Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time Flys

It's hard to believe that a year ago today I was jumpin on a plane heading to New York, like god damnnnn time whips by when your having fun. I thought I might as well whip some photos out of the vault. I've been hearing as you get older time only goes faster so all you that want to grow up I suggest slowing down to smell the roses every once and awhile cause next thing you know your gonna be 75 and on your death bed sayin "What the, I swear I was just in my 20's!"

I have no clue how we were able to get away with skating this Downtown Manhattan spot but Caleb Davies made shit happen with this sick Nosebonk!     [o]MacLeod
 That's the trippy thing about life is you never notice yourself getting older because all we ever know is what we are doing right at this present moment. So everything that will happen to you in the future relies on what you do right ma fucking now! With that in mind it makes it a lot easier to make yourself a game plan for the future and then start working towards it every day!

Dane Pryds making his thoughts reality! I don't get it as I hate skating rails so for the time being I'll keep watching him huck and destroy. What I really want to know is how do you Back Tail handrails?    [o] MacLeod
 So get your dream on, and by all means dream big and then make those dreams a reality! And remember the first thing is to release self doubt because you are the only one holding yourself back from doing anything. So keep hustling and grinding and never give up or stop no matter the bull shit you run into because trials and tribulations make you smarter. Make moves and do what you want to do and do it well, its the skate life baby!!
No ones really seen this seq. and its one of my favs. Redmond had been talking about doing this trick for awhile before we went on our trip and on the last day we found the perfect ledge for it. After trying it in the 30 degree heat for awhile Dan got this 180 Fakie 5-0 Flip fakie!   [o]MacLeod

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