Monday, May 16, 2011

Where's Spring at!

I've been wondering where this beautiful May weather that we know and love is at? With May Long Weekend creeping up we're still being hit with mad wind, rain and cold evenings which makes me wonder what the hells is up with the weather. I guess it is getting warmer during the days now so there is one positive thing out of all that other crap!
Had a great weekend with the boys from Port cruising around Vic skating and talking the shit! Friday proved to be a bust along with a few busted boards but it was followed up with a fun night of chillen and drinking a few. Saturday was productive as we were able to get some footy and some seq.'s at a spot I hadn't been to yet!

Sean Hanebury - Kf Back Fifty     [o]MacLeod
After that we met up with my homie Luke Gonis to get this sick k/f back tail while threading the needle! I was real hyped on how butter the did it while cruising at top speed! Unfortunately Luke smashed his knee and face at a spot later on in the evening which resulted in him getting some dental work done today, hopefully your feeling better soon bro! But I gotta jet back to work everyone have a sick day, skate life bbrrrrappp!!

Luke Gonis - Kf Back Tail While Threading the Needle    [o]MacLeod

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