Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Get Some Color In Your Life

Color 9.2 is about to hit the news stands any day now and damn is it a goodie. My good homie Dane Pryds and myself were able to look at the fruits of our labor as his Shazam dropped in this issue. So if you want to know how green tea and A&W will send you to the hospital for a couple days give it read! Next time you see Dane give him a high five, a handshake, a pound or whatever you do to throw a brotha some props! There is also as sick lil write up for the 204 video in there as well so props to Matt G for getting coverage for his hard work as well!

There won't be a post from myself for a couple days as I'm heading to Tofino for a long weekend to put some work with Jamie and get productive. I love Tofino trips because for one its so beautiful and two Jamie always has the sickest shit to skate that is usually out of the ordinary! Anyways I'm tired as shit and I'm gonna get rested up for the busy weekend ahead of me. Here's a beastly pole jam from my man Peirce McKay that no one else will ever get to do. Why? Cause when we got the trick we ripped that ish out. Have a great weekend everyone and get ya skate on!!

Peirce McKay - Jamin' a Pole      [o]MacLeod