try to kick it from time to time still.

Yea mang, drunken free styling allllll night. When did you start getting into filming and editing?

I was pretty fresh into skating when I started filming and editing. I think I was 15 or something. I didn’t get my own gear for a while, I just edited and filmed with my old DCK.

Nice so you've been for at it for a while. You just got back into it heavily after a couple years off, why the break in filming?

I wasn’t skating much after DNA caved in. Eventually I sold my camera because I wanted the upgrade to something HD.

Fultzka Beats with a Ninja'd Bs Flip     [o]  MacLeod

 You also picked up a fiancé during that time, how’s that for you?

It's great man! Honestly I get questioned about it a lot since we're really young, but I still haven’t found a way to explain it.

Just one of those things that happens I’d say. No one can explain that shit, people have been trying to figure out love since the dawn of time haha. She’s down with you getting your film on hey?

Oh yeah, she’s been backing me since '08.
That’s hype dude, good work locking that down! If you find a girl that lets you pursue your passions the stress levels on your relationship are wayyyy down.

Thanks man!

How does it feel to be back behind the lens after all that time off? It must have been torturing!

Yeah man, I kept all my footage from years before so I was constantly re-editing throwaway footy and shit. I’ve known for a long time that filming is what ill do for the rest of my life, whether it’s skating, weddings or just home videos. It’s also amazing to have the gear I’ve always dreamed of.

Fuck yea bro, that’s great that you’re still able to keep doing what you love. Once you loose that shit life’s over! What you have planned for your filming future?

I think I’ll just be freelancing for the next while. Weddings are a blast to shoot. At least I think so, plus your getting cash for something you love. I’ve been doing music videos and concerts for the past few months too and that’s been awesome as well.

Good shit, ever thought of getting out of Nanaimo?

Tons dude. I’ve been thinking about Europe a lot, it would be amazing to move there. Nanaimo isn’t as burnt out as people think though. I started skating again and found what kind of positivity can come with it because of the scene.

That’s great to hear. Who do you usually roll with when filming?

Now adays I’m trying to kick it with the kids as much as my older friends.  I want to show them a positive attitude towards skating and hopefully they can look up to that.

Yee gotta give these kids a positive roll model!

Yeah people see skating in a negative light, but skating is the reason I don’t get into trouble.

Agreed, skating has its bad apples but everything does.

Yeah not like baseball........

Hahaha. Last question, what’s one thing skateboarding has taught you about life?

I’d say skateboarding probably taught me that life needs balance. You can skate, but you also have to go to school, you can drink but you also have to stay sharp, and you have to work but you can’t sell out.
Now its just mastering that haha.

Damn John has some insightfulness! I totally understand that homie, ight shout out time holla!

Everyone in Nanaimo that’s helping get the scene back, all the Instrumental homies, and everyone on the other side of my lens! Also Luke Connor for helping me with some footage too!!

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